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Can we use wa banners as our fb profile picture?

Can we use wa banners as our fb profile picture?

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I'm setting a FB page for my MMO site. Is it allowed for us to use WA banners as our profile picture?

Thanks in advance for the answers

My question to you is WHY would you want to? The purpose of social media and FB in particular is to be social and build an audience for yourself if you are promoting a business of some sort. People don't want to interact on FB with a banner. They want to interact with a person. So you should use your own image.

Thank you so much Mary
Personally I don't easily accept friend request with different picture not their own. I trust people I see their faces clearly.
You clearly made the point here.
God bless you

Yes, exactly! Most people don't trust profiles that don't have the person's image. And so if you won't trust it from someone else, why would you want to create your own profile without an image? Glad that you are seeing that point, as it will make it much easier for you to connect with legitimate people online and to grow trust for your own brand.

This is valuable advise and guidance. Thanks Mary

You're welcome!

Great question and great answers. I vote for using your picture.

Thank you Anette
Yes, I'll very comfortable using mine

Hi, Chuna,
I too, I agreed using with own picture as profile. To increase more of trust on your brand.

I would not do that. It should be a picture of you, to build up trust.

Thanks my friend
You are right about building trust.

You are very welcome my friend 😊

Your profile picture of your FB page should be yours. Kyle could do it on the WA page as it's his page.

Thanks a lot Tom
It makes sense and am clarified
God bless

You're most welcome, Chuna, anytime!

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