This Is Not Working Out For Me

Last Update: February 13, 2016

Aloha Kakou -- Hello Everyone !

Yesterday, 2/12/16, was my 2-month mark as a member with WA -- WooHoo!

It's been Good, Bad, and Ugly --

The Good... the WA "Ohana", or Family -- has been Good; in fact, even better than that -- everyone's been GREAT !! Helpful, Supportive, Encouraging -- and REAL!

The Bad... I'm still stuck on Course 1, Lesson 4 -- so I haven't even created my website yet. Everyone's advice has been to Follow the Training -- Everyone says it will Help. So I stopped spending so much time on the Social Media aspect of WA; went back to Lesson 4... and still couldn't move forward... I felt / I feel completely overwhelmed !!

I'm sooooo NOT Techno-Savvy; I don't know techno terminology; not even the basics...

What is HTML? What is its purpose? How do I apply it in creating my website?

What is URL? What is its purpose? How do I apply it in creating my website?

What's a Link? What is its purpose? How do I apply it in creating my website?

What's a Widget? Plugin? Home Page? Landing Page? And so on, and so forth.

The Ugly... I'd have to "Google" everything, which is VERY Time Consuming; then I'd get even more confused with the definitions, and still no understanding on "How To" do anything! I felt like a Deer-With-No-Eyes (No Eye Deer... get it? No Eye Deer = No Idea... 'kay... ne-VER mind... bah-dum-bump) -- I started Questioning myself:

WTH did I get Myself into? Why Am I Doing this to Myself? Who Do I Think I'm Fooling?!

Which leads me to believe... This is not working out for me.

Not ready to give up, I went to see my Uncle Flynn, who used to work for Microsoft, hoping he could enlighten me... I explained to him the WA Program, thinking he'd offer some advice or guidance... but nooooOOOOOOoooooo... instead, he responded with doubt and apprehension -- but before he elaborated, he asked me to walk him through the Lessons, up to the point where I was stuck at -- which I did (Course 1, Lesson 4).

His immediate response: Why isn't there a Vocabulary Lesson before you get to Creating A Website? I was like, RIGHT? THAT's what I-I-I thought too !! Especially for newbies like me -- I told him there were LIVE Training sessions, and that I had "attended" the one on Terminology (hosted by Jay on 1/22/16)...that I even took "old-school style" hand-written notes: SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC, SERP, CTA, etc., etc. --

I was excited at first, because I was able to follow along... for the most part; but then it got waaaaay too advanced for me... Meta This, Meta That, 404 Error, 301 ReDirect, Canonical Tag, Latent Semantic Indexing -- oi vey!! I Completely Lost My Mind !!

Then he said, that the WA Program seemed to be more Sales & Marketing oriented in its Lessons, as opposed to teaching Techno-Terms and Applications. I was like, S&M is where I HAVE experience and can probably go far in this business -- once I learn the Techno-Terms and Applications... but until then, I'm going nowhere, real fast.

He went on to say that he used to be involved in an Affiliate Marketing Program, which was more Techno/Applications oriented and cost less; he recommended it for me, and said he'd help me. I asked him what happened? Why did he stop? He said it didn't work out for him -- that he didn't make money, so he gave it up...

He went even further to say that WA seems to be comparable to MLM... only the people at the Top are making the money, and that I'm getting ripped off @ $47+ per month; he recommended that I get out of it.

I. Was. MORTIFIED! My Heart Sank; My Hopes and Dreams dashed in a matter of minutes; POP! Goes the sound of my big bubble bursting... What's a Girl To Do?

So I went back to The Good... socializing with the WA Family; I shared my concerns about Techno-Terms and Applications... about other members who started after me, had already gotten a better Rank and had more Followers... but I was advised by a few members, that I shouldn't be concerned about that part of the business right now -- that getting my website up and running is waaaaaay more important at this stage; that I shouldn't feel pressured by how others are doing... and that going at MY Pace is O.K.

Honestly? I'm not so concerned with Other People doing better than me, per se... what concerns me about Other People doing better than me, is that they started after me and yet they already "Get It"... I'm simply Not Getting It... it makes me feel like maybe I'm just not cut out for this -- maybe it's not my path to follow; maybe I need to be REAL with myself and Admit... This Is Not Working Out For Me --

But I'm Still Here... hanging on to HOPE... writing my 2-Months-into-WA BLOG... procrastinating Lesson 4... yet again... Now What? Heavy Sigh...

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MINDwell Premium
if it was easy..... then where's the challenge :) Have you got a niche?
mskauai Premium
Howzit (which means "wassup?" in Hawaii) --

My niche is "Everything Kauai"... Things To Do, Places To Go, People To See --

The name of the website will be similar to my User Name:

Ask Ms Kauai

I'm hoping to make commissions on referring traffic, and sales on products I've made myself.

Any advice or guidance on the techno stuff is more than welcomed --
hadams Premium
Hey Holly - thanks for being so open about your doubts and fears. And please believe me when I say I can relate to all of them! I'm pretty new here, too, and just the other day I was thinking how overwhelming the tech end of this is.
It's easy to feel frustrated and discouraged, especially when you don't have a background in online business. I think that just means we'll progress at a slower rate, that's all. If we keep gathering the pieces, they will eventually all come together and the bigger picture will make sense.
I suggest you take a break tonight and do something you enjoy. Then tomorrow, check back in to Lesson 4 with fresh eyes and hopefully more energy. Learn what you can, and apply it. Then, even if it doesn't make total sense, move on to Lesson 5 and so on.
Good for you for hanging in - keep it up!
Heather :)
mskauai Premium
Thank you !

It helps to hear from someone who is walking in the same shoes; it makes it easier for me to believe in your ability to relate to my situation and trust your recommendations --

hadams Premium
I am happy to help in any way I can - even just as a place for you to vent. We all need that!
Jrowlands Premium
Hi there, aloha! I've been here for about 3 months and I too felt overwhelmed, i too have very little back ground in this industry and too need to reference material from the training. Just so you know I'm only on course 2 lesson 10. Not too far ahead of you. :)
I have to say I was going to pack it in, but thought I just want to accomplish one step at a time. Now my website is coming together. And it's MUCH easier now than at the beginning.
Hang in there, you can do it.
If you need help I'll do my best to help.
Keep smiling!!!!!
mskauai Premium
Thank you for sharing your story... and for the words of encouragement -- it really helps, and I appreciate it --

ClareG Premium
So sorry to hear you are having a difficult time of it. Firstly, what is your niche? Or are you going down the "promote wealthy affiliate" route?
I am a huge sceptic, but I can't agree that WA is like MLM. You don't *have* to promote WA (I don't). You can use the green training to work for your own niche, there are also other resources out there (not WA) that I can share with you by PM if you are having problems finding a niche. WA is a great training resource (and a web hosting platform). That's what you are paying for, not to be part of MLM type marketing.
Setting up the website is hard, but I promise you, it does get easier. I am a total moron when it comes to technical things, but if you don't understand, do ask questions, so many people are happy to help :) I hope it gets better for you.
mskauai Premium
Mahalo for your feedback... reeeeally appreciate it !

I chose to do the green training program -- My niche is "Everything Kauai"... Things To Do, Places To Go, People To See --

The name of the website will be similar to my User Name:

Ask Ms Kauai

I'm hoping to make commissions on referring traffic to:

- to purchase a guidebook;
- an Activities Agency which has an Affiliate Program;
- Local companies (friends/family) that would pay me cash for referring business (ie: weddings, local made products, and private tour guides)

Eventually, I want to promote WA and make referral commissions on that... but that's waaaaay down the road, once I learn about the business; then I can effectively promote it.

So you see, finding a niche, product sales, writing content... are parts of the business that I find motivating; techno stuff? Not so much --
MatteoMeli Premium
It takes time, If you are new to this it can seem overwhelming but the community here will be happy to help you out, I would research the words you do not understand, Ask the live chat, Ask questions on the community page, I will be more than happy to help, Keep going and it will pay off in the long run.
mskauai Premium
Mahalo Matteo !!

That was Quick -- sheesh !!

Your response is exactly why I prefer to immerse myself in the Socializing part of this business... the encouragement, the support... makes me feel good about myself -- not bad or ugly...

What's the Community Page?

Thanks again,