ChatGPT "the art of the prompt" Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

AI Has the Ability to Analyze Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Knowing who your demographic is means learning more than just their gender and age group. You’ll want to know their primary geographic location, their income level, and also what their problem areas are so that you can serve their needs.

You can take your niche information and prompt AI like this: “Who would most likely be my target audience for an air fryer blog?” AI will give you information about your audience like this:

  • People who are new to air fryers and need to know how to preheat them, what they can cook in them, and how to clean them
  • People who are already using their air fryer but want cooking tips and recipes
  • People looking for healthy cooking tips using an air fryer because it uses little to no oil
  • People who are limited on time and need quick and easy meal preparations
  • People who love having an array of kitchen gadgets.

You can then ask for more information by saying: “Tell me more about the demographics for this niche.” Now it gives you even more information about your target audience, such as:

  • Broad age range (students through retirees; big appeal with Millennials and Gen Z because they are health conscious and comfortable with gadgets)
  • Appeals to both men and women
  • Good for any income level, but more popular with higher income individuals
  • Popular with people of a higher education level
  • Good for individuals or large families
  • Big appeal to health conscious individuals
  • Popular in developed countries
  • Good for beginner cooks.

If you want to know the reasons people are interested in your niche, you can prompt AI for a more thorough list. Some of the reasons will already be provided to you in the demographic information.

But prompt AI for more, like this: “Give me a comprehensive list of all of the reasons why someone needs or wants to learn about cooking with an air fryer.” New ideas (in addition to those found above) that might be given to you by AI include things like:

  • Convenience (less mess, easy)
  • Versatility (can cook meat, vegetables, seafood, and even dessert)
  • Crispy texture appeal
  • Easy cleanup (dishwasher safe)
  • Energy efficient
  • Space saver (minimal space required and less clutter)
  • Craving Satisfaction (with no guilt for comfort foods)
  • Family-friendly cooking (kids can easily use it)
  • Outdoor cooking alternative
  • Reduced odors (compared to frying)
  • Dietary restrictions.

If you see anything you need more clarity on, ask AI to expand its information for you. For example, we can ask it: “Regarding the dietary restrictions, what health problems might make air frying a good choice for cooking?”

Then you can see these answers:

  • Heart health
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive disorders (like gallbladder, which needs less fat)
  • Food allergies (common with breaded and fried foods)
  • Respiratory conditions that react negatively to food odors.

So you might even be able to look at that list and spot an opportunity to tap into a health niche using air fryers. Ask AI: “What are some good slants that combine air fryer cooking and a health condition?”

You could get ideas like Weight Loss with Air Fryer Cuisine, Heart-Healthy Cooking with Air Fryers, Gut-Friendly Air Fryer Cooking, and so on. By drilling down into the demographics and needs of your audience, you can solidify your selections from the research and ideas that AI provides.

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AI Can Spot Problems and Help You Deliver Solutions in Your Niche

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Love this Phil! So helpful! Incidentally I'm currently in the market for an air fryer myself so your topic of choice for this training helped convince me I need an air fryer in my life, LOL! Thanks for the training which gives great insight on how to find your target audience. I'll definitely be putting this to good use!


I'm actually thinking of getting an air fryer myself!

I've seen some great air fryer recipes from the TikTok videos! I think it's going to be fun cooking with it :)

You're convincing me. My ex-wife (we've remained best friends) has one and loves it.

Absolutely a must have in today's kitchens I think. It's the crispiness factor that got me, LOL! I may pursue this as a niche after all :)

You're convincing me, Alice.

Let's see who gets one first, LOL!

I'd bet on you! But we'll see.

Hi Phil,

Wow, this post is a treasure trove of useful information!

Your explanation of how to leverage AI to get a detailed understanding of a niche's target audience is spot on.

Your suggestions to prompt AI to delve deeper into the demographics, interests, and needs of potential readers are game-changing. Who'd have thought that air fryers could be connected to so many different demographics and needs?

Your post is a great reminder of how important it is to understand our audience inside out. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

All the best,

Thanks, Julia. It's feedback like this that inspires me to keep going!

Love your explanations, Phil! Easy to understand!


Great feedback for me, Jeff. Really appreciate it.

You're very welcome, Phil, and I appreciate that they ARE easy to understand.

So many possibilities with AI, thanks for highlighting the ways in which we can dig deeper to get better results.

You're welcome, Jenny and I appreciate your likes and comments. More chapters in this book to come.

Great article Phil !

Thank you so much, Mark.

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