Don't Waste Time With These Keywords.


Let me save you some time. Learn from my mistakes! I wasted hours and hours, plus hundreds of dollars writing articles trying to target these keywords. Don't waste yours!

What keywords?

Similar Keywords, Similar Ideas

Let's say you look in Jaaxy and find some keywords like this:

  • how to train a dog
  • how to train your dog
  • training your dog
  • how to train dog
  • can you train a dog
  • train my dog how to

My experience tells me that those keywords can be ONE article. The idea is similar and the keywords are similar. Don't waste your time writing 6 different articles titled:

  • How To Train A Dog
  • How To Train Your Dog
  • Training Your Dog: A How To Guide
  • How To Train: Dog Training Guide
  • Can You Train A Dog Yourself?
  • Train My Dog: How To Do It At Home

Most likely, you'll only rank ONE of these articles. That means wasted time or money on your part!

My suggestion is to distill the "essence" of what the keyword is trying to express. Look at the HIGHEST TRAFFIC or the LOWEST COMPETITION, and aim for that one, depending on your goals for this piece of content.

Using Similar Keywords Smartly

Don't let those keywords go to waste though!

You can change the "essence" of the keyword, i.e. the true meaning of a keyword by modifying it.

The resulting keyword might not show in Jaaxy, or might have less than 10 searches per month. That's OK. Chances are, someone is searching for it. Chances are, it will get some traffic at some point, if it hits on a topic that you think is searchable.

Here are some examples:

  • How To Train A Dog Over 2 Years Old
  • How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force
  • Is Training Your Dog To Play Dead Easy?
  • How To Train Small Dogs To Not Be Aggressive Towards Large Dogs
  • Can You Train A Dog To Use The Toilet?
  • Should I Let An "Away From Home" Boarding Center Train My Dog?

If you look closely, you'll see that I used the keywords from the previous examples in this post. However, the meaning of the post changed. In this way, those "similar" keywords are no longer cannibalizing each other.

Though "How To Train A Dog" and "How To Train Your Dog" are similar keywords, The two articles "How To Train A Dog Over 2 Years Old" and "How To Train Your Dog Like The Police Force" are completely different articles.

They are no longer in competition with each other, so can rank for different types of searches in Google.

Alphabet Soup + Jaaxy

I talk about this technique in more detail in my past training here: Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas pt. 1

However, I'm still doing it manually. It takes quite some time to generate ideas in Google instant, then modify them one by one to be article titles on different topics.

This process is much faster with Jaaxy's new Alphabet Soup tab.

Using the Alphabet Soup feature, you can explore hundreds, maybe thousands of possible ideas based on a single keyword. You can scroll through all of these, tick the ones you like, and save them to keyword list full of blog post ideas.

It might take only 20 minutes to think of enough blog post ideas for the next six months of your business!

In this example, 3 keywords per letter of the alphabet = 78 post titles. Publishing 3x per week, would be 26 weeks of content, or 6.5 months!

That's based off of one "seed" keyword!

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Hey thanks for that explanation I was one of those who would have written six different articles using the six keywords as you described. Now I know why only one or two would rank Ha ha thank you for the post. As always excellent information from you

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Thanks for sharing what you've learned, Nathaniell! I will put it to use. :)

This is definitely key: Using Similar Keywords Smartly... Thanks Nathaniel for another great post to learn from. :)

You are the person who led me to WA....I admired your honesty then...and it has only grown. True enough, we hopefully learn from our mistakes...but openly sharing your mistakes and what you did about it takes a true and special networker. Thank you!

Thanks Nathaniel, really helpful info here as usual!

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Great info and examples!

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