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What type of hosting does wa use?

What type of hosting does wa use?

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I have been asked a question by someone which got me baffled and got me asking myself the same question.

Can anyone tell me the type or kind of hosting platform WA uses?

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Hi Fidel!

SiteRubix sites (both sub-domains and those on your own domain) are shared accounts. That is, a multitude of sites are served by a single server, and there are a multitude of servers (a server farm) to handle all WA sites, with the exception of those which members have elected to host off-site.

The sites are physically hosted by SiteRubix - not in the cloud. For my money, the cloud is not as secure as having physical control of the sites being hosted.

Just my 2¢.


Very interesting. Thanks guys!

@Prestones thanks for the explanation.

Really good question
Thanks for asking it prestones gave a good
answer I am very interested in
what Kyle has to say about it

good question to ask.

Yes and @Prestones provided us with an answer

Thanks for explaining that Dennis!

I'm not sure, Fidel. I recall learning it was made especially for the WA program, and it must be a big one. You might want to PM one of the owners for specifics.

thanks will do that

Please let us know the answer you find. I am curious too.

Sure I will

Well I have no idea. Am not an IT guy. So don't know much about the technical stuffs related to IT

What is the most secure, do you know.....cloud or shared?

To be honest, I am not fully sure. I hear varying opinions. I do know that my hubby (who is owner if a popular forum) goes off the deep end when I even say the word cloud.

I would imagine Fidel's friend wants to know because of security concerns. I have an artist friend who got her site hacked with Malware and Google put a warning sign on her url search results. She uses Go Daddy hosting. Don't hey have to pierce thru the host to get to the web site?

Well I have no idea. I have sent Kyle a PM and awaiting his reply. I will info you guys on what he comes up with.But I am definatly sure the Hosting platform here for WA sites is solid and cannot be hacked into

Yes, a hacker or high jacker would have to access thru the host. It's all in code. My understanding is that any good IT person with a target in mind will find the code and find a way in. A friend of ours had his body shop business website high jacked by a porn site. It was nuts....if you tried going to look at his site, you instead found something really unexpected. His host is Telus, Western Canada's tel and internet provider.

Greetings Wayne!

There are some attack vectors that the owner of the server has to tend to, and there are some you should tend to. I use a couple of different security plugins to help secure my sites - being a self confessed plugin junkie. For more, see The bottom line (sadly) is that you want to ensure your site is harder to hack than 95% of all other sites.

At the very least, get rid of the "admin" user and login - then decide where to go from there!


Hey Dennis, I bet you've used that line before at a couple of support group meetings.....Lolssss!!


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I will like to find out if internetseosolutions a scam?

I will like to find out if internetseosolutions a scam?

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Search Engine Optimization

I will like to find out if InternetSEOsolutions is a scam or not. They talk about providing your site with links form other similar or relevant websites for free.

has anyo

A very strange looking site.

None of the top menu entries link anywhere except to the homepage for "Home" and a "mailto:" link for "Contact Us".

I don't see any information on how the service works, how to sign up for it, or any of the other information that you'd normally expect to see on a site offering SEO services. It looks like you need to contact the site owner via email to learn anything about their service.

Ok...thanks for the info

I looked at the website, I have to say it doesnt seam very trustworthy. It doesnt say very much other than link exchange... How would you even get started with them? I was on internetseosolutions.com. This is the website, right?

In addition here at WealthyAffiliate you can learn everything necessary not having to use such services. ;o)

Cheers, Kay

yes that is the website. and i agree with you. I guess we are thought everything here and wouldn't be needing such services

Exactly ;o) All the best to you!!!

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