It's Xmas Time Again!

Last Update: Dec 23, 2017


It is Xmas time and so many beautiful lights and places to go and enjoy the festive season or get you into the Xmas spirit. I have always found Xmas to be both a happy and sad time.

There are so many people who are 'down on their luck', lost jobs, lost homes, and just so much. My heart hurts when I see this. I am saddened that in a country such as ours and our neighbors in the USA that we can't or won't take better care of those in need. (Seniors, homeless, hungry and on welfare or disability)

It is this time of year that many step up to the plate and try to help so everyone has a Xmas to remember. We give to the food banks and we give to the kettles and the bins in the stores for toys and gifts for the children. We also have a tendency to judge or assume and expect, when really, we don't honestly know why or how this person or family came to this place in their lives.

"By the Grace of God, there go I" is something we should all tuck into our hearts because it could so easily be. One day everything is going along as planned and the next day a natural disaster or accidental fire has destroyed your home and all your possessions. Yes, it can happen.

My wish this Xmas season and time of giving is for each of us to reach deep into our pockets and help just one person or family with a gift of sharing. There is something that happens in your heart when you give to help another in need. And triple that when a child is in the picture. Be that 'Secret Santa' if you can. There is still time.

And with that I wish you all one more time a very happy holiday with family and friends and a wish for all your dreams to evolve in 2018. Set your goals, make your plan, take action and follow your plan. Never give up on your dreams. Not ever. I almost did that this past 4 months but I pulled up my big girl panties and kept on going. If I can, you can! Actually we all can. And that my friends is taking the "t" out of Can't!!


Welcome to all our new members joining us right now! You will be well prepared to start 2018 off on the right foot starting now. Smart!

Merry Xmas and the best new year ever for each of you!!!


( I know! So cool to see my name up in lights all over)

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Thanks Merry, may the light shine over your Chrismas days and the year 2018!

Thank you, Loes and yours too.

Hi Merry!
Yes, it's really a sad time for so many people... Earth could be a better planet if we all take care for others...
Merry Christmas, Merry! ;)

Merry Xmas Gerlinde and yes, it certainly would, wouldn't it?

You make some excellent points Merry. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the future. And things do happen that you cannot plan for which is an unfortunate fact of life you and I are both proof of that, but we get past it and move forward, all the while helping people along the way when needed, not just during Christmas. Thank you Merry for your kind words and I'm glad to see you are doing much better! I wish you a Merry Christmas and the Best New Year!

Oh and straight back to you Karl! It is so nice to see you still here. I wish only the very best ++ for you now and in 2018.

Yes, fortunately I am still here for now. I am optimistic about 2018! I wish you the best as well.

Thank you. I just took on a challenge I gave myself to see if I could set up a store like they say you can in 14 days or less. I did it! Not perfect by a long shot, but it is possible. I have learned a lot along the way....took me about 10 of the 14 days but I pushed thru. It is just a fun sight.
when or if you get a minute. :)

There is more truth in your article than you know

I bet there is isn't there Jerry. Wishing you all the best and more.

Merry, very nice post. Whenever possible we should give and it is not all about money. What more precious possession do we have but time to give. Jay BTW.. how about those lights, you much have a great PR firm.

Thank you, Jay. And you are so right. One year I gave away my Xmas tree and decorations to a man who was raising his daughters and they didn't have anything for there Xmas. What an awesome feeling that was.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

You too Felix

Have yourself a merry little christmas now

Thanks, Barbara. Too bad we don't have music symbols

A great time to remember. Just remember X marks the spot and occasion! LOL

Perfect Mike!

Have a Merry Christmas Merry!!! Sound good?

Yes, that sounds good Brad.

Hi MsMerry
Let me agree with you that time some need our help to have xmas .I am touched with orphan children who always need our support. I do support orphans in an orphanage about 78 now and my support is not enough and I always look for those I can join hands with, those who feel the touch of reaching out to such children-there is no little help every little you may have will make a difference in a child. I have been doing this for the past 7 years little I do every month has seen today 19 orphans to secondary school with that little I contribute. I do send some little money this Xmas time for the orphanage to do a little Xmas party for the orphans. If anyone reading this feels that you can join me I can supply you with full information and pictures
Indeed thinking of the less privileged is an amazing way of celebrating Xmas
Merry Xmas to you all

Lucious you are an inspiration. Could you PM me some info please.

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