I'll be in Thailand for Two Weeks: Do You Need Help NOW?

Last Update: December 01, 2018

Just wanted to let my referrals know that I'll be in Thailand for two weeks, so it may take a little extra time to get back to private messages and questions that I normally answer every day.

You can still take advantage of all the options for help with your business, your website, affiliate marketing, and the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Depending on what you need help with, there's a couple of avenues to take.

Note: Any newbies reading this can also get some insight into how to get help at Wealthy Affiliate!


The help center is on the left side of your dashboard.

Instant Help: Live Chat

Are you working on your website for the next hour, but you got stuck 5 minutes in? Don't walk away from the computer just yet.

Stop by live chat and see if someone can help. There's usually a bunch of people hanging around shooting the breeze, and helping out.

There are people with 10+ years experience and multi-million dollar businesses that hang out in live chat, so make use of it.

Most of the time, the problem that seems unfixable to you, is a common issue people face and they can help you fix it in a couple minutes, can you can continue your work session.

In-Depth Help: Ask A Question (Classrooms)

  • Want to crowdsource your answer over a couple days?
  • Don't have time to stick around live chat?

"Classrooms" are a great place to post a question. Just go to Help Center then Ask A Question. You can also click TRAINING then CLASSROOMS.

Create your question title, then ask the question, and post it to the appropriate category. If you can't think of the perfect category, then just pick the closest one. It's not a big deal.

Over the next few minutes you'll get a bunch of differnet answers, but the question will continue to stew for the next day or two as more people see it. If it's a popular question, you'll see a little fire symbol next to it.

Personal Help: Private Message

I'll still be answering PMs during my vacation, but it may take me 2-3 days to get back, depending on how much downtime I have at airports and in the evening.

You can also PM other people too!

If you aren't super familiar with someone, they may just ignore the PM, or refer you to me. Don't worry about it. As you build more relationships in Wealthy Affiliate, you'll be able to rely more and more on your friends to help out!

Many people will answer your PMs, even if they don't know you, so it's worth a try! In general though, unless you have a specific question related to that specific person, you'll get better results by using Classrooms and Live Chat.

If it's an urgent question, I recommend going the Classroom or Live Chat route. If you can wait, send me the PM and I will definitely get back to you!

Tech Support: SiteSupport

Tech support is for handling hosting issues, or major website issues.

  • Can't log in to your website?
  • Site is abnormally slow?
  • You edited something and broke the site?
  • 504 error?
  • Siterubix Redirect didn't work?

These are the types of things to contact site support about.

If your theme looks weird or you can't find a good image for the header, those are not question to send to SiteSupport. Those are best for the community. A rule of thumb is that anything to do with how affiliate marketing works, how online business works, how to customize your website, or why something isn't working will go to the comunity.

If you don't if your question is appropriate for SiteSupport, don't stress. The people behind SiteSupport are just as awesome as everyone else here and will answer your question anyway, or direct you to an appropriate place to ask.

Site Support, Anonymous Heros. Thank you to Site Support!

I'll be back in two weeks, then my schedule will go back to normal. I just wanted to make sure you guys were taken care of while I'm gone.

Talk soon everyone!


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FlorenceKi Premium
Wow.. I love Thailand. Been going there almost every year! This month there's a Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok starting 5th. Ticket is too expensive for me that's why I didn't attend. Do enjoy your trip and make sure you eat mango sticky rice, tomyum gong, phad thai, visit Ayutthaya by cruise & Koh Samui and buy the hot coffee selling along the street.
Jim-Bo Premium
Aww shucks I'm in Thailand but I'm not a referral of yours, unfortunately. I wish I was though.
bigbadjohn Premium
Have a great vacation Nathaniell!!!

Mick18 Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. Appreciate it. Safe travels.
halinphilly Premium
Enjoy some great Thai food for the next two weeks. Your protégés will be fine until you return. In the meantime, thank you for reminding me about the value of the Live Chat. I don't think I've utilized it enough since I joined (been here 3 years).
Bon Voyage!
CandP Premium
Hey, we are not your referrals but just wanted to stop by and wish you safe travels.
Have a great time and let us all know how the trip went.
We would love to dive in Thailand. Haven't made it there yet.
Enjoy and bon voyage!
C & P
marchanna Premium
Looks like I have enough cool information in your post here to keep me busy while you are busy in the jungles of Thailand :) have a good time! Marc.
Marley2016 Premium
Have a wonderful time and try to relax - nice to know
that you have nothing to worry about when going
away - the job goes with you :) Seriously take a few
days and have tons of fun.
heljam404A Premium
Enjoy and be safe.
phakacha8 Premium
This is absolutely awesome. The HELP hinted at is Huge for Newbies.

A happy and safe journey.
HeidiY Premium
Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time, see you when you get back