Davyrobot Where Are You?

Last Update: May 10, 2015

This question is for those of you who are in Daveyrobot's (David Knight) network as I am. I have clicked on several WA emails lately announcing a new post from David. When I click on the post I get this message: NO RESULT FOUND. I clicked over to his profile where I expected to see his long list of Blog posts. He is very prolific. That gave me the same message ... NO RESULT FOUND

I sent David a PM several days ago advising him what I was seeing to make him aware of it ... No Response. Then I got to thinking that maybe the problem is on my side. Would this be the outcome (from my side) if David decided not to follow me? Does any one know the answer here?

I'm ok if the answer is yes. Just want to make sure that every thing is ok with David. He has over 2,000 in his WA Network. Are any of you seeing the same thing I am see when you click to his Blog from the email announcement?

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NemiraB Premium
It is strange. Why to remove all posts?I think he would tell goodbye:)
dunbar Premium
maybe he went on holidays, cheers Helen
Christabelle Premium
Wow, he didn't say anything about leaving! Yet you are right all his stuff is missing! I left a message on his website, maybe he will answer!
mackiejw Premium
obviously he left
MarionBlack Premium
He may have cancelled his membership. I don't know. His rank is still 24 (Ambassador) but all his posts have disappeared. His last post (in my emails) was "I'm Free" but that one's missing too. Maybe he deleted all his posts??? By the way, you're still on his list of who he is following (as am I). ~Marion