You Want Online Success? It Starts With Brute Force

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The surest path to success is your ability to get more “traffic”. More visitors to your website mean more opportunity.

Today I want to discuss “traffic” and the technique that I have personally used over the years to find my way to success within absolutely EVERY niche I have entered into.

Traffic is the core of any successful business online...


Well, let me put it this way.

Would you rather have a hot dog stand business on the corner of the busiest street in New York at lunch time, or sitting in the middle of the arid desert in New Mexico? I think the answer is an obvious one.

You want an audience and a highly relevant one (hungry).

So when approaching your business, your main focus is attracting a relevant audience and the best way to do this is getting rankings in Google and other search engines.

This leads me to the approach I take with all my niche websites I have created over the years, and what will lead you to success within your respective niche.

It is the “Brute Force” traffic technique

People’s biggest concern with their business is ALWAYS traffic. There are a few ways to get traffic, but I tend to lean towards getting “FREE” traffic when starting out in a niche through SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

But while others are fighting it out for home run keywords (competitive), I sit back and hit singles, but I do so in volume. My theory is this…

You are much better off targeting 100 low competition keywords that could potentially get me 10 clicks per day than 100 high competition keywords that could potentially get me 1,000 clicks per day.


Because I prefer to take the easy road when it comes to ranking. A ranking is no good unless you can get on the first page of Google. Plain and simple, even if you got ranked on the 2nd page under a keyword that gets 1,000 clicks you are not going to get much if any traffic at all.

So the first focus within my campaigns is creating content targeting low competition keywords. With a new website, I recommend that you aim for under 100 QSR (competition).

To understand exactly what I mean, I want to illustrate what I am talking about using a hypothetical breakdown of a brute force campaign .

The Breakdown.

Let’s say I am in the “how to lose belly fat” niche. There are an absolute ton of keywords that are within this niche, that are the low competition, really low hanging fruit (under 100 QSR), and that get a search volume of over 50 clicks per month.

Let’s say I create a list of 100 keyword ideas (I could easily do this within Jaaxy) that are going to be the basis of my content development over the next 3-4 months. These include everything from topical keywords (calories in a glass of wine), questions people ask within the niche (is not from concentrate orange juice bad for you?), to product reviews (vitamix 6300 review).

If I could average just 5 clicks per day per keyword, I would have an average of 500 unqiue visitors to my website per day.

500 visitors!

That is over 15,000 unique people coming to my website every month, 180,000 every year.

Now that is more or less a bottom line estimate of my traffic if I build out quality, helpful content on my website. Some campaigns of this size could lead to 1,000+ clicks per day, sometimes 5,000+ clicks

SEO Traffic Takes Effort, But It Is FREE

This is free traffic, but it is required that you invest your time into creating this content on your website.

Time isn't free, I get it. But time invested NOW into your content and business will pay off later (and often times forever).

The break-through point for newer websites is usually around the 3 month mark. This is when Google and other search engines start to give you some respect in the search engines and when you typically see your rankings become more stable (not subject to random Google dances) as well as move up within the overall rankings.

So, make yourself a goal in respect to pages/posts on your website. Ideally you want to aim for the low hanging fruit (under 100 QSR), but under 200 is OK. Aim for traffic over 50 monthly visitors and most importantly, build out your website by creating content regularly. 1 page/post per day is ideal, but 2-3 per week would also be fine.

The hard work you invest into your website now always pays off later, that is why I always give my campaigns 3-4 months before they start to break-through and get penetration into the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once this moment happens (and it will absolutely happen) it is full steam ahead!

Work in Volume, Not By Chance

As you can see, I work in volume and from experience I know that ALL of the work I do now is going to pay off later. People tend to fail as a result of not knowing this.

I guess this is similar to the principle, if you can't tie knots, tie lots. :) Instead of me banking on any ONE popular keyword, I tend to create MORE content on my website targeting less popular, less compoetitive (obviously of high quality) knowing that much of my content will get ranked over time.

But I am telling you this. If you approach your website knowing that you are going to be eventually creating 100 or more pages on your site, this mindset is going to lead you to much more success online.

Over time your content will rank, your websites will rank, and you will have a steady flow of traffic (often times significant).

This is a proven strategy that has worked over and over again through the years. I have done this within many niches and there are 1,000's of folks here within WA that have done the same.

500 clicks per day is not unrealistic, 1,000 clicks per day is not unrealistic!

In fact, we have had folks achieve 10,000 in ONE week just 4 months in with a BRAND new website in a brand new niche.

Here is just one example of this sort of success posted by a fellow member (Ryan) that got more than followed this exact brute force process.

Ryan's Post: Over 10,000 Visits in a Week - Importance of Content Creation to Convert

Notice anything familiar in the title of that thread?

Importance of content. That is the theme here and something that I want you to instill into your campaigns and activities going forward.

And know that this is the sort of potential you are dealing with in ANY niche.

Aim for low competition, produce content regularly targeting new keywords, and of course, focus on creating helpful quality content. Over time your traffic will grow and be sure that the hard work you do now will assuredly pay off later.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you do have any questions about the “Brute Force” approach to traffic, let me know. It is the surest path to LONG TERM success online, which is ultimately your focus right?

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Kool 8.)

Great post

What is QSR

QSR stands for Quoted Search Results and is the measure of how many other sites are using the search term.

Thanks for this post, that was most helpful! Michelle

Consistency is the key, writing daily or at least 3 times a week is what will get you to the goal line.

I does help to target your posts to the audience. In that regard, do your research before hand and this will provide the seeds for all of the content that you will be creating.

Thanks for the reminder Kyle.

Absolutely Craig, consistency + quality are the keys to success with SEO and of course targeting lower competition keywords. It really is a simple formula, but few people actually do it (so for those of us that do, there is little to no REAL competition out there).

Good post. This is something I just need to keep drilling into my mind.

Great information Kyle ..Thanks for sharing your experience ..

It took me a long time to realize that the amount of traffic a keyword get usually won't increase over time. Therefore in order to get more traffic, you need to write more content.

Time and time again people ask, "Why don't I have any traffic". The majority of the time it's because they haven't posted enough. It's as you said, volume that matters (along with quality of course). Just 1 click per day on each post can be a lot of clicks if you have enough posts!

In my experience, sometimes you get lucky and find a golden-goose keyword, but most of the time what builds traffic is consistency.

Just like you said. I've been able to overwrite my old IM mindset of expecting results in the short-term.

When writing regularly, you will hit lots of "jackpot" keywords. There are a ton of them out there and you will never achieve them when you actually try for them, they just happen.

Thank you Kyle. Excellent reminders!

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