Why So Many People Are Seeing Their First Amazon Sale (And How You Can Repeat This)

Last Update: December 26, 2018

If you didn't know, I keep a running tab on success stories in Wealthy Affiliate. In the past week, I've added a bunch of "My First Sale on Amazon" posts to the list. Why the sudden influx of people seeing their first bit of success with affiliate marketing?

The answer is pretty easy - it's the holiday season, and people are shopping on Amazon. However, there is deeper meaning behind this. What's the TRUE reason they're getting their first sales?


More people are shopping online right now. They are looking for product reviews, top 10 lists, and ideas for gifts. More traffic = more sales.

If you saw your first sale this month, that's great news. It means you are doing everything right.

You may see sales drop off after the holiday season, but don't panic. Remember, your forumla works (the formula that Wealthy Affiliate teaches). To see more results, you just need to get more traffic!

Traffic is the lifeblood of a successful online business. Getting people on your website is the first step to making sales. Even if you're converting at .001%, you can still make money, assuming you have a ton of traffic coming into your site.

Of course, many of you will convert much higher than that, but I'm just setting an example. Even at super low conversion rates, with enough traffic you can make sales.

So as we get through the holidays and beyond, keep traffic in mind for 2019. Always be thinking - "How do I get more people onto my website?".

The main three ways are going to be organic traffic from search engines, paid traffic from ads, or social media traffic. I find that organic traffic is the cheapest and highest converting, so that's what I focus on. It's also what the Wealthy Affiliate training focuses on!

How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engines

There are endless resources on WA talking about various ways to get organic traffic from search engines (namely Google). However, broken down to their core elements, I see two main things to work on.

1. Finding Good Keywords: Actually, I don't think keyword metrics matter that much. The main thing is to find good ideas to write about. What's interesting, topical, popular, and not competitive?

2. Good Writing Skills: You don't have to be a fancy writer. You just need to have a personality and an opinion. That's pretty easy! Proper grammar doesn't matter much as long as you can relate to your audience.

Going into 2019, work on your keywords and writing skills, and I know you're going to start to see results. Struggling to write? That's normal. It takes practice. Learning how to write a 5 paragraph essay is a great foundation.

Once you have a great foundation to your writing, you can rock these 8 articles styles to make money online.

With plenty of content on your site, you'll start to see more and more traffic. With more traffic, you'll start to see conversions. At first, just one per week. Then, one per day. Then, a couple per day...and so on until you achieve your money goals!

Looking forward to a profitable 2019 everyone. Happy holidays!

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gartnerf Premium
Yes, I hope the holidays were good for everyone's sites and they were able to cash in on some sales. It certainly is exciting to see your very first sale, though.

I need to kick up my content posting for my one main site. I have been a little lax lately. It is my 2019 resolution to make that happen.

Thanks for the tips!
JeannineC Premium
When people brag about their Amazon sales totals for Black Friday through December, I ask them what did they do in March. It's an unusual time of year when you stand your best chance to actually sell something via Amazon, but the rest of the year you must suffer through a one-day cookie and the lowest commission rates in the industry. Naw, other merchants are so much better. If you can make a sale via Amazon, you can make a sale via other merchants too, and make a lot more for doing so.
marchanna Premium
Great short and to the point post packing a lot of punch with reference articles.

It's quality material like this that makes WA so worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this with us! I plan to make use of it.

Cheers, Marc.
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you for sharing Nathaniell

Here's to making it happen in 2019

All the best
For a happy and successful New Year
Thank you for the encouragement Nathaniell
nathaniell Premium
You're welcome Maxine!
Karim78 Premium
Emcouraging posts, As usual Nathaniell
thank you
MiaL Premium
Thanks for the motivation Nathaniel 😀
mystyle Premium
Thanks Nathaniel, all, the best to you in 2019, I am also looking forward to creating more content on my site.
nathaniell Premium
Thanks Nkhosingiphile!
Cass51 Premium
Thank you Nathaniell, all the best for 2019! Good content to attract traffic sure is the key.
FKelso Premium
Let's make it a great year.
Fleeky Premium
kimgwinter Premium
Great post Nathaniell, thank you for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to a great 2019.