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Wordpress suspends ASTRA for 5 weeksYou've heard of google jail, right? Well, Search Engine Journal just reported this morning that they suspended ASTRA for violating the affiliate links rules. Check out the article here: is crazy because I almost selected the ASTRA theme! It was a Wednesday when I was going to " pick a theme already" and I saw that Magistudios what hosting a webinar about the
This has been quite a journey. I have just revised my goals and have meant to do it for quite some time. It doesn't mean that I failed, it just means that I have to regroup and revise, then go at it again. I am pushing and pushing hard. The way I see it is as long as I don't lose my passion for learning, I will succeed. The good news is that I am moving through the online training, slowly, but moving nonetheless. Life has thrown some curve balls at me. On a good note, I have achieved my N
Google just said hi to me. Moving along in my journey.
January 06, 2018
Just upgraded to premium and I can't wait to get started. Does anyone have any WA tips for me or tips for MaxBounty, I just got approved with them.for cpa marketing. Thanks