This is Why I Love the GeneratePress WordPress Theme

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I'm a big GeneratePress fan and in my opinion, consider it as one of the best WordPress themes, especially for a typical blog website.

Don't get me wrong; I also use it to create small business websites for a few local clients and 2 of my friends. It works very well with Elementor to create attractive landing pages.

I notice so many members asking about themes and battling to find the perfect theme. A perfect theme for me might not be an ideal theme for you, but I would like to share my GeneratePress theme experiences.

This post is for all the new members and anyone else at WA spending way too much time look for a good WordPress theme.

How Popular is the GeneratePress Theme?

Source: Themes Directory

  1. Active installations: 300 000+. A lot of people use this theme.
  2. Rating: 5/5 - You don't see this often. (from 1135 reviews). I would give them a 7/5 if I could:)

What WordPress Theme to Choose?

Choosing a WordPress theme is a personal choice, and it also depends on what direction your niche is taking you.

There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from (3900+ popular | 8000+ lastest), and it can be very time consuming if you're not happy with your current choice to find something else.

I speak from personal experience. I have changed themes at least seven times over the last four years until I found GeneratePress.

So if you want to know "what WordPress theme to choose", I make it easy and suggest you give GeneratePress a try.

Depending on skill level, the free GeneratePress theme s reasonably easy to navigate and might have a slight learning curve for someone with no WordPress and website building skills.

10 Reasons Why I Love GeneratePress

1. Lightweight

A fresh GeneratePress installation adds less than 10kb (gzipped) to your page size.

2. Page Speed

Excellent - 100/100 on a new website.

Keep in mind page speed can be influenced by many factors like page builders, plugins, images, etc.).

3. Cross-device Responsive

Outstanding. Your content will look good on any device unless you have a plugin/s that messes it up.

4. Block Editor (Gutenberg) Compatible

You can create your content in the block editor with peace of mind.

If you use the GenerateBlocks plugin (created to work with GeneratePress but also works well with other themes) with the block editor, you can create nice looking posts, pages or landing pages.

In some instances, you might not even need any page builders. Page builders do tend to slow down your site.

5. Customization Options

The free version of GeneratePress has some decent customization options, and I think it will be sufficient for most beginners.

You do get other themes offering more customization options in their free version than GeneratePress, but I'm not sure if they can keep up with the rest GeneratePress has to offer.

The customization options of the premium version of GeneratePress rises above the rest of the WordPress themes I've ever used and experimented with.

It's just in a class of its own and amazing to work with. It's versatile and has a ton of customization options.

Because of this, there is a bit of a learning curve and can be overwhelming to beginners.

6. Theme Support

The theme support for free and premium users is excellent. I have personal experience using their premium support occasionally.

Here is one example. I asked a question and got the answer 30 minutes later from Tom, the developer himself: Support Example

As a free version user, you also have access to premium support questions and answers, but you cannot ask questions or reply to questions.

Free version users can get the same quality of support here: GeneratePress Theme Support Forum.

7. Page Builder Compatible

GeneratePress is fully compatible with all major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.

Here is an article Elementor wrote about GeneratePress: Elementor Article

8. Plugin Compatibility

GeneratePress places emphasis on good WordPress coding standards and are compatible with all well-coded WordPress plugins, including Woocommerce.

9. Premium Pricing

The premium price is very reasonable at $59 / year (only applicable to new customers) or a lifetime licence at $249.

The pricing recently changed from $49.95 with a year renewal discount of 40% to the flat yearly rate, as mentioned above. Existing customers (before the price increase) will still have this benefit.

You can still use the premium version if you decide not to renew, but you will not have access to premium updates.

You can install the premium theme on 500 websites and even on your client's websites.

They do offer and honor a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. Affiliate Program

They have an affiliate program that pays a 30% commission per referral.


I honestly think GeneratePress is one of the best WordPress themes out there. If you use it correctly and understand its potential, you can create something beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful day!


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Recent Comments


Have recently started using generatepress premium (because jay uses it and I liked what I saw). Has more options than I was used to so there is a learning curve for me.
So delighted you are doing this series - I will be anticipating each new related post.

TY Betty

When I started using GeneratePress I first created a sample website to test all the options.

You're welcome to do the same and follow my series and test each as I move along.

I loved reading this post as I can only agree with what you have written.What you say about other themes and such like is very True. I have been affiliated with a LOT of WordPress Themes and Mmebership Plugins, ALL of them without exception have caused a degree of frustration and hair pulling out

Not so with GeneratePress. the Free version is brilliant

the Pro Version, is even better, without any question. the other good thing is it works very well with Elementor ( though I don;t think you would outright need Elementor with GPP, because GPP has a lot of parts that come with Elelementor) the reason it works well with Elementor is because unlike other themes, GPP has been coded to work with it, rather than against it, or so it seems

Just like we have at WA, you are getting unbelievable alue with GPP and a 40% reduction on renewing

As you say, you can build clients websites, quite literally at the touch of a button and the support is excellent as well

100% Behind it.Its a bit like finding the right house, yu just know when you step into it.

Thanks for your input Dave. I'm glad you also enjoy it:)

Great post.
I also love GeneratePress. I used to have these fancy, pretty themes, who doesn't love beautiful website, right?

But the downside is, my site is really slow. Then I heard about GeneratePress from Jay's webinars, then I tried and immediately see the difference when it comes to speed.

Plus the price is not that expensive.

Thanks for sharing Mina. I'm glad you also enjoy Generatepress. If you use page builders and page builder themes it looks very pretty but uses a good amount of juice which slows down your website.:)

Themes can cause some aggravations I agree. Thanks for the bite-sized chunks. I know that sometimes strong site-building skills makes a person impatient with the ones of us who are slower to absorb the skill. We will get it, just not as quickly as you might.

As we all have different needs, it is difficult to always make things clear when explaining.

Smaller chunks of information at a time is a good place to start. I have found in the past that when I misunderstand some small part, I can work out the issue, but again obviously, smaller chunks make this easier. Thanks, Sami

Thanks for the comment Sami. I'll try my best to explain it. I can remember when I started out it took me forever to find a new theme and then again to try and figure it all out.

I hope to save someone a decent amount of time explaining my favorite theme and how it works.

Have a great day:)

Great Post!

Thanks Chuck:)

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