5 Failed Websites From Nathaniell

Last Update: March 18, 2015

I finally let some old domains I was foolishly holding on to for too long last week, and it was like a trip down memory lane. Some domains I looked at and though, "Wow, that was a great idea. I wish I had time for it" (like a website about backyard forts for kids).

Other sites I looked at and though, "Wow, what was I thinking?!"

So today I wanted to share with you some of the websites that I actually followed through with building, but never turned out to be anything. Many of them sites I made in my first 6 months of training in WA.

1. plantsvszombiesplushtoys.net

This game was extremely popular a few years ago, and I wasted many hours playing. I was very product-focused at the time, and didn't fully understand what a niche was. I did sell a few plush toys and made about .75 cents on Amazon.

The main issue was that I didn't know what to write about, and most of my posts were basically a 200 word sales pitch for a toy.

2. makemoneywithphones.com

This wasn't a bad idea, but there were no good products to support the idea of making money on a phone - or at least I didn't look hard enough to find them. I promoted a few Clickbank products, but the reviews never ranked, and I didn't look into apps or other possible content ideas. I also outsourced most of the articles, didn't pay much attention to what the writers were doing, and quality suffered.

I still think this could be an OK site for someone that wanted to do the proper research and write good enough content. You could talk about app creation, buying/selling phones on ebay, being an affiliate of phone accessories, survey sites, or other PTC offers.

3. buyediblegold.com

This wasn't the worst of my ideas. It was an OK keyword, and I was ranked #2 for the phrase "buy edible gold" for a few months.

I think the issue here was that I just wasn't into the topic, and it was too specific. I wanted to expand to recipes that would use edible gold, then sell the gold through the website. I just never followed through with writing.

I did sell a few ounces of gold, but nothing substantial. There was also a serious lack of good affiliate programs in this niche, so I was stuck promoting the same companies over and over (mostly Amazon) because they paid me, rather than doing a true comparison of edible gold buying options.

4. hemanklerehab.info

This is a clickbank product I promoted for 3 years actually! I made a few hundreds...maybe a little over $1000 from this site over those years. I guess I can't really say it was "failed".

But the only keyword I ranked for was the actual product name. The product was called HEM Ankle Rehab, so I bought the .info domain and backlinked the heck out of the domain (bad, I know). Anyway, it ranked #2 for about a year, then lower on page 1, then not at all after a few Google updates.

I still got some traffic trickles from Squidoo lenses and articles directories, and made an odd sales every month or so.

In the end, I was making under $100 a year (after costs of domain renewal, my precious time, etc) so I let it expire. I also was not proud of this site since there was literally just 1 page of content that was a regurgitation of the sales page for the product.

5. naturalhorsecareonline.blogspot.com

This one I'm not entirely sure is the correct domain name, but it was something like this. It might be the first "website" I ever "built"...if you can call it building a website, lol. I barely got past putting some pictures up and writing a few lines about some natural horse shampoo, and never returned to the domain.

Back in the day, the WA training recommend blogger as a free way to get started. Boy, was I cheap!

Anyway, the main failure for this one was lack of interest, but also a lack of direction. I didn't really know what I was doing at the time and just didn't know what to do next. By the time I figured out what to do, I had other ideas and was moving on to the next project.

In combination with my niche reveal from a few months back, you can see that I've been through a lot of niches, and a lot of domains. I certainly didn't hit a home run on my first swing!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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kimwolfe Premium
Hi Nathaniell.

I appreciate these insights and ideas. I continue to learn from you with every post and training.

I am currently buying up domain names too, but without launching websites on them just yet. Just parking them for later or resell. And I've already had a few those "what was I thinking" moments. I obviously thought the names were a good idea at the time. Ha.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

sillylizzy Premium
I was watching a Gary V podcast the other day, and he asked the music group he was talking to a question that totally struck a cord. Which do you think is better when creating content, quality or quantity? It really stumped them when he said, “no one will ever know Michael Jackson’s greatest hit, because he never produced it.” Then the band said they almost didn’t put the song that made them famous on their album. Gary said exactly.

I’m feeling this urge to create some content.... thanks Nathaniell!
scottyb2good Premium
Hi Nathaniell ♫
I have 10 websites that I feel I can make good out of all of them. Some of them I think I made maybe a mistake money wise and expensively purchased them but who knows ? Maybe the money will be worth it later ? Been advised to get just one profiting First. My Dj Website has been getting me calls but I have moved on. Concentrating on just One with no luck yet. Discovering a way my time can be freed up. This is what I need most. Stay tuned..........Scotty B ♫
CravenATAT Premium
I have read multiple stories on here where people create multiple websites and let a few of them site because they think they don't work - but then over time they instantly take off. I wouldn't give up on all of them quite yet, as they may blast off over a period of time.
scottyb2good Premium
Agreed Craven ! Every one is as a Musical artist feels of her/his songs. Every one are like my Babies. Point is I can only attend to one at a time but I seem to go into several of them sometimes...................Scotty B ♫
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you for this post. I got to it through your OM2C email. Good to read that it's ok for some sites not to work out in the end.

I've all but abandoned my first website. Mostly through lack of interest and inspiration for writing on the subject.
Was feeling slightly guilty/inconsistent, but can see now that it happens to other people too. Even the successful ones hehehe

MMayorga5301 Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. We all make mistakes and can learn from them.
Anandhijohn Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Tdick1 Premium
Thanks Nathaniel - you are human after all ! Thanks for sharing it helps show me that I’m not 100% committed yet . To Your continued success . td
laurenjean Premium
Another awesome post, Thanks Nathaniell! Appreciate you taking us through the reason for these failures as it really teaches us what not to do. Learning from other's mistakes can save a lot of our own.
MBentz3 Premium
Thank you for sharing your encouraging nitch...as a inexperienced beginner here on WA I am working my way through trainings...attempting to get a site launched. I have many projects going on that carry a level of motivation to support the launching of a business with mission goals. There are various nitches for my long term plans. I am feeling a bit more at ease to hear the first step is to push through the learning curve and not be discouraged by the struggle to jump start with less than perfect strength for even the mighty Hercules had an Achilles Heel lol.
DrRuthM Premium
Thanks for this Nathaniel. Certainly motivating and makes me feel better lol
Andrew007 Premium
Great article, thanks for sharing. It motivates.
Cheers, Andrew
VickiB Premium
Thanks for this some of it seems obvious but not all thanks for sharing it makes people think about things in another way
Thanks for the post, I found it very helpful. Not only is helping newbies navigate the online markets but showing it takes work. I'm wondering if you would ever consider writing on your top 5 sites and how they worked and what kind of revenues they get. It might be a good balance and help others as well.
steve71 Premium
very entertaining and inspiring read.
BENJI89 Premium
It's always nice if someone can be open about their some what failures. I guess this is all apart of the process, learning from mistakes and pushing on!

murphyong Premium
Very inspiring! If the niche is not something that I am passion about, it is just waste of time and $$. I had learned a lot in this article. Learn from others mistakes!
scottyb2good Premium
Excellent insight and Great Motivation for me !.................... Scotty B ♫
Rochelle1 Premium
This very helpful to us newbies! Especially to the ones that expect the $$ to roll in once the site is set up. Having owned other business most of my life, those comments make me laugh!
I wish you continued success!
DorianF Premium
I like this post, it is down to earth real. Thanks. Im interested in your article my niche reveal, cause sometimes I think Im just not focusing on the right direction. I dont want it to be too late by the time I realize right....
GerryR Premium
Thanks Nathaniel....very interesting....always interested in how my sponsor got started and how he got it going...a little slow for me now, but trying hard to get there. All the best to you, Nat !
Anewcreature Premium
It speaks of determination and is much needed as well as appreciated.
Kenester Premium
Tons of time right! Thanks for sharing.
gappleby Premium
Good post,, Nathaniel. Nice to be able to share our missteps, laugh at ourselves a little, and get some good points across. You did all 3 very well. Good lessons.
Rablo33 Premium
Hi, this is enlightening to a newbie. Has some good pointers about how to go when deciding on a niche and sticking to the knitting. Thanks for sharing.
Campino Premium
Hello Nathaniell, thank you for sharing this with us. I will not write too much, because other members have said enough, so I don't want to duplicate content. :-)
TheCatherine Premium
It is encouraging to everyone to know that you struggled for a while, most people do until the penny really drops. It's also important to realise that other people could use those niches and be successful because they developed them more fully. As usual have bookmark this post to send out as a training marker in the future
nathaniell Premium
Even after I made some money from my sites, I didn't have that "penny drops" moment until much later down the road. You are right - any of these sites could probably work for someone that was truly interested in the topic and took the time to work on the site.
TheCatherine Premium
I wasn't criticizing at all but just wanted to make it clearer to newbies. It's taken years for the penny to really drop for me I would say this year. Most of us waste time but having said that it's all part of a very rich learning curve
nathaniell Premium
Haha. You must have totally misread my comment. I didn't think you were criticizing me. Just supporting what you said :)
TheCatherine Premium
I know I didn't misread your comments, you are always too precise to do that just being clear
hmasters Premium
Nathaniel, it seems that I tend to find all of your posts very helpful for widely varying reasons. I find it very encouraging that someone who has the success you are now having stumbled around a bit for a while early on. It demonstrates again that if we persist and keep thinking success can be ours! Thank you a gain for sharing this.
glove Premium
hmm enjoyable reading hope the site your using now is getting on better but w.a has clearly taught you a lesson and i must say you seemed to have learned it rather well fella thanks for this amusing reading its made my morning much more interesting than the partial eclipse we had in the uk .....
Fisher Premium
Nathaniel now is a celebrity in WA and one of the most successful affiliates working full time on their websites.
golf1800s Premium
Thanks for this post!! I actually found it quite amusing that your profile picture matches this post quite nicely :)
On a more serious note, I like the fact that you have shared your 'failures' because I for one, like to learn from other people's mistakes.

One thing I have seen is that you need motivation to continue with a domain - if you're not interested in the topic or niche, you're bound to spend time on something else. And if you do spend time on it, you're not going to give it 100%.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or energy or even the willingness to go through this many domains and ideas. I have one domain and one idea - it's a make or break situation. The "break" is not an option!
Christabelle Premium
It is always encouraging to read testimonials that share the process of growth that led to success!
MarineMom Premium
Well, you've learned like we all are and now you are good!! Thank you for this post.
egonsarv Premium
Thanks for sharing. You know what? Usually, it's like this: A newbie starts a brand new blog. Then, soon he stumbles upon another blog that has a similar age to his own blog. Yet that another blog has a tremendous traffic while that newbie is still struggling considerably.

So he is wondering: "How come - my blog and his blog have the same age, yet his traffic is already in stratosphere while my one is still close to 0?

So he begins to doubt his ability.

But here's the secret - these 5 failed blogs... Often 7-8 or even 10 years of failures, until that success-kid got it right.

Whenever I jump into a successful marketer, this is usually the case (although there also those who make pretty rapid success right from the box - Like Kyle :)

But in most cases, it's a different story.

When you dig deeper into their stories you learn there are these failed blogs, 7-8 years of failures.

It's part of the learning process. And it's normal. Yet we don't like those months and years of failure. We prefer rapid success. "Get quick rich" - is it called like that?
leoemery Premium
Right there with you - I have plenty of fails too - but it's those fails that leads to the successes.
MarvH Premium
It isn't everyone who would show us where he failed. I appreciate this a lot. It is really a learning experience like no other. Thanks for sharing and explaining everything.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Ithinkthehardestthingwithsomeofthese domainsisthelengthofthetitle. Ha ha!
Judy-B Premium
This was fun to read, to see where someone who is succeeding now has been. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)
EKautz Premium
Learning by failure is the best way to learn I've found anyway. Thank you for posting this Nathaniell - it is both eye opening and inspiring!

EddieBush Premium
I love how transparent you are, Sir. I think it's odd that some people here expect that their first idea is going to be successful and get tired of messing with it when they are wrong. Never realizing that you only ever really fail when you quit trying. I don't remember who said that, but it's a great quote.

Thanks for being here and sharing your experiences. They are very encouraging.
donco6 Premium
Very interesting to watch your evolution. Things that wouldn't have made sense six months ago just pop out here. LOL!
nathanpall99 Premium
Hey - thanks for sharing. How many websites would you typically have active at any one time? And do you use writers to produce content for you?
nathaniell Premium
I've got about 10-15 that are making money right now but I really only focus on building 1. The other ones are kind of stragglers.
nathanpall99 Premium
Cool. Good to know. Thanks for the reply!
cm2108 Premium
An excellent and inspiring post! Thanks for posting Nathaniell! Gus
SpheredKhigh Premium
Very good work iam still working on my first one hahaha how domains or websites would a person have if you don't mind me asking wouldn't that be a lot of work to keep track of or is it easy how many do you suggest a person have
KenWallace Premium
Reminds me of me...I've bought a lot of domains with the wrong name, or for something I just was not interested in. Then I would go and chase after another idea, and "rinse-repeat" The one commitment I made (and hope to keep) with WA is to focus on WA training and programs, and ignore the others, at least for a while. Focus, child, focus...mom used to say.
AllynBeekman Premium
Really enjoyed hearing this, Nathaniell. I found it very hard to stop on my first website but after 6 months nothing was happening. I knew I had to move on to something different. This post, plus a couple other recent posts, have made me feel better knowing that everyone goes through numerous ideas to make it strong in this business.
DCrane Premium
Very Inspirational
ThomasPaul Premium
I have a spreadsheet to keep track of different domains I have. Over the years I've registered 43 domains. Most of them I only kept for a year before I realized I really wasn't doing anything with them. Now I have about 5 domains. I plan on getting rid of two more that I'm really not focused on.
Dannaphea Premium
Good work Nathanial
Steve1976 Premium
Thank you for sharing your trials and errors. Nice to know that there are others who have tried and failed with different sites and it is not just me.
RewildJeff Premium
I really enjoy hearing about where others have come from to help me realize and especially remember that it is all a process in which we learn. I am often guilty of being hard on myself because I suffer from the typical affliction of "I want it yesterday-itis." Great post and encouraging.
nathaniell Premium
yeah, it's really hard to imagine what your own path will be like, but you'll never know unless you start taking action. It's really interesting to see what you did 1 year or 2 years ago.
lisa970 Premium
Everybody has a down side that's how we know when we get up.Be blessed
EmilioG Premium
Thanks Nathaniell,
It's nice knowing others are go through the same learning curve. inspirational for me who is just getting started.
Electra-5150 Premium
Thanks for this post Nathaniell.
It shows everyone that we need to find our feet or take a few knocks before we can get our ideas working for us.
It's also encouraging that you've openly revealed your "failed" websites.
All the very best
MD_Incognito Premium
Funny...I s'pose if one has been around long enough, then one can definitely relate to this post. I have definitely had my share of fits & starts as a 'webmaster'.

But the ankle rehab site caught my eye; so, was this a site that you put up prior (or in the midst of) the Google updates? If so, then that's quite a feat that it earned through all of that in my book!

Nice post nathaniell.
Lady May Premium
Did you just delete them? I have a site that I'm no longer interested in, personal reasons, but it has lots of posts and it seems such a shame or waste?
ldarrel Premium
I, too, have created websites: get an idea, build a site; get another idea, build a site... over and over. I believe that I suffer from no focus!
MozMary Premium
you speak...we listen :)
Kathy331 Premium
I've had a lot of ideas and bought quite few domain names in my enthusiasm! I'm only developing 2 sites though, it's what I can manage at the moment, there is so much to learn!
It was interesting to read about your failed websites, although I don't think they failed if you learnt something from them!
Lesmyb Premium
I think many people have traveled down a road of niches that just did not work out for them. It's only when one is quite far along the path that the pieces start coming together and you really begin to understand the structure of a niche (or authority) website and what you can do with it. Even though Kyle explains this very simply in the training, we still need experience to find something that works for us.

Each "failed" niche provides a higher level to start the next one from :)
solidbase Premium
If you have never failed, you have not done anything yet.
I am grateful to have people like you, plus a mountain of training material at my disposal right from the start of my journey.
.Thanks for sharing this with us, and for being an inspiration to us newbies.
MarionBlack Premium
If you succeed more than 50% of the time then you're a success. My first website is gathering dust in HTML but my second is in the throes of being revamped in WordPress. Onward and upwards. We can all learn from our early mistakes. ~Marion
LornaAllen Premium
You Sure Have Been Busy Nathaniel! Failed? Not a word I would use - your '5 practise websites' sounds much better.
Kyirrie Premium
Terrific post Nathaniell :) There's hope for us all! :)
mrpeter Premium
This is great Nathaniell and a fascinating read! Inspiring!
Rich908 Premium
A great way to climb a mountain is to start from the bottom - so you had fun along the way but you did not stay to watch the scenery you climbed all the way to the top - brought all your learned skills with you. I dont think there are any failures in this world. Each time we fail we are closer to success- Thanks for sharing Richard
Loes Premium
I think we all need this school of experience, To step into Edisons shoes, You have not failed. You've just found 5 ways that won't work.
Riaz Premium
That last domain lol, how I wished it still exists. Inspirational post as always, Nathan. Thanks for sharing :D
AmberSubaki Premium
Wow, there is nothing failed here!
I'm amazed at how you have the talent to just whip up sites like that over such a short period of time. Talk about stamina and dedication…….well done and "us newbies" need to be taking a leaf out of your book.
DLansing Premium
Wow... good to know.. even the great young yoda also failed on some of his ventures. But now, already one of the great Oracle of WA!