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This has been driving me nuts - and honestly, it's been keeping me from reading the Top 10 posts here in Wealthy Affiliate.Does anyone's Top 10 in their dashboard look all jacked up like this?I can't read the titles and it's all 'wonky' looking - and it's been this way for awhile now.Is it just me?It very well COULD be just me - I've been known to break!Jennifer~PotPieGirl
It's Halloween and I've got my costume on at work today! Don't worry, my Boss said it was ok to dress up today (my Boss is really cool that way... oh wait, my Boss is ME lol!)Want to see my costume?Here ya go.... Here I am in my office in my costume...Yes, I want ALL. THE. CANDY!Ok, just kidding, I really only want the CHOCOLATE =)As a fun side note: one of my grandsons really doesn't like chocolate [GASP!] so I've been extra nice to him all year long hoping for the trade-off tonight...haha!
So exciting to see hard work pay off! I recently reached a big Pinterest goal and I'm pretty excited about it =)One of my Pinterest accounts has hit over 1 MILLION repins!(and yes, ONE of my Pinterest accounts - I have multiple Pinterest accounts for multiple blogs - and NO, this is not my "PotPieGirl" Pinterest account - that account does not do well at all due to the topic of the pins. Blogging/MMO pins are a bit more difficult to get serious traction with on Pinterest).So you may be wonde
Just a simple question: Would YOU sell your site or blog for $28,000?When you imagine selling it for that amount, how does it make you FEEL?Wealthy Affiliate SUCCESS!I LOVE reading Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories, don't you? Recently, 2 of our fellow WA members have had HUGE success selling their sites - which makes me think about the VALUE of our sites and blogs that we might not realize.What you're learning here inside Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you the skills to build ASSETS.When done
Important Info for Amazon Affiliates: When you sign up to become an Amazon affiliate, you have 180 days to make at least 3 sales. Once you make those 3 sales, what happens? You're all good, right? You're approved, right?Wrong.That's when the real "approval" process happens.The Amazon Affiliate Approval ProcessIn a nutshell, this how it works..1 - You sign up to be an affiliate for Amazon.99% of those original applications are instantly accepted and you can now make affiliate links to Amazon
Ten YEARS!!! That special Wealthy Affiliate Accomplishment badge popped up today... and my jaw dropped. As of today, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 10 YEARS.I can still remember that day 10 years ago, when I sat there with my mouse hovering over the 'Join Now' button and really struggling with the decision.You see, back then there was NO free Starter Membership.You were either IN - or you were OUT.It was a BIG decision.Back then, that monthly payment was a big commitment for me
If you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member, do you get access to the Jaaxy keyword tool, too?To be totally honest, I didn't even KNOW there was a special Jaaxy plan for Wealthy Affiliate members! (that's how out of touch I am around!)I'm really posting this here for anyone else who wonders this AND so *I* remember - I've been a member here in Wealthy Affiliate for so long AND I've been paying for Jaaxy Enterprise for a long, long time as well - so I'm clueless about a lot of
I came across a handy resource today that makes it super easy to choose a color 'palette' or color scheme for your website or blog (or even for your brand colors).There are tons of example website color schemes with colors that go together and complement each other.I've found it to be VERY handy - especially since they also give your the HTML color code for each color.Check out these 100 color combinations over on CanvaPretty awesome, right?I've bookmarked it because I know I will use it over a
One of the most common questions I get from bloggers who use Pinterest to generate free traffic to their blog is:How can I completely HIDE a BIG Pinterest image in my blog post?Now, for those that don't do a lot on Pinterest, it might sound odd to ask how to HIDE an image in your blog post, but it's actually a very common practice for Pinterest bloggers.In order for your pins on Pinterest to get a lot of clicks, you need a BIG horizontal image - and those BIG images can look strange in the cont
I'm pretty sure many of us here in Wealthy Affiliate are Amazon affiliates.Not sure if you received the email announcement from Amazon Associates Program announcing that they will be paying a flat 12% commission to affiliates for sales generated through one of their Native Ad formats throughout the month of November.12% is HUGE when it comes to Amazon commission rates - this is WONDERFUL news for Amazon affiliates... and a wonderful opportunity to increase your earnings in November.Cyber Monday