Niche "Product Review Post" Vs Niche "Problem Solving Post" Which one does Google prefer?

Last Update: August 22, 2015

If for nothing at all, I have listened to lots of experts in the internet marketing industry as well as tried some of what they say and claim works.

As a result, I have had to learn certain lessons in a bitter way but has definitely improved my way of approaching my website posts and the kind of content I place on my website.

In order to help prevent you guys from getting into similar situations, I will like to share my experience and give you guys some advice on how to write your posts in order get to the number one (1) position on the first page of Google for the keyword you choose.

So this then leads to my question, Which of the following posts does Google prefer to rank as number one(1) for that search result?

  • "Product Review posts"
  • "Problem Solving posts" or "Value Provision" posts

From the experience I have gathered so far from trying out different things, I have come to realize that, Google prefers a "Problem Solving post" or "Value Provision post" to rank as number one(1) on it's first page, than a "Product Review post".

I had to learn this the hard way.But it has helped me in my post writing as well as given me an insight on the direction I will like to drive my website to.

Some where last three months, I attended a webinar of one traffic conversion expert (name withheld) who is pretty good at what he does. He showed us various techniques and asked us(webinar attendees) not to try his list building strategy with Google Adwords.

The reason he gave was that Google Adwords was expensive(which is true by the way), but what he refused to mention was how you could get your Google Adwords suspended if you went ahead to use his list building strategy.

Trying to do something different from what he said, I went ahead and tried to use Google Adwords to build my email list; only for me to get my account suspended.

When i contacted the customer service team of Google Adwords, i was told that Google doesn't favor individuals and companies who drive traffic from Google to their products and try to capture the information of visitors or traffic to that page, without giving them any value.

As a result, if I wanted Google to review my Adwords account suspension, I should change the content on that page from just a product review and trying to capture the information of people,to a value provision content.

After which I should put in a request for a review of that page, from which they will analyse the information on that page and decide whether to reinstate my account or keep it suspended.

After that email exchange, i sat back and thought through things. ....And yea, something clicked.

This incident got me to realize that, Google prefers a value provision (problem solving) content to a product review content.

So I went ahead and started monitoring my posts and pages rankings on Google and noticed something.

I noticed that my posts which were providing value to readers and not to sell products to people easily got ranked within page one and had positions between 1 and 8.

Here is an example of one of my posts which has been number one(1) on the first page of Google for over two months now.

My website has been number one (1) for the keyword "Bearish Continuous Patterns" for over two months now. The remaining two below the number 1, are also my website posts for other keywords. They appeared in my search for this keyword because of the broader search term "Continuous Patterns" and "Patterns" that was with my search term.

This implies that if you write value provision or problem solving content posts, you can start to rank easily for broader keyword terms.

Therefore, my advice to you guys is this,

  • Write most of your posts on "Value Provision" or "Problem Solving" topics
  • Write less posts on "Product Review" topics

This will get Google to view your website as a "niche value provision resource" and reward you by allowing you appear in broader search terms and at higher positions on their first pages for search terms that are found in your chosen keyword.

This implies more traffic to your website, larger email list building and continuous stream of income.

As we all know "the money is in the list"

Try this strategy out and let me know what your results are.

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copperdell Premium
Thank you for the tip, much appreciated. Sherrie
phydel Premium
You are welcome
SStarrs Premium
I don't have my site yet .
This is great information.

You worked hard to find this out . Great post .
Thanks for sharing
phydel Premium
You are welcome
EKautz Premium
So AdWords was what got you in trouble? Why does Google punish for AdWords if it is their own product?

What is the competition on that keyword, bearish continuous patterns?

phydel Premium
Yes Adwords was what got me trouble. Because you can be at the top of a Google search for any keyword you bid on. Which implies you driving massive traffic to your website.

They penalize people who don't provide value to their customers for the landing pages they choose.

The competition for that keyword is 12. I followed Kyle's advice" chose competitions closer to zero".
kimuri Premium
Problem solving i understand..."Value Provision"...i don't .
phydel Premium
"Value Provision" in this context means....providing education to readers or visitors to your website or post about a topic in a niche you find yourself in
kimuri Premium
I get it ..thanks
phydel Premium
you are welcome
rjscccolor Premium
Fantastic post, you definitely solved my problem lol
phydel Premium
Good to know I could help