Want to share my happiness!

Last Update: April 18, 2018

Hello my dear friends!

Just want to tell you how happy I am. I still have not had any sales to celebrate or any organic visitors. However, I’m so happy to have found my purpose in life and that means also that I know in what direction I want to take my online business.

This morning happy feelings raised out from deep within – the sun was shining, I was ironing clothes, and suddenly I got aware of how lucky I am. You know what?! It struck me how wonderful it is being able to do my house chores and at the same time work on my business and learn something new within my niche.

While ironing clothes, I watched a YouTube video about a health topic I want to write a blog about. Beneath me and the iron, I had a paper notepad, pencil, and the remote control. It took me longer to do the ironing as usual, as I had to stop the video and write down the important things every five minutes. Anyway, it was so much more interesting and felt much more purposeful doing the ironing this kind of way.

I’m also lucky to have a home trainer and I use to combine exercise with watching WA video trainings on my tablet or read books about health topics.

Did you know that physical exercise makes your brain work better? Studies show that the learning effects are significantly higher if you do the exercise and learn something new at the same time. It improves the networking of the neurons.

I have been exercising since my teenagers, but more or less regularly. Since I got interested in health and how the body and brain work I do exercise regularly. But since I joined WA and decided to put all my efforts on building my business I ended up missing the exercise appointment I had done with myself!! Then the idea came to my mind, I could combine exercise with working on my business.

This is absolutely awesome! You must try it out – no more excuses!! After having exercised you’ll feel more relaxed and think more clearly, and you have no bad conscience for not have been working on your business.

What makes me even happier is the wonderful support I get from my dear WA-friends. What would I do without you?! You inspire me, you motivate me, you help me!

  • Thank you for supporting me and cheering me on!
  • Thank you for stopping by at my profile page saying hello how are you!
  • Thank you for sending me PM’s asking how’s it going!
  • Thank you for giving me feedback and help when I ask for it!
  • Thank you for stopping by and read my blogs and leave a comment without me even asking for it?
  • Thank you for creating helpful and valuable trainings and tutorials?
  • Special thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay and my hero Bo!!!
  • My thank you list could go on and on!!

Love you all, take care!

May your life and business prosper!

😊 Pernilla

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5-qpq Premium
Hi Pernilla,

I agree with Cotent by Sue. And more so your comment. That’s exactly the way to get things done. Write as if you’re writing for us. We amazing Wealthy Affiliators.

You really do write with passion.

Goood for you girl and keep writing.

Big smiles for you. :)))))

Pernilla Premium
Hello again Becky!

How honered I am to receive another comment from you today! Don't know if I can take that much happiness at once, I'm so overwhelmed by the response!

Thank you sooo much for your amazing words about my writing. Yes, I'll take these encouraging words to my heart and think of what you and Sue have said when I write my next blogpost.

Wish you amazing flow with creating your business.

Big smiles for you too, my beautiful Becky!
5-qpq Premium

You got this, lol. I know you do. A lot of people said they were happy when they read your post... this post...not the one before, lol, but this post.

Same thing happened...it almost brought me to tears.

Happy tears, lol.

You have the heart a heart of a writer.

When I say “I love you” I really mean it.

“Love you.”

Writing with destiny and purpose.


P.S. Rock on you Wealthy Affiliate, amazing, crazy fun, natural writer.

P.S.S. I seriously see you banging out posts like never before. That’s what I see, lol. And it will happen.
Pernilla Premium
This is awesome. Grateful for your happy tears!

Thank you Becky, once again for your topnotch, smashing message!! This fires my engines on immensely.

Writing with destiny and purpose - how gorgeous expressed of you. Becky, You have a writers soul, I can feel it. You will have an amazing blogging future! We both will make it, yes!

Love you too!!!

P.S. I also see you, how the words flows out of your fingertips, bringing you to the top of the top Google ranking!
5-qpq Premium
Hi my pen pal,

That’s what I notice in you as well. A heart of a writer, my friend. You have the heart of a writer. And that seriously makes my heart skip a beat. Crazy how words can do that to a person.

This is so exciting.

I’m looking forward to it all.

As Sunday once said: Hugs

Becky :)
Pernilla Premium
So exciting, yes it is!!

Talk to you soon my dear pen pal!
Have to turn off the light.

Hugs, :-)
JamesJB Premium
Wow! Do I remotely sense that you are a happier than usual woman? :-)

I think it's more than super great the fact that you can follow your dream like you are doing. I'm very sure that many people would envy you right now, and would like to be in your shoes (but not having to do the ironing hehe).

I'm so very happy for you that you have found your direction, and that you are going for it with so much zest and stamina.

I wish you continued success in this wonderful journey, Pernilla, and may your days always be full of sunshine :-)

Pernilla Premium
Hi there my friend!
James, you always makes me smile.
You are one of the sunbeams making my day!

Thank you for your awesome support, help and for motivating me.
Thank you for your kind wishes, always very much appreciated!

Kind and encouraging words helps to overcome obstacles. I have had my doubts, if I am going to make it. A positive mindset, good friends and exercise is my recipe for happiness.

May your days be filled with sunrays too!
Happy to do the journey alongside you!
ContentBySue Premium
Hi Pernilla, I can clearly feel your happiness and clear sense of direction in what you write here and on your website. You have the wonderful ability to write with passion from your heart and soul and it shows through so clearly.

Congratulations on finding the niche that defines your own lifestyle too. I am so happy to be a part of your network.

I wish you continued growth and success in all you do.

All the best,
Pernilla Premium
Dear Sue,

What a joy to read your comment. Thank you for your wonderful support and kind wishes.

How glad you made me, telling that you like my way of writing. You know, it's so much easier to write a WA blog than a blog for my website. It takes me days until I have written a website blog. Perhaps I should imagine that I write for you WA friends instead of the whole wide world and then the flow will come?

Happy to be a part of your network too.
The best of success for you,
Your friend,
:-) Pernilla
Internetgranny Premium
I am more than happy to share your happiness with you, Pernilla.

I tend to listen to CDs while folding laundry, doing the ironing, chopping vegetables and cooking. And when I take my dog for a walk I can use the time to think things over and do a bit of planning.

I too am happy as can be. I do some private teaching which I enjoy and can move along with my websites without the pressure that they have to bring in money instantly. So i can enjoy the process.

And today it's even warm and the sun is shining - life is beautiful!

You are welcome to share my happiness with me too. :-) :-)
Pernilla Premium
Dear Isabella,

I'm so delighted to receive your comment and share the happiness with you.

You do see the opportuniies of the day, enjoying your walk with your dog and reflect upon your online business. You are smart and earn your money by doing something you are good at and beside that learning another business at your own pace. Just perfect!

Yes, isn't life beautiful!
Great to be your friend!
Harizan Premium Plus
Hi, Pernilla:) I am so happy for your feelings:) When a person is clear about what they will do for an extended period, it's like they are flying!

It seems you are in a "flow" condition - it's incredible state of mind when you clearly see the target in front of you and nothing could distract you from reaching it! Read about the flow - you will like it:)
Pernilla Premium
Thank you Anton!
Appreciate your comment a lot.

Yes, it's fantastic being in a flow. I still need that flow in writing blogs for my website. Being positive minded and knowing the direction, makes it easier to overcome obstacles.

Wish you the perfect flow!
Harizan Premium Plus
Thank you, we are in the right place and have the utmost preconditions to get in the flow:)