Two steps forward, One step back

Last Update: August 02, 2020

This has been quite a journey. I have just revised my goals and have meant to do it for quite some time. It doesn't mean that I failed, it just means that I have to regroup and revise, then go at it again. I am pushing and pushing hard. The way I see it is as long as I don't lose my passion for learning, I will succeed. The good news is that I am moving through the online training, slowly, but moving nonetheless.

Life has thrown some curve balls at me. On a good note, I have achieved my New Home Co-Broker designation. (I have been selling real estate in Los Angeles for over 30 years, OK, 33 years, but I decided 30 is where I'll stop counting.) I don't want to give away my age, lol.

Back to the designation, it is a different way to brand myself, a way no one else is using. Low hanging fruit, yes. So it's not like I went to school for hours a day, and for months. But It is a way for me to say that I accomplished something and I am always learning.

On the sadder note, my beautiful mother passed away a couple months ago. She was ill and aging, and we saw it coming. Nothing can prepare you for losing a parent. When it happened it knocked the wind out of me. All I could think of were things that I wanted to say to her and couldn't. Our family couldn't see her for a month because of covid. I think about her everyday. R.I.P.

Yes, this is a sad and happy message. But that is how life is. It's sad, then it's happy all in one day! And life is short, so I decided to make everyday count. To "just do it" like Nike says. And not worry about how well it's done but to just get out there and give it my all.

Be safe everyone, till next time.

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acrinym Premium
I'm sorry to hear about your mom - but it sounds like you are doing quite well, considering! My prayers are with you, Nurit!

Congrats on your new designation!

Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best community I've been a part of with focused energy. Also, the first REAL internet money training of any sort I've participated in.

Life *is* short, as you said, But, the opportunities we take, are much better than the ones we missed. You're here at the perfect time, everyone is going online for everything during this time in the world.

Keep your head up,
You will succeed in everything you do.
Keep pressing on in the certain way, and you will definitely see success.


-Justin G
JulietAA Premium
So sorry about your Mum
My deep condolences!
philmedia Premium Plus
A good reminder we are all human with everything that throws at us, sharing is good so thankyou, Phil ( look after yourself)
Dave07 Premium
Sorry to hear about your mum.
You’re right about life throwing curve balls. All we can do is keep trying to hit them!

Good luck
nurit Premium
That is true :)
megawinner Premium
One rule I do - Nurture yourself. Enjoy what you are doing and rest if you should, rest with all your heart's content. And then start again. All of us will leave this world. Those who went before us are in truth luckier than us. They are now in peace and rest. Having said that, make the best of everything we have. Just be happy. It is a mindset.
nurit Premium
Very good advice. What I'm hearing you say is to do everything with passion. I like that
megawinner Premium