ChatGPT "the art of the prompt" Bonus Chapter

Last Update: Jun 3, 2023

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Chapter 1 6 Ways to Use AI for Research, Creativity and Strategizing

Chapter 2 AI Has the Ability to Analyze Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Chapter 3 AI Can Spot Problems and Help You Deliver Solutions in Your Niche

Chapter 4 AI Is Capable of Brainstorming Creative Content Ideas for Your Audience 

Chapter 5 AI Can Strategize Ways You Can Beat the Competition

Chapter 6 AI Can Help New Authors Find Their Footing with Fiction

ChatGPT "the art of the prompt" Bonus Chapter

Your Own Training Course

One of the most lucrative things you can develop and sell as an online marketer is your own training course.

And you don’t have to be the ultimate expert in your subject matter.

All you have to know is more than the students who enroll in your course.

Then the problem becomes how to structure and present your training course.

ChatGPT can help you to do exactly that.

Here is a collection of ChatGPT prompts that have proved useful. I’ve grouped them by type to help you find some that may be relevant to you.

Course Topics

Identify 5 profitable niches for online courses, considering current market demand and growth potential.

List 3 skills or areas of expertise that are in high demand, which can be the focus of a successful online course.

Suggest 5 online course topics based on current trends in technology, health, and personal development.

Provide a step-by-step process to help me identify a profitable and unique topic for an online course.

Describe how to validate the demand for a potential online course topic before investing time and resources in creation.

Outline 3 techniques for discovering the needs and pain points of potential students to identify a course topic.

Suggest ways to analyze my own skills, interests, and background to find a suitable online course topic.

Explain how to use keyword research and SEO tools to uncover profitable niches for online courses.

Recommend 3 resources to stay updated on emerging trends and new opportunities in the online course industry.

Describe how to assess the potential profitability of a course idea by analyzing competition and market saturation.

Provide a framework for brainstorming and selecting a niche for my online course based on market demand and my expertise.

Suggest 5 ways to conduct market research and gather insights on potential niches for creating a successful online course.

Explain how to use social media platforms and online forums to identify trending topics for potential online course creation.

List 5 potential online course topics in the field of sustainability and environmental awareness, considering current trends.

Outline the benefits and challenges of creating a generalist online course versus a highly specialized one, to help me choose a niche.

Market Research

Identify 3 target audiences and 3 top competitors for an online course in the [topic] niche, considering market demand and trends.

Analyze 5 current market trends and gaps within the [theme] industry that can be leveraged when creating an online course.

Examine the unique selling points of 2 successful [topic] online courses and suggest ways to differentiate and improve my own course.

Identifying Target Audiences

Identify the key demographics and interests of potential students for a [topic] online course, and suggest ways to tailor the content accordingly.

Analyze the target audience for a [theme] online course, including age range, education level, and primary motivations for taking the course.

Determine the ideal student persona for a [topic] online course, considering their goals, needs, and preferences, to guide content creation.

Exploring Trends and Gaps

Identify 5 emerging trends in the [topic] industry and discuss how they can be incorporated into my online course to address market needs.

Examine gaps in existing [theme] online courses and propose ideas for creating a course that fills those gaps and caters to unmet needs.

Gathering Feedback

Design a survey to gather feedback from potential students about their expectations and preferences for a [topic] online course.

Create a list of interview questions to gather insights from professionals in the [theme] field about their needs and challenges.

Suggest 3 methods for collecting feedback from a diverse range of potential students and industry experts for my [topic] online course.

Market Research Data

Interpret the feedback collected from potential students and professionals in the [theme] field, identifying areas where my course can stand out. Here's the data: [data]

Explain how to use data visualization techniques to better understand the findings of my [topic] online course market research.

Discuss how to identify patterns and trends in the data collected from my [theme] online course market research and apply these insights to my course. Here's the data: [data]

Refining Your Course Offering

Analyze market research data and suggest ways to optimize the content of my [topic] course to meet my target audience's needs. Here is my market research data: [market research data]

Based on market research, recommend the most effective format for my [theme] course to maximize engagement and learning. Here is my market research data: [market research data]

Module Topics

Brainstorm potential module topics for a [topic] course that cover the most important aspects of the subject matter.

Suggest learning objectives for each module of a [theme] course to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Outline the key points to cover in each module of a [topic] course for a well-rounded learning experience.

Brainstorming Module Topics

Generate a list of potential module topics related to [theme] that cover various aspects of the subject matter.

Suggest several interesting module topics for a course on [topic] that cater to different skill levels and interests.

Help me identify the key areas of [topic] that should be covered in individual modules for a comprehensive course.

Developing Learning Objectives

Help me create clear and concise learning objectives for a specific module in my course on [topic] covering [module_topic].

For a module on [module_topic] in my course on [theme], provide learning objectives that outline the key skills and knowledge students should gain.

Develop learning objectives for my course's [module_topic] module, which is part of the larger [topic] course.

Identifying Key Points

Help me identify the essential points and concepts to cover within the [module_topic] module of my online course.

For the [module_topic] module, provide a list of key points and concepts that should be covered to make the content engaging for students.

Assist me in determining the most important points and ideas to include in the [module_topic] module of my course.

Sequencing Modules

Help me organize the module topics for my [topic] course in a logical and coherent sequence to facilitate student learning.

For my [theme] course, suggest a logical sequence of modules that allows for a natural progression from foundational concepts to advanced material.

Assist me in sequencing the module topics of my [topic] course to create a clear and coherent learning path for students.

Ensuring Balance and Variety

Analyze the module topics in my [topic] course to ensure they provide a balanced and varied learning experience for students. Here's the course information: [course_information]

Help me identify areas of redundancy in my [theme] course and suggest ways to maintain variety and balance throughout the modules. These are the course modules: [course_modules]

Course Content

Draft a lesson plan for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, focusing on key learning objectives and activities to engage students.

Create an outline of presentation materials for the [module_topic] module in my [theme] online course, highlighting the main points to be covered.

Design a quiz or assessment to evaluate students' understanding of the core concepts in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course.

Suggest additional resources (articles, videos, or podcasts) to supplement the learning experience for students in the [module_topic] module of my [theme] online course.

Develop a content strategy to ensure the information in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course is presented in a logical and engaging way for my target audience.

Content and Activities

Design engaging content and activities for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, focusing on both knowledge acquisition and skill development.

Create a set of interactive exercises for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, helping students to apply their learning and deepen their understanding.

Create a set of thought-provoking discussion questions for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, promoting critical thinking and debate among students.

Creating Presentation Materials

Outline key points and visual aids to include in a slide deck for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, making complex concepts more accessible.

Suggest ideas for visually appealing handouts to accompany the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, enhancing students' understanding of the material.

Describe the structure and design elements to include in an infographic for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, supporting the main learning objectives.

Writing Quizzes and Assessments

Generate a list of multiple-choice questions for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, covering key concepts and ensuring student comprehension.

Design a series of short answer questions for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, encouraging students to demonstrate their understanding in their own words.

Propose a project or assignment for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical context.

Suggest a variety of question types (e.g., true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank) to include in the [module_topic] module quiz of my [topic] online course, engaging students and testing their knowledge effectively.

Outline a case study scenario related to the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, prompting students to analyze and apply their learning to a real-world situation.

Create a list of discussion questions for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, fostering critical thinking and encouraging students to engage with their peers.

Design an essay prompt for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, challenging students to synthesize their knowledge and communicate their understanding in a coherent and structured manner.

Provide ideas for incorporating peer assessments in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, encouraging collaboration and shared learning among students.

Suggest ways to incorporate technology, such as online quizzes or interactive simulations, to assess student learning in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Outline a rubric for grading assignments or projects in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, ensuring a clear and consistent evaluation of students' work.

Developing Interactive Content

Generate ideas for interactive simulations related to the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, promoting experiential learning and deeper understanding.

Suggest educational games that could be incorporated into the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, making learning more engaging and fun for students.

Develop a case study activity for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Design a choose-your-own-adventure activity related to the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, enabling students to explore different paths and outcomes.

Create a list of role-play scenarios related to the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, encouraging students to practice skills and problem-solving in a safe environment.

Suggest interactive multimedia resources, such as videos or audio clips, that can be used in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course to enhance student engagement and understanding.

Propose a group project for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, fostering collaboration and teamwork among students.

Develop a series of self-paced, interactive learning activities for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course, allowing students to progress at their own speed and reflect on their learning.

Suggest ways to integrate peer-to-peer learning and interaction in the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course, promoting a sense of community among students.

Providing Feedback on Drafts

Review and provide feedback on the clarity and engagement of my lesson plan draft for the [module_topic] module in my [topic] online course. Here's the draft: [course_content_draft]

Assess the effectiveness and organization of my presentation materials draft for the [module_topic] module of my [topic] online course. Please find the draft content here: [course_content_draft]


Help me establish an appropriate pace for my [topic] online course by considering the complexity of the material, time needed for activities and assessments, and overall course duration. Here are the current module topics: [module_topics]

For my [topic] online course, provide recommendations on pacing by evaluating factors such as the material's complexity, time allocation for activities, assessments, and the total course length. The course is divided into the following module topics: [module_topics]

Balancing Content and Activities

Help me balance theoretical content, practical activities, and assessments in my [topic] course, specifically for the [module_topic] module, to ensure students have a well-rounded learning experience.

Provide guidance on achieving the right balance between content, hands-on activities, and evaluations in my [topic] course, with a focus on the [module_topic] module, to promote student engagement and application of knowledge.

Marketing and Promotion

Assist me in creating engaging social media posts to promote my [topic] course, focusing on the key benefits and unique features of the course, to help reach my target audience and increase enrolment.

Help me draft a compelling blog post that highlights the value of my [topic] course, including its learning outcomes and real-world applications, to attract potential students and boost enrolment numbers.

Guide me in developing an effective email campaign to market my [topic] course, by crafting persuasive email content and subject lines that will capture the attention of potential students and encourage them to enrol.

Provide ideas for creating promotional videos or webinars showcasing the main features and learning objectives of my [topic] course, in order to engage potential students and increase course enrolment.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Help me identify the target audience for my [topic] course, including their demographics, interests, and pain points, so I can create a tailored marketing strategy to effectively reach and appeal to them.

Assist me in crafting a unique selling proposition (USP) for my [topic] course, highlighting the key features, benefits, and outcomes that set it apart from competitors and make it appealing to my target audience.

Provide guidance on setting measurable marketing goals for my [topic] course, such as enrolment numbers, revenue targets, or engagement metrics, to help me track the success of my promotional efforts and make informed decisions.

Creating Engaging Content

Help me create a compelling course description for my [topic] course, highlighting the key benefits, unique features, and learning outcomes to attract potential students.

Assist me in drafting an engaging blog post to promote my [topic] course, focusing on the importance of the subject matter and the value it brings to students' personal or professional development.

Provide guidance on writing a persuasive press release for my [topic] course, including key information, quotes, and data that showcases the course's relevance and impact.

Crafting Social Media Posts

Assist me in crafting compelling Instagram captions and relevant hashtags for my [topic] course promotional posts, which will showcase the course visually and generate interest from potential students.

Provide ideas for creating a Twitter thread to promote my [topic] course, discussing key takeaways, expert insights, and student testimonials that will entice followers to click through and learn more about the course.

Help me develop LinkedIn content to showcase my [topic] course, focusing on thought leadership and industry relevance to attract professionals and create buzz around the course offering.

Suggest creative ways to use Instagram Stories or Reels to promote my [topic] course, utilizing interactive features such as polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions to engage my audience and generate excitement about the course.

Help me brainstorm engaging Pinterest board ideas for promoting my [topic] course, including visually appealing pins and informative descriptions that will appeal to potential students and drive traffic to the course page.

Assist me in creating a YouTube video script for promoting my [topic] course, highlighting key benefits, engaging visuals, and a strong call to action that will encourage viewers to enroll in the course.

Provide suggestions for TikTok video content that will showcase my [topic] course in a fun and engaging way, utilizing popular trends, challenges, or educational tips to capture the attention of potential students and encourage them to explore the course further.

Designing Email Campaigns

Help me create an engaging welcome email sequence for new students enrolled in my [topic] course, including a warm introduction, an overview of the course, expectations and milestones, and tips on how to get the most out of their learning experience.

Assist me in crafting a series of email templates to follow up with potential students who have shown interest in my [topic] course but have not yet enrolled, addressing common concerns, offering solutions, and presenting exclusive incentives to encourage them to sign up.

Provide me with ideas on how to segment my email list for my [topic] course, based on different factors such as their level of engagement, interests, or prior knowledge, so I can tailor the content and promotional materials to better resonate with each segment and increase enrolment.

Developing Promotional Visuals

Provide me with a list of visual elements or themes that could be incorporated into the promotional graphics for my [topic] course, which can effectively convey the course's subject matter, value, and benefits to potential students.

Help me brainstorm ideas for creating an engaging and informative promotional video script for my [topic] course that highlights the course content, instructor expertise, and student success stories, increasing interest and enrolment.

Identifying Partnerships and Collaborations

Help me create a list of potential partners, influencers, and industry organizations related to [topic] that I can collaborate with to promote my online course, including a brief overview of their expertise, audience, and potential benefits to my marketing efforts.

Suggest some strategies for approaching and initiating partnerships or collaborations with influencers, partners, and industry organizations in the [topic] field to help promote my online course, focusing on ways to establish mutual benefits and create a compelling proposal.

Continuous Improvement

Analyze the feedback and reviews from students for my [topic] online course, and suggest specific areas for improvement to ensure the course remains relevant and engaging, based on the following feedback: [student_feedback].

Identify the most common suggestions or concerns from students who have taken my [topic] online course, and provide recommendations on how to address these issues to improve the overall learning experience, considering this feedback: [student_feedback].

Collecting Feedback

Help me create a survey for my [topic] online course to collect valuable feedback from students on their learning experience, including questions related to course content, delivery, and overall satisfaction.

Suggest a set of questions for a feedback form that students can fill out after completing my [topic] online course, focusing on their experience with the course material, instructor, and support resources.

Analyzing Feedback

Help me analyze the student feedback and reviews for my [topic] online course, identifying common themes and trends that may suggest areas where the course content or delivery can be improved, based on the following feedback: [student_feedback].

Examine the collected feedback from students who have taken my [topic] online course and identify patterns or areas of concern that may indicate opportunities to enhance the course experience for future students, based on the following feedback: [student_feedback].

Listing an Online Course

Recommend the top online platforms where I can publish my [topic] course.

Provide guidelines on creating an engaging course listing for my [topic] online course.

What are the key elements to include in the course description for my [topic] online course?

Suggest effective strategies to make my [topic] course stand out on online platforms.

How can I optimize my [topic] course listing to increase visibility and attract more students?

Sales Letter

Assist me in creating a captivating sales letter for my [topic] online course, highlighting the course structure, the ideal learners, and the real-world applications of the skills acquired from the course.

Write a persuasive sales letter for my [topic] online course that showcases the expertise of the instructors, the target audience, and the measurable outcomes students can achieve after completing the course.

Create an attention-grabbing headline for a sales letter promoting a [topic] online course.

Write an engaging opening paragraph for a sales letter promoting a [topic] online course, that connects with the reader's needs or interests.

Describe the problem or challenge that potential students might face in the [topic] field, which the online course will address.

Explain how the [topic] online course provides a solution to the problem or challenge previously described.

List the key benefits students will gain from enrolling in the [topic] online course.

Provide examples of testimonials or case studies showcasing the success of students who have taken the [topic] online course.

Describe the pricing, bonuses, and special offers for the [topic] online course.

Write a compelling guarantee for the [topic] online course that reassures potential students about their investment.

Craft a persuasive call to action for the sales letter, encouraging readers to enroll in the [topic] online course.

Write a P.S. for the sales letter, summarizing the main benefits and call to action for the [topic] online course.

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