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How do I restore website?

How do I restore website?

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Website Development & Programming

My domain expired and I just did the redemption. How do I restore the website?


Is this the domain name that expired in September, that you were charged $250 for as it entered the Redemption period? If it expired more than 60 days ago, then SiteSupport might not have the backup still. You will need to send them a message to find out.

Yes. That is the one.

Sorry to hear that you ended up paying for that, just make sure that Auto-Renewal is turned on to prevent this from happening in the future.

Should I do a support ticket?

How do I have it restored by support?

Yes, only SiteSupport can restore your website, if it went offline less than 60 days ago. You can find SiteSupport by using the Help menu at the top of this page, or via the link Abie & AJ sent to you.

Hi, may be you'd like submit ticket to site support if don't have a back up


Go to https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/build

and choose a domain you own provided it is at or pointed to WA.


It is gone from my list of websites

If more than 60 days, support may not have a copy back up.(reading Chrytophers notes)

It is always advisable to back up websites regularly, you can use AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins.

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Wealthy affiliate renewal completed with black fridsy rate?

Wealthy affiliate renewal completed with black fridsy rate?

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Getting Started

I wanted to see if I renewed for another year and if I got the Black Friday special. I cant tell by looking. I must notnot see where to check. Any help would be apprecia

Go here and look at the membership tab:


Does it show the correct renewal date and price?

Click your icon on the upper left and then the account settings. You should be able to find your membership level on that page.

Email not sync to gmail?

Email not sync to gmail?

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Getting Started

I have set up xin.zhang@pscmenergy.com and linked it to my gmail as I have done for other emails. If I send an email from gmail they receive it. If someone sends an emai

there were two options in the domain specific email set up, one was for webmail and one was for email forward

it sounds like you set up a webmail so that is why when they email your domain email it goes to webmail

have you clicked on the tab that says new email forward?

create an email in there and you can test it yourself to see if it goes to your gmail, it should

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