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September 06, 2021
Well, it was new to me, but so well done I thought I'd let you know about it.I've got some stuff I need to get rid of, so today I listed several items for sale on Gumtree and Ebay.One was a home theater system, listed at a good price as the 3D blu-ray player that drives the system has an issue. Which I detailed in the ad.Almost immediately, I got a text message from someone wanting to buy it. They would get Fedex to pick it up (Fedex would do all the packing) and they would send me the Fedex li
A (reasonably large) number of people commented on my previous post wanting to know why Windows nearly didn't happen.I was there and remember it like it was only 34 years ago.Snow White and the 7 DwarvesBut the story starts much earlier... with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.Well, that's what we called them.It was the mid 1960's. There were 8 major computer companies.IBM was Snow White.The 7 Dwarves wereBurroughsHoneywellNCRICL (
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I was accepted as an Amazon affiliate months ago, but have never put an Amazon affiliate link on any of my websites.Lets face it. The commission rate is pretty poor and the cookie life is awfully short term.But... a heck of a lot of people buy from Amazon. Their trust factor is huge.WA and CoffeeWhich brings me to WA and coffee.A natural combination that has become my early morning ritual.As I'm in Australia, I get most of my North America emails overnight.So my morning ritual has become:Wake u
I know it's nothing compared to those on here who have followers numbering in the tens of thousands, but it's a milestone for me.When I logged in this morning, I saw that I'd passed the 2K follower level. Two thousand and one, to be exact.So in the 3 and a bit months I've been on WA, 2,001 fellow WA members have chosen to follow me. That's both awesome and humbling.I just hope that I can continue to help anyone who needs it to the best of my ability.That's all I've got just now. Thank you to al
This will probably be of no interest to you unless, like me, you're the sort of person who likes to know the origin of things.But to be honest, I've set myself a goal this weekend of writing and scheduling a week's worth of posts to two of my websites on WA and writing a blog post here is one way of postponing that job. Anyone else relate to that?Next, I'm going to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, as a final catch-up before the final Season 8 is released on April 14.Then I wi
Google AnalyticsWould you like to be able to see a graphical picture of your website's visitors directly on your website? If so, read on.First, you must install Google Analytics if you haven't already done so.There's plenty of information on how to do that in Wealthy Affiliate. Here's one by Kyle: is no doubt that Google Analytics is a great tool, but the amount of information it present
March 21, 2019
Wealthy Affiliate Backup and RestoreIt's great that Wealthy Affiliate backs up our websites on the SiteRubix server on a regular basis.It means that if something goes wrong at their end, like a hard disk crash, they'll have a recovery protocol in place.My Personal BackupBut in addition to that, I like to have my own personal backup, on media that I control.Which means my own local hard disk and if I want to be totally safe, I'll also transfer it to a USB memory stick.Then as long as I can resto
Affiliate Marketing FailureOver the years, I'd tried affiliate marketing many times.No plan, of course. No goals set, no to-do list.Just throw a website together. Dreamweaver at first, then how much easier when WordPress came along and started to become the go-to CMS (Content Management System). Funny how it started off just as a personal blogging platform (did you know that blog is short for Web log?) and then evolved into the influential powerhouse that it is today. Creating WordPress plugins
Yesterday I blogged about an old website that I hadn't touched in two and a half years.Everything was out of date and it only had 10 blog posts.But it was still on Page 1 Position 1 in Bing and on Pages 2 and 3 in Google, showing that website age is an important ranking factor.So I decided to bring it over to WA and see if I could resurrect it.Transferring a website from one platform to another is sometimes less than perfect, so I just wanted to let everyone know that I followed this traininght
Thought I'd just check on an old website that I haven't done anything with for some time.In fact, the last time was June 8, 2016.It's running WordPress 4.7.13, has 10 blog posts and 8 pages, 11 outstanding updates and 201 spam comments.And http protocol, so comes up as "not secure".So pretty much abandoned for two and a half years, right?It has only one keyword that matters, and it's fairly competitive but I did a search for it on Google and Bing.Page 1 Position 1 on Bing and on both Page 2 and