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March 29, 2018
The time for that BIG decision and with a heavy heart I will be saying goodbye for now. I need to give full attention to my new project. Thank you all so much for being here for me. Thank you for the prayers and support when I was so sick. There is no doubt I will miss you all...this place is rather addicting! :)I wish all the new members the very best and the rest continued success here in WA. Looking forward to new adventures and returning when I can.MsMerry. (Merry)
February 09, 2018
When I saw my email this morning I was excited all over again! There it was...'Ambassador' and a wonderful thank you from Kyle and Carson. It is a wonderful way to say thank you, you are appreciated.And for anyone who is knew to WA it certainly is not about the money. It is about supporting the community and trying to be helpful and encouraging. I love doing both and sometimes I still don't quite 'get it right'! :-) And that is where others in our community will always step in and help.
December 23, 2017
It is Xmas time and so many beautiful lights and places to go and enjoy the festive season or get you into the Xmas spirit. I have always found Xmas to be both a happy and sad time. There are so many people who are 'down on their luck', lost jobs, lost homes, and just so much. My heart hurts when I see this. I am saddened that in a country such as ours and our neighbors in the USA that we can't or won't take better care of those in need. (Seniors, homeless, hungry and on welfare or disabil
November 21, 2017
It is craziness if you think about it. I don't know if it is laughable or worth crying over. I think I am going to try and find some humor in this one. I did the crying thing so just get on with it I told myself. What the heck am I talking about? It was the day, not that long ago I got the most exciting news. I was an Ambassador! I was so excited and proud to have reached that level here at WA. Then it happened. It is probably THE SHORTEST TIME TO BE AN AMBASSADOR HERE AT WA. I hope t
September 16, 2017
I am pretty excited to have received such an awesome letter from Kyle and Carson about my Ambassador level. I wasn't sure if it was a glitch in the system, but I understand it is not this time.This also came at the perfect time as I had a sudden health issue Friday at 8:10 A.M. When it is sudden and unexpected it is scary. The paramedics and trauma team were awesome as were ALL my amazing nurses. A hug shout out to all Nurses everywhere for all you do for us.Just came out of the ICU a few ho
Looks like my ranking is about to drop off the planet and that's okay too. You see it is more about helping than a number anyway. I love helping when I can but it takes a lot of time reading the feeds and comments for help, keeping up with friend requests and more.My own blogs are in need of me again. That means if you need some help the best way to get my attention is to PM or ask on my profile page. This is the best way to see you when I am busy in my WP offices. :)Someone once said to m
June 07, 2017
Every so often we need one of those days. You know the ones to get your focus back on target. To get yourself re-energized and ready for action! Yup. One of those. So many questions to ask yourself about your productivity and your outcome. What results do I want and do I dare to stand out from everyone else in order to achieve those results? What is most important to me and my online business? Do I really even know? Tough questions but you know, in order to make any changes you have to
Today is almost Spring and with that comes those positive feelings of Goodness around every corner. Flowers will start blooming soon and SNOW will finally start melting in other areas! What a glorious time of year. I love spring and I love JANUARY! Both give me a feeling of newness and a fresh start.Funny how that goes. My first year is up at Wealthy Affiliate U. and the decision to continue or stop was heavy on my mind. Sorry if that surprises anyone here but honesty is what I am all about. I
March 02, 2017
These three words changed a life. Could they be the three for you? "Be somebody, Abel" As Abe Lincoln's dying Mother spoke these words to her son I started to think about the words we use. What words do we use with our children OR for ourselves? The Power of Positivity is amazing. We all know what Abraham Lincoln did. We all have the power within us to create and change what want and desire for our own lives. We might not think so due to the words spoken to us growing up but today we c
February 03, 2017
Whoop Whoop, Yup, just got another badge. I am learning as I grow more and more everyday. Thanks to a wonderful community AND our awesome instructors and their oh so logical training. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!Now for that little bit of motivation that keeps me going.............proving to myself that I can be one of the "bright bulbs" on the street. I love helping other people and encouraging others and leading by example is one way to do that. I believe anything is possible if we j