Are You Exiting The Honeymoon Phase?

Last Update: March 11, 2019

We're well into the third month of the new year, and no doubt, some of you are feeling that post-honeymoon phase. It's time period right after something exciting happens. The adrenaline and excitement is over, and now it's time for normal, everyday life.

We had the excitement of Black Friday. Then the big sales spike during holiday shopping season. Then we made some incredible 2019 goals and thought about all the progress we're going to make in the coming year.

Now what?

Now it's time to take action.

You'll hear it over and over again, but the people who see results are the ones who take action.

In my own experience, it doesn't really matter what type of action you take, as long as you're doing something. Waiting around for the perfect moment to do the perfect task that will lead you straight to profit isn't really how this all works.

Even small things like watching a single training video, or completing a lesson in your training is helpful. If you've had a rough day, just kick back and watch a webinar from Jay. If you only have 30 minutes, write 200 words on an article, then save it as a draft and come back to it tomorrow.

Doing small daily tasks and growing those to good habits over time is what's going to get you results in 2019.

THE Task To Focus On

Life is busy, and sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to get done what you want ot get done. Lucikly, with the time change and Summer approaching, you have a couple extra hours in the day.

If you do just one thing each day, what should it be?


Writing gets you ranked, and ranking gets you traffic. Traffic leads to clicks and more clicks means more money.

If you aren't making any money yet, work backwards with that formula, and that's how you troubleshoot

  • No money? Check if you're getting clicks.
  • No clicks? Check if you're getting traffic.
  • No traffic? See how your rankings are doing
  • No rankings? Look at what you're publishing.

All of that begins with writing and publshing frequently. The volume of content is important for new websites so you can show Google what your site is about and establish authority!

200 words per day, times 5 days, is 1000 words. That's an article per week you can publish with very minimal effort. This WA blog post alone is already 500 words, and its taken me about 15 minutes to write.

500 words per day times 7 days a week is 3500 words. That's three articles you can publish weekly to your website.

Three articles a week times 52 weeks a year and that's over 150 articles published on your webiste.

In other words, building an income-generating affiliate website starts with just writing 500 words per day!

Writing Tip: Keyword Intent

That's pretty much all I had to say, so I'll leave with one last tip - a reminder to focus on keywords that actually make sense for people to read.

In a previous post I talked about wasting time targeting similar keywords. "Train your dog" and "how to train your dog" are basically the same keyword.

As a follow up, double check the "intent" of your keyword.

"drink red wine lose weight" is a perfect example.

  • Does the person want to lose weight WHILE drinking red wine?
  • Does the person want to lose weight BY drinking red wine?
  • Is the person asking whether red or white wine is better for a diet?
  • Is the person asking for general information about alcohol and weight loss?

These are all potential articles topics stemming from one keyword.

"How To Lose Weight By Switching To Red Wine" will be a completely different topic than "Is Weight Loss Prevented By Drinking Red Wine".

So if you find yourself exiting the honeymoon phase of your business this month, you're not alone. My tactic is to focus on doing just a few important daily tasks, even if you have to slog through them, but that's my strategy!

How do you push through in times of boredom or disillusionment with your business?

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Wdcope Premium
When I have times of boredom, which is seldom, I usually read a good piece of motivation or watch something inspirational.
Good tips overall, and now to move forward even more. Sunshine and warmer weather gets me outside more and could be a distraction to some, but it motivates me better. I enjoy writing on my deck with fresh air and different sounds.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Reading some motivational material is a great way to stay busy when you're bored.
heljam404A Premium
Great post thank you for the share.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks for reading Robert!
CandP Premium
Great post as always, Nathaniell.
We push through because we have had several of our own businesses (bricks and mortar) and we have just had to keep going no matter what.
Being self-employed and working together for 30 years has made us very tenacious. And business is exciting for us. Plus, we have to succeed!
There is no stopping. Just moving forward.
Thanks and have a great week yourself.
C & P
nathaniell Premium Plus
I'm sure your brick and mortar business taught you a lot about managing your online business!
CandP Premium
Yes it has. Online business is easier in many ways and harder in others.
We get so much inspiration and help by reading your posts. You keep it real and informative.
mduhamel Premium
great post, I love how you were able to break down the tasks where it made perfect sense - even for folks who complain they just don't have the "time"
nathaniell Premium Plus
There's always time - it's a matter of priority!
MKearns Premium
Marrying this process to Jaaxy is a sure winner. Well written Nathaniel!
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks for reading Michael!