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Howzit WA Ohana !! [ Howzit = What's Up or Wassuuuup in local speak ]I just made 3 months with WA on March 12, 2016 -- since the 2nd week of joining WA, I have procrastinated the Lessons and I am still stuck @ Course 1, Lesson 4 -- creating my website. I have Two Reasons (aka 'Excuses') for procrastination:1) I've been a little pre-occupied with a new Part-Time J.O.B. -- 12 hours per week as Asst. Program Mgr. for Waipa Foundation, to help develop and manage a brand new tour activity offe
February 13, 2016
Aloha Kakou -- Hello Everyone !Yesterday, 2/12/16, was my 2-month mark as a member with WA -- WooHoo!It's been Good, Bad, and Ugly --The Good... the WA "Ohana", or Family -- has been Good; in fact, even better than that -- everyone's been GREAT !! Helpful, Supportive, Encouraging -- and REAL!The Bad... I'm still stuck on Course 1, Lesson 4 -- so I haven't even created my website yet. Everyone's advice has been to Follow the Training -- Everyone says it will Help. So I stopped spending so muc
This short little video of a cute penguin's apprehension to get its feet wet, pretty much sums up how I feel about getting into Lesson 4... I wanna jump in, but I'm not comfortable and I just don't know what the heck... Enjoy !
January 13, 2016
Happy New Year !!It's just past midnight on 1/13/16 --1/12/16 has come and gone... the official date of my one month milestone since I joined WA...I've "net" a lot of people from around the world -- AWEsome !!I'm ranked in the low 800s -- not great, but definitely not bad... slowly building social network --I've learned quite a bit from reading posts, comments and training blogs.However, I have not finished the course/lessons... I'm still stuck on Course 1, Lesson 4 -- creating my website... on
December 24, 2015
Aloha --It's been just 2 weeks since I've joined WA... still making my way through Level 1 Lessons. I'm struggling mostly because I am completely clueless on technology; when I can't figure things out, I ask for help -- and I get it. I am confident that other skills & experience I have, will eventually come in handy (sales, marketing, writing, time management and organization).Everyone in the WA community has been helpful and encouraging; it's good to know that WA has "got my back" -- whic
December 23, 2015
I am GRATEFUL for having discovered WA... inadvertently, I might add -- wasn't even looking for an opportunity; I was actually researching information on a restaurant in California, which was featured on a TV Show called "Mystery Diners". Next thing I know, I'm clicking on a link to a website claiming to be a ScamBuster of some sort -- accusing the TV Show to be a Scam... it also accused other Shows of the same, like "Long Island Medium"... as well as, making-money-online-businesses to be Scam