The Power of Growl Lick Stare Bark Chew Pee and Poop

Last Update: May 10, 2022

Oh my, he’s finally lost the plot.

Nope, there is a method to my madness.

Plus, for all of you receiving those long-winded sexual and porn comments on your blog posts, I promise this isn’t one of them.

In fact, I write this blog post with a specific person in mind.

Someone who has recently been cajoled into the way of the Partha.

Plus, shhhh… don’t tell her, she really reminds me of how my late grandmother looked when I was a child.

So, being an affectionate sod, I just want to hug her!!! Shhhh!! LOL.

Okay, you’ve hopefully already understood that I’m going to talk about keyword research and article writing in the dog niche.

And if not, I can suggest a decent therapist.

Plus, I know I have covered this niche before, but we’re going to dig a little deeper this time.

The Easiest Form of Dog-Related Keyword Research

Before I go any further, it’s probably best that I say I’m not the greatest fan of dogs.

And before all you dog-lovers start jumping down my throat, here’s a couple of experiences that moulded me.

One summer when I was 4-years old, my mother was outside speaking to one of the neighbours, and an Alsatian, pretty much twice the size of me, wandered into our house and then started barking at me.

And then we have the experience that made me laugh hysterically, but still had a scary side to it.

Watching your best friend at the age of 8 being chased around the park by a Jack Russell, who eventually attached himself to said friend’s butt, can be both hilarious and intimidating.

That said, I like to think I’m fairly astute, so even though I don’t have a specific love for dogs, I understand some of the potential problems (or questions) that dog owners have.

We are mainly going to focus on keyword/topic/question phrases whereby you as a dog owner have probably said to your furry friend, “Why Are You Doing That?”

You know yourself that your fluffy partner (Not Diane) has certain idiosyncrasies (although she does), many of which astonish and astound you (maybe I am talking about Diane, LOL).

Trust me, there are literally hundreds of millions of dog owners thinking exactly the same as you.

And they often take to the internet to find a solution.

Plus, you can create some fantastic informational articles from these.

And often the “solution” to a specific problem could well be a particular product in the dog niche (Yaaay!!! Partha does do affiliate marketing after all).

So, as the title states, these are the things you’re going to focus on for your keyword research.

In fact, all that is required is to type into the Google search bar:

Why Does My Dog

And then add one of the words from above and see what Google autosuggest comes up with

So, let’s have a look:

I’ve started with - Why Does My Dog Growl and here’s the initial autosuggest queries.

Remember, the nearer to the top of autosuggest, the more potential traffic (basically it’s a more popular search query, i.e. more people are searching for this term)

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go all the way to the bottom of the autosuggest queries, and dig even deeper from there.

Once more, remember that even though we focus on one keyword/search term per article, you can still rank for 100s and 1000s of keywords from just ONE article (in fact, this is how traffic increases to a single article month-after-month).

I’m actually going to go one step further and add the word when to the end.

Oooh, I like that one - Why Does My Dog Growl When I Move My Feet in Bed

Plus, even though this is your target phrase, I can guarantee that a well-written article will eventually rank for most things “dog” and “feet” related.

So, let’s check page one Google competition for this keyword.

Remember, we are looking for USER GENERATED CONTENT (this means that Google believes that these are the best “answers”, but they would rather rank a website article).

You typically want to see 2 or 3 User Generated Content posts on page one of Google for it to be considered fairly easy rankings.

So, posts from Quora, Reddit, Doggy Forums, Doggy Question and Answer sites, etc.

And we have hit the jackpot straight away (oops, 5,000 Wealthy Affiliate Dog Website Owners suddenly ALL write the same article, LOL)::

We have Reddit posts ranking on page one

We also have a Forum ranking on page one (you can tell this from the words “Community”, “Posts” and “Authors”. Something else to look for with forums is the word “Thread”.

However, hopefully after a while the forums and Q&A sites will become familiar to you, as you see them over-and-over again.

Now, if you don’t immediately find a query that is “easily rankable” as it has no user generated content on page one, don’t despair.

This is a learning process and keyword research is a learned skill.

So, you know that with any learned skill, practice makes perfect (or at least with practice you’ll get much better at spotting these opportunities.

Therefore, even if you don’t find anything immediately on page one, check the People Also Ask section and the Related Queries Section for my ideas.

Some days you will find it takes three hours to find one decent keyword, whereas the next day you find 10 keywords in 10 minutes.

How much effort you’re willing to put into keyword research will actually decide your success rate.

Don’t forget that you can also add letters of the alphabet in different places of your seed keyword to come up with new queries.

Why a Does My Dog Growl

Why Does My r Dog Growl

Why Does My Dog Growl m

You can then repeat this process with all the other phrases I've mentioned in the title.

Plus, I can guarantee that anything with “Pee” or “Poop” is extremely popular in terms of traffic (I believe Jenny and Mark, both dog website owners will be able to confirm this).

How often have you thought to yourself, “Why does my dog always pee when XXXXX” or “I Can’t Believe My Dog Always Poops when XXXX”

Final Thoughts

Short and Sweet today.

All you dog website owners, what are you waiting for?

Go get to searching for Why Does My Dog

  • Growl
  • Lick
  • Stare
  • Bark
  • Chew
  • Pee
  • Poop

And if you would like me to do keyword ressearch for YOUR niche that'll be $49 per month or $495 per year (I'M JOKING... Please don't hurt me Kyle)

Thank You For Reading


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bjdluna Premium Plus
Thanks for this post, Partha! I did read it once before but somehow I didn't succeed in finding something I felt I could actually write about. I am going to try it again after all of my horrible experiences taking forever looking for keywords that aren't completely dominated by authority sites. So, this is take 2.

Thanks very much for writing this!

Dhind1 Premium Plus
I have long since given up on why the cats in the house do things. If I try too hard they will pull me down to their level and beat me with experience.
Wow, very Partha-ish...however I do appreciate the lessons that you write here. I have taken many of them and had success. For that, I am immeasurably grateful.

Dogs I understand better, they are loyal and always happy to see me. Cats not so much. However, pets of any description are a great niche to be in. Everybody loves their pets, and if they do not then they are missing out.

jvranjes Premium
Nothing against dogs, but not my thing.

Curious about the mentioned porn comments. So you have them too. How to deal with this, have them every day in all sites? Reluctant to add yet another plugin for this.

No time, but it would be cool to rewrite them into some great words about my site and make them useful. This idea was suggested long ago by somebody here, would not dare to mention his name as he was kicked out and banned from this platform (for some different reasons of course).
ParthaB Premium

jvranjes Premium
Yes, this number.
jghwebbrand Premium
Great! Thanks your keyword research is helpful because it can be applied to any niche.

FYI Kyle may reply to your post because I found something he will not agree with. The yearly price for Premium membership. I was quoting $495 for the longest time too until I checked out the source.

Thanks for sharing your passion for keyword research and giving us tips.
ParthaB Premium
Thanks George, never noticed that before... oops!! LOL
VaiKosi Premium Plus
Kind of make me want to start a dog website. Who knows, this could fun!
ParthaB Premium

Same here, LOL.