Simple Wordpress Themes Are Best

Last Update: September 18, 2020

From time to time I get a request asking which theme is "best". Well, there is no "best", but I always leave them with a recommendation to find a theme that is very simple.

  • White background
  • Black text
  • Simple menus and sidebars
  • No fancy homepage setup

There are literally thousands of themes that you can choose from, and hundreds that look almost just like these below, but with small color and menu tweaks. These are just the first ones that popped up in the feed that caught my eye, and a few I researched.

If you are frustrated that your theme has too many moving parts or things you don't know how to customize, maybe one of these is for you. BTW, Leo made a great beginner's tutorial on Wordpress themes.

Update 2020

I used to have a list of free and simple WordPress themes you could install on your website, but the list was too small to showcase all the good ones you could choose from AND themes kept going out of date.

A theme which has not been updated for many years can be a security issue for your website, so rather than get you in trouble by having you install an old theme, I'll just have to stick with general advice on this page!

Simple WordPress Theme Advice:

1. Blog roll for your home page

2. Single side bar (right-align)

3. Small header image (or none)

  • large images look nice, but can take too long to load and push content futher down the page

4. Simple menu setup


  • uses website resources
  • usually annoying
  • does not contribute to clicks

Simple But Versatile Recommended Theme

These days, I know that many Wealthy Affiliate members, including some of the coaches are using a theme called GeneratePress. I like GeneratePress as well, because:

  1. it's free
  2. it's fast
  3. it's got a simple design
  4. there are some advanced features to explore (not required)
  5. there's a pro version you can upgrade to later (not required)
  6. commonly used so lots of tutorials on custumization options

So it's the best of both worlds IMO. Lots of customization options, but you don't necessarily need to use them.

This is Why I Love the GeneratePress WordPress Theme

How to Change Your Website Theme in Wordpress

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Loes Premium
My thisiskidsart theme Anjirai is super simple too, I wouldnot advice Custom Community to a starter though
Alan Hocking Premium
I'm a big fan of "Iconic One" when it comes to free themes for someone just starting out.

It's clean, responsive and very fast!
mjdimarco Premium
I'm using Iconic One as well. Very simple and clean.
maggie721 Premium
you have a really great site!
mjdimarco Premium
Thanks Maggie. It's coming along.
nurseannie Premium
thank you so much. have a good day AM
leoemery Premium
Great list - there are so many to choose from the one I recommend is called BlogOLife - it's a great clean theme has the WPlook Studio by

Features are:

Full HTML5 and CSS3
Drop-down Menu
Custom Widgets
Multiple Color Schemes
Post Format
SEO Options Section
Internationalized & localization

It has the option to upgrade to the pro version -But many find there is no need to upgrade.
DLansing Premium
I chose the theme HIERO, and seems like a lot of WA members also uses the same theme. I don't mind much though because I have my own logo and cover heading to separate my brand from others.