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Should I be using seo and jaxxy?

Should I be using seo and jaxxy?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I used jaxxy for keyword search but not Google. I got some great keywords from jaxxy. My blog has been up for about a year with absolutely no comments, no activity.
I real

Hi - I took a quick look at your site. You have no menu anywhere, and as you are covering such a random selection of topics, even if somebody visited your site, they wouldn't know what was on it, without scrolling back through every article and every page.

You don't have an affiliate disclosure which is mandatory.

You only seem to be posting once per month, and its nearly two months since your last post. This isn't enough to attract Google's attention.

You don't have any social media buttons for people to share.

According to your profile, you have only done Level 1 of the training. I suggest you try and complete more, as there is a lot you could learn.

thank you for your input. i have since gone back to training.

This is about connecting the website to Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console. Check if you haven't had accounts on these platforms, which are essential in tracking your traffic.

I hope these resources help:

Are you tracking your activity with Google Search Console and Google Analytics?


By following the training you will automatically insert SEO. And yes you should use Jaaxy for the correct key words. I take it that you have visitors, also ask for comments and regularly add new contents..

thank you

Using Jaxxy is a great place to obtain keywords for your articles. In order to answer the question fairly, it's best to know what you're doing to build your site. For example, are you publishing content consistently? After you publish articles, do you ask for comments from the community? Are you promoting your site on social media? Do you post to YouTube? Are you watching the live Friday night trainings? There are so many factors involved to really get to the bottom of how to assist you. Therefore, can you shed some light on what you've been doing so far?

Kind regards,

Great Comment with Questions!

Thank you. I appreciate that :)

thanks much

You're welcome.

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Is gravatar something different than what I already have?

Is gravatar something different than what I already have?

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Authoring & Writing Content

My profile image is a pic of a tree. Is that my gravatar or so I need to sign up for gravatar. I tried to leave comment from "give and take" but when I used my personal emai

Hey PBereal,

If this is the picture you will be doing business with and answering comments and communicating with then use it. Or use your face picture this will be seen by others that visit your site.

Your brand is the same picture of you or your brand you should use the same picture everywhere even social media.

So your visitors to your site can find you if they see your picture.

Here is Kyle's training on how to add your gravatar and account set up. Looks like we need this to reply on give and take or the website comments area. I hope that helps,


Thanks for that, I understand better than before. Your reply has certainly helped.


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What is training topic for static home page setup?

What is training topic for static home page setup?

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Website Development & Programming

Under what training topic is static home page set up?

Hey Patti,

See screen print below to discover how to find those tutorials.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hello Triblu
Thanks so much for the information. I'll check it out.
Be blessed

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