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Any book recommendation to learn sales?

Any book recommendation to learn sales?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I would be interested for book that have explained basic terms and methodologies used in sales. Thanks a lot,

Your purpose is to help and the sale is secondary.
You can find a list of great books on google

Sure, there is. Thank you for your effort,

Your service makes marketing and sales superfluous. I liked Pat Iyer's book, 52 writing tips. All of this can be purposed for sales and copywriting. I liked the Power of Expertise by Elle Pierson. I'd enjoy your opinion on these 2 for writing a business plan, sales and marketing or content development.

Thanks for recommendations, that sounds great!

Just keep in mind you don't have to sell to be an affiliate marketer in fact it is counter productive to pitch people instead of inform them.

A great book to help with direction and motivation is. The Magic of Thinking Big - David J Schwartz

Thanks, book on sales will be helpful. Thank you for advice,

If you want to learn influence I would reccomend Robert B. Cialdini and Influence, it tells you a lots about people and how they buy but useful in life generally


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How many followers you need to have to guarantee you 1 sale?

How many followers you need to have to guarantee you 1 sale?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I am trying to build followers on Facebook business page, and so far I have 700. I write three brief posts per day promoting products. I even go with Ads with small budget (lik

There are no rules. It’s not a shop so you can’t really compare.

Hi - nothing can guarantee a sale if you are targeting people who are not genuinely interested. For example, out of your 700 followers, are they all women who may be interested in cosmetics?

If your posts are brief, how are you trying to persuade them of the benefits of that product? Are you showing them what effects they can achieve with the products? Are you telling them something new other than a description which they can find on Avon's website or in their catalog?

Ideally you need to direct people back to your website, where you can build up trust with them and have more in-depth reviews of the products.

Thanks a lot. It helps.

According to you:
If you have chosen right niche, products that converts, targeted public, and wrote good content - with how many clicks you will expect sale, in general?

I am new in sale, and would like learn and understand the expected numbers. I consider 50 clicks would be enough. Imagine that you have a shop, if 10 visitors come, you will probably have 1 sale.

If there is no sale - something is wrong. So, recap all the important staff.

My concern is public (in my country, developing) and chosen product. Factors from my side can not help too much here. So, I will go on with other product, and internationally.

Thanks anyway, a lot, your questions inspired me!

Hi - there is no specific number to guarantee a sale, especially if you are only using Facebook. People just flick randomly through Facebook, they are rarely looking to purchase anything.

You will have more success with a website, if you meet all the criteria you have mentioned above - niche, target audience, good products and original, useful content.

Starting with the basics, have you got a niche that appeals to a targeted audience, or are you just promoting random products from Avon? A cosmetics niche could be anti-ageing make-up for over 50s or waterproof cosmetics for sporty women or vegan skincare for teenagers etc.

Once you have your niche, you write useful posts to help your audience. So, if your niche was anti-ageing products, you could write about how to remove make-up without damaging your skin, how to apply foundation to conceal wrinkles, when is the best time to apply moisturiser etc. You can then recommend related products.

Making a sale is a lot more complex than just having a picture of a product and writing a few lines about it.

There is no magic formula for the numbers, however, have you checked that your 700 followers are the right followers, or are they the wrong followers. You need to define your target audience on Facebook to make sure that your products appeal to them. Have you also checked the content you are publishing, is it engaging and captivating, or are you just placing an image of an item saying purchase now? Have you thought about doing videos of the product and how to apply the makeup etc? Selling the benefits and applications, not the features. products or price etc.

Thanks for replying. I have interesting posts, and I am not asking for purchasing. I am also trying to do it professionally. That is why I am asking, since I do not understand. I have noticed that video ads have more engagements. Public is general, not targeted. Maybe I should improve this. Thanks a lot for questions, I will consider some them - like applying makeup video and emphasizing benefits and applications.

But something still is not understandable here. Thanks a lot, anyway!

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How many postpage visits is approx needed for 1 sale?

How many postpage visits is approx needed for 1 sale?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

What is number of posts/page visits on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or website that you can expect to guarantee one sale? I am interested in approximate numbers: is

The best way to answer that question is to run a test. Or A/B comparison. In analytics, you will see how many people have clicked or purchased from your site.. if you use woocommerce, you will hVe stats there too.. then do the math.

I agree with others, it depends on a lot of factors. Some campaigns could convert 1:5 (clicks to sales) whereas others may not convert at all.

It comes down to the quality of the traffic, the relevance of it to he product/service you are promoting, the content that you create and whether you are helping people within your content (ie, building trust), and whether or not the product you are recommending is fair value and actually converts.

Social traffic tends to convert worse than search traffic though. That is something to consider.

Thank you for stated factors. I will consider them. Thanks,

It depends on the person as well as the platform.
There is a statistic that people look at things a
Few times before they buy.

Thank you for hint. Great!

You are very welcome.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help.
I’m sure you will receive better answers.

Well I think it depends on the website or platform, and there could be a lot of variables here including what the niche is, but I think I remember seeing on a Shopify store, that you need around 110 visitors on average.

I imagine, if you had a very focussed keyword for a page, that brought in very focussed visitors, the number of visitors it would take before you get a "sale" would be a lot smaller than for a page which is attracting more general queries.

I guess it depends on what you define as a "sale"... and obviously ecommerce is different to affiliate marketing.

Best wishes,


Thank you for your aspects. There are very helpful.

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What is the difference in writing posts with 250 vs 1000 wr?

What is the difference in writing posts with 250 vs 1000 wr?

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Authoring & Writing Content

From your opinion what is the difference in writing posts with 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 words? Different styles in question for 250 words and 1000 words.

Does more shor

Thanks for this post. I am learning from the answers. It's always good to be clarified of issues in the digital world. God bless

You are welcome. Thanks!

Around a 1,000 words is recommended for better rankings.


You are very welcome

Hi - Google is looking for content that shows you are an authority on your subject. This is unlikely to be achieved by a post as short as 250 words.

If a person is searching for a particular keyword, Google wants to present them with as full an answer as possible. When writing a post, you need to look at your competition who are on page 1 of Google. If everybody on page 1 has written a minimum of 1000 words, then you need to write a better post, with more information.

You may be interested to learn that the average length of a post on page 1 is between 1400 and 2200 words. Lots of shorter posts is not the equivalent of writing one longer post, it doesn't work that way. It's not a question of the overall word count on a website. An occasional post of no less than 500 words is fine, provide it covers as much information as your competitors.

Thanks Diane,

Exactly as Diane mentions, it is the word count per post and not the word count per website to get ranked by Google. Depending on your niche and your competition, to get ranked on Page 1 of Google, you will need between 1400 and 2200 words per post. Shorter posts will get Indexed and Ranked, but very unlikely to appear on Page 1 of Google Search Results (SERPs). This does also depend on your targeted keyword and competition of course.

Take a step-by-step tutorial article for example, we need to build the structure of its content first. We need preface, step 1, step 2, step 3 (and more steps if you want) and conclusion. All of them will add up over 1000 words so easily with only 2 or 3 sentences in each paragraph. Then you'll find that not only is quality content usually over 1000 words, but also it's kind of difficult to write only 250 or several hundred words when you really have something to say.

Indeed, since a 1000-word post is just an aim WA recommends, you don't have to stick to it too strictly. Yet, as you write posts for long enough, you may consider writing below that many words rather a lot harder.

Hope these can solve your problem.

Yes, if you really wants something to say, you will need more wording, I guess even more then 1000. I understand this point. This works well with tutorials or instructions.

My question is related to statistical view and comparison of posts/articles with different length.

Often you can say more in less words. It is also an art to shorten and write your idea in 250 words. Why not writing short posts?

So, my question is: why to have goal of 1000 words? I expected this is because of Google ranking, but you provided one answer: "usually articles have more then 1000 words". I am interested what other factors might be important.

My point is to write on topics - no meter of number of words, and why not four short posts?

I certainly do not recommend sticking to 1000 words, but it can be understood that posts are usually of that length.

So, my question was on statistical aspect on number of posts or words and how is that count on Google.

Thanks for your effort,

Well in that case, this might be a little beyond my knowledge though. My answer is based on my personal experience; yet, I'm very willing to learn other aspects of this issue. I will continue to follow the comments of this question, and hope you can find your answer in short period of time.


To rank on Google they want posts of a min. total of 1000 words.

Is this written as requirement to be ranked? I am not aware of this.

Thanks for your reply,

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What marketing channels you use for products promoting?

What marketing channels you use for products promoting?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Aside of working on Google ranking, what ways you are using in promoting products? As a member of affiliate programs? Are they successful? Please, list as much as you can,

Also, join and post your links in various social media groups like facebook and twitter. You also have to contribute to discussions in the groups.


Alternative methods,

1) Social Media Marketing/optimization
2) Email Marketing
3) Google or Bing ads (PPC campaign)
4) Word of mouth.
5) Video marketing, YouTube
6) Latest most popular social platform - Tik Tok
7) Create a landing page

Other members may have more achievement in different, we hope to learn from them as well.



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