Don't Waste Time With These Keywords.

Last Update: September 15, 2017

Let me save you some time. Learn from my mistakes! I wasted hours and hours, plus hundreds of dollars writing articles trying to target these keywords. Don't waste yours!

What keywords?

Similar Keywords, Similar Ideas

Let's say you look in Jaaxy and find some keywords like this:

  • how to train a dog
  • how to train your dog
  • training your dog
  • how to train dog
  • can you train a dog
  • train my dog how to

My experience tells me that those keywords can be ONE article. The idea is similar and the keywords are similar. Don't waste your time writing 6 different articles titled:

  • How To Train A Dog
  • How To Train Your Dog
  • Training Your Dog: A How To Guide
  • How To Train: Dog Training Guide
  • Can You Train A Dog Yourself?
  • Train My Dog: How To Do It At Home

Most likely, you'll only rank ONE of these articles. That means wasted time or money on your part!

My suggestion is to distill the "essence" of what the keyword is trying to express. Look at the HIGHEST TRAFFIC or the LOWEST COMPETITION, and aim for that one, depending on your goals for this piece of content.

Using Similar Keywords Smartly

Don't let those keywords go to waste though!

You can change the "essence" of the keyword, i.e. the true meaning of a keyword by modifying it.

The resulting keyword might not show in Jaaxy, or might have less than 10 searches per month. That's OK. Chances are, someone is searching for it. Chances are, it will get some traffic at some point, if it hits on a topic that you think is searchable.

Here are some examples:

  • How To Train A Dog Over 2 Years Old
  • How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force
  • Is Training Your Dog To Play Dead Easy?
  • How To Train Small Dogs To Not Be Aggressive Towards Large Dogs
  • Can You Train A Dog To Use The Toilet?
  • Should I Let An "Away From Home" Boarding Center Train My Dog?

If you look closely, you'll see that I used the keywords from the previous examples in this post. However, the meaning of the post changed. In this way, those "similar" keywords are no longer cannibalizing each other.

Though "How To Train A Dog" and "How To Train Your Dog" are similar keywords, The two articles "How To Train A Dog Over 2 Years Old" and "How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force" are completely different articles.

They are no longer in competition with each other, so can rank for different types of searches in Google.

Alphabet Soup + Jaaxy

I talk about this technique in more detail in my past training here: Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas pt. 1

However, I'm still doing it manually. It takes quite some time to generate ideas in Google instant, then modify them one by one to be article titles on different topics.

This process is much faster with Jaaxy's new Alphabet Soup tab.

Using the Alphabet Soup feature, you can explore hundreds, maybe thousands of possible ideas based on a single keyword. You can scroll through all of these, tick the ones you like, and save them to keyword list full of blog post ideas.

It might take only 20 minutes to think of enough blog post ideas for the next six months of your business!

In this example, 3 keywords per letter of the alphabet = 78 post titles. Publishing 3x per week, would be 26 weeks of content, or 6.5 months!

That's based off of one "seed" keyword!

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Happy2Learn Premium
Great advice. Thank you
mbouteiller Premium
Thank you Nathaniell... darrr... I totally get it. I did this on a few of my published posts. I'm glad GuyfromNB steered me to your post.
GuyfromNB Premium
Great advice. Thanks
AfqmBiz Premium
Great man, thanks!
AdeRobinson Premium
Hi, Nathaniell. When you say "keywords", do you mean:

1. the "focus keyword" in the SEO plugin,
2. the "SEO title" in the plugin, or
3. the blog title itself?

As an example, let's say I use "How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force" as the blog or SEO title, but use "how to train your dog" in the SEO focus keyword.
Then after doing that, I use "Is Training Your Dog To Play Dead Easy?" as the blog or SEO title, but use "training your dog" as the SEO focus keyword.

Make sense? Is this the right way?

sheikave Premium
You are fully understanding the concept about keywords. The seed keyword in your case which is train your dog. But you give it a different perspective from the seed keyword.
AdeRobinson Premium
Thanks. My question however is about the placement of the keywords in the 'focus keyword' section of the SEO plugin.

I'm trying to understand that, if I'm writing an article about "How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force" do I place the ENTIRE TITLE "How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force" in the SEO plugin's FOCUS KEYWORD, or do I place only the seed keyword "How To Train Your Dog" in the SEOplugin's FOCUS KEYWORD?

Then, I can write a NEW article "Is Training Your Dog To Play Dead Easy?" using "Training Your Dog" in the plugin's FOCUS KEYWORD or the FULL TITLE in the plugin's FOCUS KEYWORD.

It's actually a pretty simple question, I'm hoping I can get a response on this.
SondraM Premium
You have saved me some time. Thank you!
ownonlboss Premium
hmm I might be here onto something that I've done wrong in that case.

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But yeah alphabet soup is great and jaaxy is great. Got enterprise and enjoy every bit of it, every day. Especially the rank tracking is nice. But alphabet soup is really great for creating loads and loads of ideas to write about.
PDWilliams Premium
Being new as I am, I'm always looking for those who are successful and can proof it somehow on this writings, as you have. Again, I'm new, however this article is very practical in its valuable. Thank you.
SimoninAsia Premium
I've also found "What is X?" keywords don't do too well either.

What do you think about targeting two keywords?

For example:

"Is X a scam? Full X review"
nathaniell Premium
I don't have much luck ranking "What is X", but they are useful for pillar posts.
Sui_generis Premium
Thanks for the Alphabet soup in Jaxxy idea. I remember the Alphabet soup in one of the first training modules too.

Squallcloud Premium
Thanks for the tip!
Greg-C Premium
That's a big help thanks Nathaniell
emerald860 Premium
I haven't checked out the Alphabet Soup method in Jaaxy yet but it looks fantastic! Can't believe I haven't tried it yet! Thanks for sharing your insights, Nathaniell! Alanna
BigEvent Premium
That is a great way to search keywords, thanks.
kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks, for this information, appreciated. :)
Grover6304 Premium
Thanks for the useful information and advice.
mickeyb123 Premium
Thank you for all of these words. What I am reading is that there are many keywords (out of multiple billions out there) that are worth anything until you do something else with them!

Great, now you tell me!
ShuiHyen Premium
I haven't thought of that, but your advice spur me to a next level of understanding how keywords is used.

Thank for sharing:)
mybiz4u Premium
Love it! Thanks for sharing this, N.
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks Nathaniel for the great information and particularly about the Alphabet Soup. I use that method in Google but have not done so with Jaaxy. I'll certainly try it soon.
happyalpaca Premium
Great information thank you for sharing!
kdforsman Premium
Great article and so true, I fell into this trap when I started out with jaaxy. Btw if you ever write an article about "how to train small dogs not to be aggressive towards big dogs" please let me know I will be your number one reader! My chihuahua has small dog issues that are constantly getting him into trouble!!
bryonbrewer Premium
Nice. Reminds me of those days in 2012 trying to fit keywords perfectly into titles "Train your dog - How To! 2017"
MozMary Premium
very nice, 'distill the essence of the keyword vs change the essence' ooh, and some meat on that jaaxy alphabet soup - love it! tnx!
Sabusan Premium
Yes, thanks for sharing your insight through hard work.
Shalini1234 Premium
Thanks for sharing these useful information!!!
lynnsam61 Premium
Thanks for this useful info. Very helpful.
rwaite3613 Premium
That's some good information, Nathaniel. Thanks for the share.

WTucker1 Premium
very interesting and educational. Thanks
JulietAA Premium
Thanks Nathaniel
Kickbacked Premium
That is a great way to look at things
HVella Premium
Always great information for you Nathaniell very much appreciated.
Sophiafong Premium
Thanks for sharing.
nosillaa Premium
Now, that an awesome tip we all can use. Thanks, Nathan.
NatNiches Premium
Great advice, thanks Nat.

sophie-timms Premium
This is great advice, thank you!
I spend so much of my time fretting over keywords, I hadn't realised you could change the topic of the keyword for it to still get traffic.
Is the alphabet soup part of the free jaaxy membership?
TammiP Premium
Yes, it is
Alan Hocking Premium
Great advice Nat

l have to admit I've tried to get 6 articles out of 6 variations of a keyword in the past.
nathaniell Premium
We've all been there! Part of the journey LOL
laurenjean Premium
Brilliant Nathaniel! Thanks! Bookmarking!
StefanC Premium
Hi Nathaniel. Superb information here, thanks for that man!

I see it's very difficult to rank for those generic keywords and we need to be more specific.

However, sometimes I feel the need to write more generic posts so that I can increase internal linking, and as a result, authority.

Do you think creating posts difficult to rank is a complete waste of time? Even if I can increase the internal linking structure?

Thanks a lot!
nathaniell Premium
I do the same thing. I write a generic post on the topic, to use for internal linking, so I don't have to link to outside sources. Then specific topics link to the generic topic page.

Sometimes, you can really rank that generic page well over time!
StefanC Premium
Yes. I agree. You can use lots of internal links if you have more generic posts. The downside is exactly what you explained tough. It's more difficult to rank these posts.
This is a pretty interesting read and a great lesson. Needless to say, I learnt something from this. I archive anything like this that holds timely information that I can consult in my own resource center.

I see this as using latent semantics with the basic keyword phrases in the titles, which of course happens when you point to unique topics within the title. I would have never thought of the competition that would occur in one's own content otherwise when not using this strategy.

Thank you!
Loes Premium
Thank you, we've already had a discussion about this a few months back, and I did remember your advice:)
You always have to look at the core keyword to see what the competition is. And skip the How to...What about... etc.
DKMade Premium
Keywords have been my downfall here thus far, simple thing I know but for whatever reason, I have been having trouble with them. This helped explain some of it which I am highly grateful for Nate Dogg (I am a nickname person I can't remember names lol) It is also funny you used the "train your dog" example as that is exactly my niche so that made it a little easier to understand as well. Thanks for the great post, it's the first one of yours I have read but I think I may start visiting a lot more from now on. Keep up the great work & Happy Affiliating Ahead!!
Everlight Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

Thanks for posting about this. It reminds me to ask a question regarding similar keyword in different articles.

Let's say I want to write an article with keyword 'Best Summer Movies'. However, I want to make this article every year. (e.g.: Top 10 Best Summer Movies in 2016, 7 Best Summer Movies in 2017).

Is this treated as keyword cannibalization too?

Thanks for your information :)
schexjr Premium
Hi, it is my understanding that these two keywords sentences
("Top 10 Best Summer Movies in 2016" and "7 Best Summer Movies in 2017") would be treated as different keywords.
nathaniell Premium
Sometimes I see preference for the post with the date/year in the title, but then your post gets dated over time.

In your example, for movies, it would work, and be useful to have an updated "ranking" every year.

Other times, I would skip the year, and just update your content. Content updates also work to help rank, then you can boost the rank of a single page over time, rather than try to re-rank every year.
Everlight Premium
Thanks Nath :)
PatrickM1 Premium
Nathaniell - Excellent post. Thanks for clarifying how to use similar keywords smartly.
Stevo55 Premium
Nathaniel, thanks for the article!

AlexEvans Premium
Just exploring Jaaxy so this is very helpful, have noticed that some of the word combinations do yield less than the ten searches per month, however, using your examples they are what one could assume folks would be searching for. Thank you.
KerriM Premium
Fantastic, Nathaniell, thank you.
RD40 Premium
Great stuff! Thanks Nathaniel!
buildyournow Premium
Your comments are very well taken and understood. Keywords search is so important until you find the keyword most effective for you.
Carol46 Premium
Great, thanks, Nathaniel :)
JeanL Premium
Great information! Thanks Nathaniell!
ContentBySue Premium
Your training posts always deliver such high value, Nathaniel! I have been using Jaaxy for a few days now and had not noticed the Alphabet Soup tab...this is huge! Thanks for another great training.
PaulaKeen Premium
Great tip! Thanks for sharing Nathaniell! :o)
petervcrisp Premium
Hey thanks for that explanation I was one of those who would have written six different articles using the six keywords as you described. Now I know why only one or two would rank Ha ha thank you for the post. As always excellent information from you
Creasean Premium
I love this informative article; even though I've yet to reach the phase relative to this post. Nevertheless, a great post indeed!
Meekandlowly Premium
Very useful and helpful information. Thanx a mil NathaniellNathaniell.❤
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Thanks for sharing what you've learned, Nathaniell! I will put it to use. :)
littlemama Premium
This is definitely key: Using Similar Keywords Smartly... Thanks Nathaniel for another great post to learn from. :)
rosieM Premium
You are the person who led me to WA....I admired your honesty then...and it has only grown. True enough, we hopefully learn from our mistakes...but openly sharing your mistakes and what you did about it takes a true and special networker. Thank you!
Dmorrow Premium
Thanks Nathaniel, really helpful info here as usual!
Thebrave Premium
Great insight, interesting.thank u
JeanR Premium
Great info, Thanks nathaniell for sharing.
Great info and examples!