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Last Update: Apr 30, 2022

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We’re not going to muck about today, loads to cover, so let’s get on with it.

What I’d like to do is to show you how to use Quora to find keywords/questions/phrases/topics that receive huge amounts of traffic.

I’ll then show you how to use these phrases to write new articles for your website, or even how to legitimately “steal” traffic from Quora to your website.

This does involve using Quora Ads Manager


This is a completely free method, and won’t cost you a thing.

Plus, for all you stalkers out there (I see you), you’re going to find out a lot more “personal” information about me via my Quora profile.

I was going to blank it out, but I have absolutely nothing to hide.

Are You Ready?

Let’s Find Some Massive Traffic Keywords & Questions

Okay, obviously you’ll need a Quora profile, but this is very easy to set up.

You’ll then also need to set up a Quora Ads Manager profile.

Once inside your profile click on your photo to reveal the following dropdown menu.

Then click on “Ads Manager”.

You’ll then want to click on “New Campaign” in the top right hand corner to reveal the following screen.

As you can see I’ve named the campaign “dog”, but you can name this whatever you want, it makes absolutely no difference, you’re not actually going to use any of this.

I've also clicked on "Traffic" as you can see above, but again, this doesn't make any difference, you're not actually going to use Quora Ads Manager.

Next, you’ll be asked to set your Daily Minimum Budget.

Once more, it makes absolutely no difference, you’re not going to use this and you’re not going to spend any money.

So, just to make myself feel rich I’ve saved my Daily Minimum Budget as $10,000.

You’ll then be taken to this page, where I want to highlight “Questions” (green arrow) and then click on “Bulk Add” (red arrow).

From here you’ll want to type in a seed keyword that is related to your website.

Here I’ve simply typed in “dog”.

This will then provide me with the highest traffic questions that include the word “dog”.

As you can see the top question receives between 1,000-1,500 visitors PER WEEK.

Now, here’s a few interesting stats for you.

Quora receives approximately 300,000,000 unique visitors per month.

52.48% of Quora’s traffic actually comes from GOOGLE, with 40.41% of traffic coming internally from Quora itself.

What does this tell you?

(pay attention - the most important part of this blog post)

Basically, Quora questions rank extremely well in Google, and this is why the majority of the traffic comes from there.

Plus, remember how I always say that you want to find “User Generated Content” on page one of Google for any keywords that you’re targeting.

The reason for this is that if sites such as Quora, Reddit, Forums, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are ranking on page one, Google believes that they offer the best information on this subject.

However, Google will always much rather rank a website or blog that covers this subject, but they perhaps feel there isn’t enough good information created by actual websites or blogs to rank them on page one.

In other words, this is an “underserved topic”.

So, by actually writing an article around this subject you have a better chance of ranking.

Now, let’s look at a phrase and subsequent questions that I have personally targeted before.

I close the "dog" questions and once more I make sure I highlight "questions" (green arrow) and click on "Bulk Add" (red arrow).

I type in push ups and this is what I get.

Once more the top result receives approximately 1,000-1,500 visitors PER WEEK.

I’m now going to copy the top result and then;put it into Google.

Obviously, the top result will be the Quora questions because I have used the exact words in the exact same order as the Quora question.

But, next I place the cursor anywhere in the search bar and then click.

As you can see this now reveals Google Autosuggest queries (REAL queries typed in the Google search bar by REAL people).

If I take any of these queries and type them into the Google search bar I can guarantee that this Quora question is ranking somewhere on page one.

And as I’ve mentioned many, many, many times before, if you find a phrase, keyword, question, topic, that has a Quora result ranking on page one, you have a fantastic chance of ranking for that phrase.

Therefore, you have now found a keyword that is fairly easy to rank and receives approximately 1,000 visitors a week on Quora.

So, we can assume that potentially 524 of those weekly visitors actually come from Google (remember 52.48% of Quora’s traffic comes from Google).

Obviously, these aren’t exact figures, but rather based on an average.

However, if a Quora question is ranking on page one of Google, you can pretty much guarantee that most of the views to that question are coming from Google.

What About Answering the Questions?

Now, you can of course actually answer these questions on Quora.

You know that question is getting X amount of traffic on a weekly basis, so you may as well “steal” a bit of that traffic.

I actually ran a little Quora experiment for just 3 weeks during March 2022.

I answered a total of 26 questions.

Admittedly, I didn’t use this method of finding high traffic questions for every single question I answered.

I wanted to mix it up a little, answer questions within specific Quora spaces, plus I also answered brand new questions asked that day.

Additionally, I DID NOT LINK TO MY WEBSITE ARTICLES from my answers.

Quora is much the same as any other community.

Any hint of self-promotion and you don’t make yourself a very popular member.

The aim, is much the same as with your website, is to establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority, who provides useful information.

In effect, not just Quora, but ALL social media, you should act there in the same way you do on the Wealthy Affiliate platform (well, how the majority of you act on WA, we still have some members who haven’t quite grasped the concept of “act like a normal human being instead of some type of insincere sales robot” - think how much you HATE being sold to, everyone else feels the same - be GENUINE and helpful in all your dealings online, whether within a community or via your website).

Anyway, here’s one of the last questions that I answered on Quora on April 1st 2022.

As you can see it has received 10,400+ views in 29 days, 42 upvotes, and has been shared twice (usually to other social media sites, which can increase the views).

All my Quora answers are structured in the same way as an article.

I always have a “featured image” and video in my Quora answers.

Plus, the answer is usually 700-1,200 words, so I do go in-depth, and I'll always include a video.

Now, what’s quite interesting is the amount of traffic I receive to my website, even though I am not directly linking to anything.

People visit my Quora profile (this automatically happens when you start providing value on the platform), which looks like this.

So, as you can see, my profile is very basic and I get to the point, e.g. this is who I am, this is what I know, here's my website, DONE!

My Quora answers have received 15,401 views in the last 30 days (and remember, I HAVEN’T been active on Quora during those 30 days).

Here’s how many views, upvotes, comments, and shares my Quora answers have received since I first started answering questions on March 14th 2022.

However, I have also received 615 visitors to my website from Quora in the last 30 days (and remember I haven’t linked to my website from any of my answers)..

Once you’ve established yourself on Quora you can also add links to your answers where relevant.

So, if I’m converting Quora answer views (15,401) by 4% to my website (615 views) WITHOUT ANY LINKS, can you imagine how much traffic I will receive when I DO LINK?

With that being said, my preferred method of writing content will always be to add it to my own website (I own it and I’m not restricted by what I can and cannot do).

So, for me, using the first method I introduced you to here (finding high traffic questions and then finding the relevant Google Autosuggest query on Google) is a great way to find content for your website.

Final Thoughts

I’ll leave this as is for now, as I know it will no doubt produce many questions.

Plus, you should ALL know by now to read the comments on my blogs, as there’s usually enough material for another 10,000 blog posts.

Fire away and I’ll try to answer asap.

Thank You For Reading


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Recent Comments


Another brilliant post with genius strategy!

Partha, I think there's something going wrong with my brain around keywords (either that or it's the niche!!).

I can't think beyond the seed keyword 'vegan' or 'vegan cheese' (haha you know where that one came from. ;))

On Quora the seed 'vegan' renders just a handful of 'silly' questions, most of which are fake-sounding and repetitive, I think.
And vegan cheese doesn't have many either.

And I go blank when I try to find another one.

But even so, I fell in love with this suggestion at first sight, rushed over and applied it with my two seed keywords. Hmmm. Still nothing.

And while I'm being a moaner, any mention of a food type in the seed keyword and it trips into the recipe zone, which is overly saturated and way too high in competition for my site - until it gets some authority.

Which, by the way is extremely elusive.

But I have to say, I'm still VERY excited to read this post and learn this tactic!

I really do appreciate how generous you are with your wisdom.

Never in 100 years would I have ever got to understand the reason for using, and potential behind Quora without this share.

Thank you so much!!

Hey Soraya,

Sometimes the main seed keyword of your niche can be too generic.

So, it makes sense to dig a little deeper.

You can focus more on "replacements" in the vegan diet.

You can use this method here or simply try my original method :

Why do
Why does
Can I
Can You
Should I
Should You

And then see if can find 3 questions each for the vegan milks:

Soy Milk
Almond Milk
Oat Milk
Coconut Milk
Cashew Milk
Rice Milk
Hemp Milk
Pea Milk
Quinoa Milk
Flaxseed Milk
Sesame Milk

I'd say the first 4 you could easily find 10-15 questions each.

And here's one to get you started:

Why Don't Oreos Get Soggy in Almond Milk?

Very easy rankings (in fact, you should check Google page one in a few days and see if THIS blog post is ranking for that phrase, lol).

Remember, keyword research is also a learned skill, so practice, practice, practice.


Hey Partha, thanks so much!
Have a great weekend.

Hi Partha,

this is such a great method of getting traffic and that is exactly what I am trying to do. How do you discover all of this stuff? It's really amazing! You must be a genius! Anyway, I am impressed so I will try this method and see if it works for me.

So let me be sure I have this straight. You find the questions on Quora, then use autosuggest on Google to find a question based on the Quora question so you can add it to the content on your site. Is this correct?

Thanks again for your help!


Here you go Barbara, I wrote a blog post today JUST FOR YOU Partha

Thanks, Partha!! I will follow this and get some great content. I love the title. Is the question "What do dogs do best?".

Thanks very much for this, I really appreciate it very much!


Partha, this is a brilliant post!

I actually started using Quora 2 years ago and got plenty of views. But here you mention writing up to 1200 words per answer on Quora.

That's a really good idea. The more thorough an answer is, the more people will see you as an authority on a given subject.

I'm definitely going to try this and see if I can get traffic to my site which has really tanked this year due to little content being written.

In fact, I've had to pull myself up by the ear and set a challenge to write 2 posts a day.

Achievable as I used to be a secretary and can type fast.

Thanks once again, for a brilliant post!


Hello Partha,

Another brilliant teaching moment from you. Thanks a million!

I followed your post and in parallel duplicated your directions on my Quora site. What I found duplicated your experience but used a different word. I have four questions:

1) When I answer questions on Quora, it is on someone else's site. Is that OK? How can I get questions posted on my site?

2) Where can I enter my website on Quora so that people can find it?

3) Have you bypassed Quora and created posts on your website using the exact keywords you found in the way you taught and what were the results?

4) I feel this may be one of the ways I solve my lack of traffic problem. Would you agree?



I have used Quora with a .net website that we started in January of this year. I do like the ability to automatically post a pin each time I post an article.

I have not utilized Quora this way, yet, but will definitely be doing so from now on.

Thank you for the method.


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