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Last Update: May 21, 2023

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6 Ways to Use AI for Research, Creativity and Strategizing

There are many people who are unfamiliar with how artificial intelligence (AI) tools work, and are therefore too intimidated by the unknown to use them in any way with their online business.

Although I’ve used ChatGPT for most of the examples shown in this book, I’ve used the term AI throughout, as new software (such as Google’s Bard) is continually being announced and you need to keep on top of it.

For some, it is a matter of ethical uncertainty and where these tools are pulling their information from. When it comes to relying on them to create content on your behalf, some are simply not comfortable with that strategy.

But whether or not you have fully embraced AI in your online business, there's no need to ignore its capability entirely. You can leverage these tools to simply help you with the research, creative measures, and strategizing that you need to do as an online entrepreneur.

Like any database that houses information, it helps to have a tool that can easily extract important facts, organize it for you, and provide it to you so that you can make decisions in your business.

You can use AI tools for these three purposes without having to hand over the entire process to a machine. Just as you would hire a virtual assistant, utilize a keyword tool or even a search engine, AI can be there to support your preliminary tasks to help you save time, expand your thought process, and make decisions that will ultimately benefit you and your customers in the best way.

In this series, I'm going to cover six different ways you can tap into the power of AI as an Internet marketer whose goal is to serve your audience and earn money in the process. Whether you are creating info products, launching a career as an affiliate marketer, or even pursuing an indie author career in fiction, AI is a tool worth considering.

AI Can Research the Best Niche for Each Individual

Sometimes, the first steps in becoming an online entrepreneur are the hardest. There are so many different options and opportunities to consider, and the last thing you want to do is take a step in the wrong direction and have to start over again at a later date.

AI can not only help you select the right niche, but it can also help you figure out which business model would work best for each individual based their interests, passions, skill sets, and more.

It has the ability to size up a niche for profitability as well as compatibility in terms of what you can bring to the table. There are different AI tools that have the ability to tap into current information such as statistics that have to do with market size, trends, etc.

It can even take stock of a niche on a competitive level to see how many other established entrepreneurs you will be competing with, and whether or not you have the ability to set yourself apart and offer something unique for your audience.

You can start out by asking AI the following question: “I need help picking a niche as an online entrepreneur. What do you need from me to help me do this?” It will respond that it needs the following details:

• Your interests and passions (including hobbies and areas of expertise)
• Your skills and educational background
• Any preferences for the target audience you’ll be serving (demographics, pain points)
• Resources you have available (time, money, tools, connections)
• Goals you want to achieve (financial, or a vision to change the world in some way)
• Constraints and limitations (time, budget, or other resources).
You can then answer these to the best of your knowledge and see what AI says in terms of a niche that you can consider being in. As an example, we’ll answer it like this:
• Interests and passions: Cooking, gardening, golf
• Skills and education: Trained for the LPGA using Gravity Golf concept
• Audience preference: Women over 40 looking for stress-relieving activities
• Resources available: Can work full-time, can blog, build a list, review products
• Goals I want to achieve: Six figure earnings and a community of engaged, happy followers
• Constraints or limitations: Don’t want to do paid ads.

Based on what we fed AI, it initially tells us to get into the stress niche for the over 40 demographic. When you prompt AI for more ideas, it offers the following examples based on our answers:

• Healthy cooking for busy professionals
• Gardening in limited space
• Golf fitness for women
• Mindful living for women over 40.

We can also prompt AI like this: “Between cooking, gardening and golf, which is the best niche if I want to profit as an affiliate marketer and info product creator?” It answers with the various ways you can earn from those three niche markets and discusses certain unique criteria, such as the golf niche being a specific, smaller audience but one that spends a lot of money.

If you use an AI tool that has access to current trends and data, it will respond that cooking is the more popular niche of the three, primarily because it’s enjoyed by so many demographics – both genders and all age groups, and also has a wider variety of products to promote.

You can further prompt AI like this: “If I want to get into the cooking niche, what are some narrow slants I could target that would help me stand out and be competitive?” That gives you ideas such as:

• A particular diet (gluten-free, keto, vegan, etc.)
• Regional cooking (Italian, Mexican, Chinese)
• Skill levels (beginner, advanced)
• Time constraints (30 minutes, busy professionals, students, parents)
• Budget cooking (both ends of the spectrum – splurging and saving)
• Equipment cooking (sous vide, or those limited to a microwave or air fryer)
• Taste preferences (spicy cooking, sweets, etc.)
• Healthy cooking
• Sustainable cooking.

Keep asking Ai for advice if you want further niche advice. For example, you might ask, “What’s the profit potential for an affiliate marketing blog focused solely on teaching people to cook with an air fryer? Is it too narrow?”

AI will tell you that the profit potential is high. You can promote the appliances and recipe cookbooks. You can also get ad sponsorships. It advises us that this is a narrow niche, but large and growing as a market.

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AI Has the Ability to Analyze Your Target Audience and Their Needs

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Awesome information Phil!!!

Most of us are unknown of the power of AI. We may have just started exploring it and are very much confined to the idea that it may just help us write the blogs. However, this post opens a very different line of thought and its simply fantastic.

I am looking forward to the rest of the chapters...


You can find Chapter 2 at

Loved it!!

Great to hear, Anirban.

Phil, this is why I love you!

This is an excellent blog post that deep dives into the "backstage" of AI.
People need to get comfortable with this technology as is here to stay and help them with their business.

WA's training also needs to be updated to include AI.

It can get people into the success room, faster.

Thank you for sharing.


I do so appreciate comments like this, Cassie (especially the "L" word!)

It inspires me to keep doing it.

Chapter 2 is now available at

Thank you, Phil!!!! 💃💃


Hi Phil,

I appreciate those like yourself who are sharing your methods with AI.

I have been using one for some time now to analyze my competition, scraping their word counts, sub headings and such and then coming up with an outline for me.

I do plan on experimenting with the ChatGTP you and others have been using here once time allows. Your posts will help me immensely once that time comes.



I very, very pleased to hear that, Jason. It makes the effort worthwhile.

Chapter 2 is now available at

Thank you Phil. I'll give it a look in the morning when I get off of work. :)



Here is what it said about my father. Accurate:

Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, also known by his pen name Cordwainer Smith, was an American author, scholar, and military strategist. He was born on July 11, 1913, and passed away on August 6, 1966. While he is primarily known for his science fiction writings, Linebarger had a diverse background and made contributions in various fields.

Linebarger held a PhD in Political Science and East Asian Languages from Johns Hopkins University. He served as an expert in psychological warfare for the United States government, particularly during World War II and the Cold War era. Linebarger worked with the Office of War Information and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), focusing on psychological warfare and propaganda efforts.

In the realm of science fiction, Linebarger adopted the pen name Cordwainer Smith and became known for his unique and visionary stories. His works often explored themes of human psychology, identity, and social issues, set in a future history known as the "Instrumentality of Mankind." Some of his notable science fiction stories include "Scanners Live in Vain," "The Ballad of Lost C'Mell," and "The Game of Rat and Dragon."

Linebarger's writing style was distinct and imaginative, blending elements of science fiction, philosophy, and myth. His works garnered praise for their poetic prose and profound themes. Though his science fiction career was relatively short-lived, Linebarger's contributions to the genre have had a lasting impact, and he is remembered as one of the influential voices in science fiction literature.

Thank you so much for that, Rosana. It's a great illustration of how ChatGPT can present great information when the raw data is accurate and available.

You must have felt very good reading it!

Wow, Rosana! That is very cool!


Cordwainer Smith was one of my favorite SF authors back in the day of magazines like Astounding and New Worlds.

That's awesome, Phil! I knew that he was Rosana's father. Pretty awesome stuff. I think there is a website for him too! Rosana would know a lot more about that, obviously.


Yes, I've discussed this with her previously.

Awesome, Phil!

HOWEVER... when I asked ChatGPT about my father's daughters born in the 1940s, it was not accurate! It said "Paul M. A. Linebarger did have two daughters who were born in the 1940s. Their names were Rosana Linebarger and Cordelia Linebarger. Rosana was born in 1940 and Cordelia in 1943."

Well, I was born in 1942 not 1940, I never heard of a Cordelia. and I have a sister who is quite private so I won't mention her name. She was born in 1947.

Interesting, Rosana!


I should have mentioned that this example of my family typifies the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT and AI in general. Very good for general info, poor on info that is not widely known online. I do have a comprehensive website about my dad udner his science fiction name and the AI probably drew on that.

Thanks, Rosana. I also remembered that every time I do my annual Pearl Harbor post that you made mention that you were a product of that too!

I hope you both are doing well!


ChatGPT is like a really diligent PA who nonetheless makes stuff up to avoid disappointing you by saying "I don't know".

Just shows how you must apply your own knowledge to the answers you get, doesn't it?

ChatGPT relies on the statistically probable next word or phrase, rather than an online factoid. It's more like a glorified next word prediction model.

It certainly does, Phil!

Chapter 2 is now available at

Yes, I was born 9 months and a few days after Pearl Harbor.

I remember, Rosana! Awesome!


Thanks Phil
I'm sure this series will be a saver!

Thanks, Richard. 6 chapters in all.

Chapter 2 is now available at

Yes... thank you Phil.

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