10 YEARS in Wealthy Affiliate! Here's What I've Learned

Last Update: July 31, 2018

Ten YEARS!!! That special Wealthy Affiliate Accomplishment badge popped up today... and my jaw dropped. As of today, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 10 YEARS.

I can still remember that day 10 years ago, when I sat there with my mouse hovering over the 'Join Now' button and really struggling with the decision.

You see, back then there was NO free Starter Membership.

You were either IN - or you were OUT.

It was a BIG decision.

Back then, that monthly payment was a big commitment for me - I didn't take it lightly at all.

Thankfully, I decided to go All In - and I clicked that button to join... and I committed.

And let me be totally honest here: the commitment wasn't as much to Wealthy Affiliate as it was a HUGE commitment to MYSELF... to bettering ME and my online business.

Backing that commitment up with a monthly payment was exactly what I needed to motivate myself to grow my business, get better at all this and... well, to change my life.

It's funny how we mentally don't take "free" all that seriously, isn't it? The human mind is a funny thing =)

Here's One BIG Thing I've Learned:

In our business online, things come and go SO quickly.

People, websites, tools, training, coaches... and it's not because they all made their millions and went to retire on an island...lol!

Personally, I think it's because so many enter our business with the mindset of making "quick money"... and they end up OUT quickly, too.

One of my favorite people is the late Patty Berg.

Patty was one of the founding members of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).

She also still holds the record for the most Major Title Career Wins by a female golfer (15).

I emphasised that word "career" for a reason - THAT is the word that should be stuck in your mind... this is your CAREER. It's your profession.

It's not what you're trying - it's what you're DOING.

It's what you're committed to.

Patty Berg has many wonderful quotes, but this is one of my favorites:

Let me tell you something else...

After watching SO many people and things just disappear over the past decade, Wealthy Affiliate is still here.

And it's not just "still here" - it has grown, evolved, and improved SO much.

Kyle and Carson are committed to this platform and to each and every member that walks through these doors.

Our business changes a mile a minute (like all things in life), but those boys don't drop the ball and they work hard to ensure YOU and I have all we need to succeed (AND we're protected inside these walls from all the noise and shiny things on the outside).

To top it all off, they are both really NICE guys.

Not to "toot my horn" or anything, but I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few "big names" in our business - what impressed me the most about Kyle and Carson was not just how stinkin' SMART they are, but how humble and down to Earth they are.

Those Vegas trips with Wealthy Affiliate were some of the best times I've had the the past 10 years.

If you decide to commit, I highly recommend qualifying to get to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate - there's nothing like it.

Just imagine a group of the most successul affiliates and YOU are in that group - it's pretty humbling and well... it's AWESOME =)

I hope to get back out to Las Vegas with the WA group again - I just have to be careful of spreading myself too thin.

Many think "all" I do is run my blog, PotPieGirl.com - and that is SO far from reality.

Over the past 10 years, I've been very blessed to build a good business with multiple platforms (blogs, trainings, private communities, etc etc) in multiple niches.

That keeps me pretty darn busy.

In fact, over these past 10 years, my daughter has grown up into a wonderful adult... she now not only works with me, my daughter is also a Member here in Wealthy Affiliate.

To me, that's pretty darn cool!

I've also had the pleasure of quietly watching so many other wonderful people walk in the doors of Wealthy Affiliate brand new to all this - and now they are wildly successful.

I want to hug each and every one for committing and doing amazing things to change their lives. I'm so proud of all of you!

I still can't believe it's been TEN YEARS!

Where will YOU be even a YEAR from now?

What have YOU committed to?

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Andria2019 Premium
This is so wonderful that your daughter is also here. I too have dreams of teaching my daughter to do this once I learn how. I just feel I know you since I found you ten years back, maybe longer. (I just wasn't understanding the entire picture and quit). I just threw out a file about 6 mos ago. I had printed out a course I bought of yours back then, wish I didn't so I can see the date. Im rambling, just really enjoying your post and presence here!
cld111 Premium
I'm so happy to see you're still here, Jennifer! Your course "One Week Marketing" was one of the first I ever purchased many moons ago! (I printed out the entire thing, and I probably still have it somewhere.)

I always thinking of you when I'm working on my site. There aren't too many women who are as successful as you are around here, and it's something that more of us should strive for.

Congrats on 10 (and a 1/2ish) years!

- Christina
Andria2019 Premium
Wow the post I just wrote above was literally almost the same as yours. Funny... :)
cwpickett Premium
Jennifer, I received an email from you and followed the links to this blog. I like the way you directed your readers to WA. Very clever and unobtrusive indeed. It is always good to see posts from people that have been at WA for a while. Yours and their stories are very inspiring!
PotPieGirl Premium
Awesome to see you here! It's been an amazing experience here in WA for me... just love it!
TDomena Premium
This is an amazing post! 10 years and the successes you've accomplished as a result is very inspiring. I've committed to MYSELF and Wealthy Affiliate because I love this career, but Im still at the beginning of this affiliate marketing journey, so Im praying I retain all that's here and appropriate it. I look forward to learning from your experiences and the others.
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you!
Freedomseekr Premium
Congrats on 10 years at WA, Jennifer! That is awesome, along with all you've achieved in those years, which is a ton if I might say so myself...haha, I remember going through your Squidoo tutorial way back when that was still around...

Wow, how times do change so much over the years! Quite a few sites like Squidoo are now gone, but WA is still going strong. Some stick around here for a time and others leave without really giving it too much of an effort...

I plan on staying here til well, probably forever, lol. Great to see your daughter is following in your footsteps too.

Anyways, keep on doing what you do...being awesome!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
PotPieGirl Premium
Hiya Sherry =) Thank you SO much! And yes, things change a mile a minute 'round here - but WA is still going strong. To me, that's very impressive!
dpanic63 Premium

Happy 10 years and congrats on making this your lifestyle

Keep rockin it Potpiegirl.....truly awesome

PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you, Dino!
Zarina Premium
Wow! Congrats!!! Few people at WA have been here for over 10 years and good to know you're one of them too!
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you, Zarina!
Fgomez11710 Premium
Wow 10 years, time flies! I just started recently with this whole online business. I am excited as can be and can not wait to progress.
PotPieGirl Premium
That's so exciting! The opportunities and options online are endless - you're gonna do great!!!
ValerieJoy Premium
Congratulations Jennifer on your 10 Years Anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for your wonderful post with so much inspiration. I love seeing the photos taken at Vegas.

It's also wonderful to meet your daughter here at WA.

To answer your question - I will be here a year from now, and many more years. In fact I will be here forever! I still have goals to achieve, and achieve them I will!

It's been fun catching up with you Jennifer.. And fancy, our WA Anniversaries although 7 years apart, are within 2 calendar days of each other.

With Very Best Wishes.

PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you, Valerie! And yes, we're WA Anniversary buddies how fun!
mmonterola Premium
Wow, congratulations!

Just curious, for all those ten years were you always here or at times you left and come back?

Hoping to be here still next year and for the years to come.

PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you, Marita!

I've always been here. I walked in 10 years ago today and never left (and have no intentions of leaving either!)
CherylK Premium
Well, this sure was a fun read! I met you during the Squidoo days and you helped me a lot! What fun that you started out here. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary.
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you! And oh how I miss Squidoo - it was such a fun site!
CherylK Premium
It sure was...haven't quite bonded with HubPages. It's just not the same.
MichaelYi Premium
That is an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations!
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you so much!
BrianCh Premium
Gosh Jennifer, you are a legend. Really. I think it's amazing that you have been here for 10 years.

Continued success to you.

PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you, Brian! I'm pretty amazed, myself..lol!
CravenATAT Premium
Congrats! You are proof that this training works if you add the patience and dedication needed. I am happy that you and your daughter have been able to do this together and hope for many more years of success! Quick question to a veteran- did you find more success in your WA income or your niche income? I don't need amounts or anything, just which you think is more beneficial in a financial sense.
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you!!! Yep, dedication and patience (and consistent forward action) are KEY!

As far as "most success" and most financially beneficial - to me, that came from having multiple streams of income. No one "thing" was it - but having multiple streams definitely makes a huge difference.

Now, I didn't START that way - it's what I focused on and grew to.
CravenATAT Premium
I started with my niche and over time I will eventually create a WA site, but I wanted to start writing about something I really loved. Thank you for your input- it is extremely valuable!