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Hi Everyone, This looks like a great platform! Looking forward to connecting with others here. I've been exploring for the last 10 years how I could





How many websites can we host here?

How many websites can we host here?

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I've been noticing that a few people have mentioned we can host 10 websites, whereas I thought it was more... and I haven't been able to find reference to this lower number in

1 for Free Starter Members and 10 for Premiums, effective last March for anyone who started after then.
In each case these can either be on free SiteRubix domains or on domains that you own.
When you started, it was 2 websites for Free Starters which had to be on a SiteRubix domain and 25 websites for Premiums on either a SiteRubix domain or on a domain that they owned.
If you were Premium before the changes last March, you would have been Grandfathered in at 25 websites.
Rich :-)

Thanks Rich for summarising it all so effectively!

Hey Rich, great summary, just one small change though to the following sentence.

"25 websites for Premiums on either a SiteRubix domain or on a domain that they owned"

Should be

"50 websites for Premium Members, split up to 25 using the SiteRubix domain and 25 using domains they own"

You're absolutely right there, Chrys - thanks for the reminder.
Rich :-)

Hi again, Jacquie
Chrys has added a little bit more info to my answer - see his response below.
He is correct and it gave me a little memory jog!
Rich :-)

No worries Rich ;-)

Thank you Rich!

Thank you Chrystopher!

Good answers below, Jacquie! Only ten going forward from the middle of May!


Middle of March ;-)

Ah--thanks for the correction!

You're welcome Jeff :-)


If you were a member when it was 25 you are grandfathered in and can still have 25. If you joined after May 11 you can only have 10.

16th March was the change for websites from 25+25(50) down to 10

11th May was the Yearly Offer change to $495 + 1 Domain Name and $50 of Credits

Why was it changed ? I am also grandfathered lol However, am just wondering ..

Here's Kyle's post on it that should help explain it :-)

25 i guess. See the attachment Jacquie.

You're one of the lucky ones as you joined WA 5 days before it changed to 10 in total, rather than the 25+25(50) that you are now Grandfathered in to ;-)

Aren't we lucky, Aparna... to be Grandfathered in to such amazing value?

Oh really .... i thought everyone got 25+25.
Lucky me ! :)

Very lucky indeed, if you had joined just 6 days later you would only have 10 ;-)

As you joined November 2019 you should be Grandfathered into the 25 SiteRubix sites and 25 Own Domain sites (50 in total).

March 16th was when it changed, here's the post from Kyle

Thank you for your reply and link, Chrystopher!

You're welcome Jacquie :-)

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