Totally Meant To Be !

Last Update: January 13, 2016

Happy New Year !!

It's just past midnight on 1/13/16 --

1/12/16 has come and gone... the official date of my one month milestone since I joined WA...

I've "net" a lot of people from around the world -- AWEsome !!

I'm ranked in the low 800s -- not great, but definitely not bad... slowly building social network --

I've learned quite a bit from reading posts, comments and training blogs.

However, I have not finished the course/lessons... I'm still stuck on Course 1, Lesson 4 -- creating my website...

on one hand, I've been procrastinating because I feel daunted by computer jargon and can't even grasp the basic gist of geekdom... I feel completely inadequate and incompetent --

on the other hand, 2 things have happened in the past week, which will have a favorable effect on my progress, at a very critical point in my training... (specifically, creating my very first website EV-er):

1) web hosting is now available through WA, making it a one-stop-shop -- I have not bought a domain from another company yet, so this is beneficial for me.

2) one blog posted by gooddogpoky2 (thanks Dan!), alluding to something down the lines of "shoulda-coulda-woulda", received a lot of similar comments from people who felt that they wish they knew then, what they know now because they would have created their websites differently, but that it's too difficult or time consuming to go back and change things... what I got from this is, maybe I should continue the lessons before creating my website, especially since I don't know jack about jargon --

That said, my lameness turned out to be a blessing in disguise -- I look back on the past month, and I realize... it was Totally Meant To Be !!

So here I go... hopefully I can avoid the "Holly Would-a", and be more of a "Holly Did-a"

Have a GREAT Year everybody! Be Safe -- Drive Safer ~


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XinZhang Premium
Just try to push through it. It is a great learning experience. Even if you modify it greatly later.
JudeP Premium
Keep on pushing and best of luck moving forward :)
paulgoodwin Premium
Hello holly and great positive thinking !!!
Now the thing is that you will always be working on your website as it
Is an ongoing adventure to improve /
All this you will learn by getting involved with the group as you are
Best regards. Paul
LornaAllen Premium
You are doing GREAT Holly - one day soon you will wake up and say 'wow I really have learned SO much already'. Onwards and upwards!
Buddle Premium
Love your attitude, Mskauai