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Why doesn't my product image show up in my blog post review?

Why doesn't my product image show up in my blog post review?

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Everything Wordpress

I have copied and pasted my 'TEXT + IMAGE' link from Amazon onto my Wordpress "Review" page to add another product to my website, and it says "Requests to the server have been

OK IT WORKED!! I went to Internet Explorer and went to my website and also to Amazon.com to copy the "TEXT + IMAGE" onto my review page, and IT WORKED!!! Thanks everyone so much for helping me out!! I APPRECIATE IT A LOT!!

I think Loe's is right on. Sounds like have an ad blocker extension in your browser.

So what does that mean? And how do I get it off of my browser in Wordpress?

What browser do you use. Chrome, Firefox etc.

I'm using Chrome -

Product images are shy. Work with them, they'll come around. Let them come to you.

Hi there
this is a lesson on adding images to your site hope this helps

Do you have an ad blocker active? It can block it.

I don't know if I have an ad blocker that is active on my site - I have done everything that Kyle and Carson have said to do, and I have been able to add images before, but now I cannot........How can I find out if I have an ad blocker???

AdBlocker would be in YOUR browser Amanda, NOT your website. Try viewing your site with another browser. I made this EXACT mistake myself ... and I'm NOT a newbie ... LOL!

Oh ok - so I can pull it up in, like, Internet Explorer? Correct? But I'm working on the same computer that I have been working on for the last 11 months since I got this new computer..... but I will try it, because YOU said to try it, and you're SMARTER than me about this issue!!

I think an ad blocker can be found here, and can be disabled

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What do I do to do this task?

What do I do to do this task?

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Everything Wordpress

"Copy & paste the following into the <head> of your HTML."

<script src="//load.sumome.com/" data-sumo-site-id="424f0be81d81ff0e2b0fcbaa28b04c4c34d911c02eba96

Hey Amanda,

Here is a video to help you with this task: https://youtu.be/bWWnUxZdKpU

Just wanted to thank you for this post 17 days ago - had to add the Google Adsense code to my "header" from Lesson 7 in Course 3, and I remembered that I had this issue before, and that I asked the same question, and you responded with the SIMPLE VIDEO that told me what to do....... THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP, TRIBLU!!!

If you are asking about Someme tools you can do it by just installing the plugin inside your wordpress. The plugin is called "SumoMe". It has all the tools that you can activate after installing the plugin.

OK thanks for your help, Rufat and Triblu!

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Why am I not able to make comments on others' sites now?

Why am I not able to make comments on others' sites now?

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Authoring & Writing Content

OK WA - if I'm supposed to learn by doing, and follow directions on this site, and I get the words "FEEDBACK" and "COMMENTS" confused, because they sound and mean the same to m

I having the same problem. I received zero training on this subject when I arrived here in March 2018. I have left messages the those in charge of WA to get no reply. Look at my pic to see What I did wrong. I can't find the reason for the ban.

I had three comments rejected, and two were from the same Gravatar. I have a 70% rating but still not able to make comments.

It is almost impossible to contact Kyle, or maybe I am not using the right tools to reach him.

OK thanks everyone for being so kind and understanding of my frustration, and even you Paul have also been banned since the BEGINNING of the year and YOU"RE ranked at like 10 or 12, right? I'm ranked at 391 right this second, so possibly getting banned doesn't hurt THAT much and is only a SMALL part of building a website and creating traffic to that website, and earning $$$...... so thanks for helping me feel better, WA COMMUNITY!!!

I've had a couple comments disapproved too. I would think one would need many comments disapproved to be banned from commenting.

OK good I'm glad it's NOT just me..... :-D

I am banned since begging of the year and did write to Kyle and support but never got a reply so just said to heck with it and carried on regardless!!!

I had two "comments" rejected not longer after I joined and was confused as to why. I went back over the training that Loes mentioned below again.
Once I discovered that comments should always be relevant to the article only and that feedback related to things like page and website layout etc... Then I was able to do both properly.

Hi Amanda, You can find out why your comment was disapproved by clicking on the + button. Regarding being banned I recommend to PM Kyle and explain to him the situation and I believe he will resolve the issue. From my experience I can tell that he is very helpful and friendly.

Hey Rufat - thanks for helping me out being able to look at why my comment got disapproved only 4 times - I had seen the words "feedback" and "comments" being interchanged as the same in my mind, and I did not KNOW there was SUCH A BIG DEAL OF A DIFFERENCE here at WA.....and SINCE then (TWO MONTHS AGO!) I have learned how to look at what the person asking me to review the content or the website is ASKING about, so NOW I have been approved for my comments about SEVEN TIMES but STILL have my "disapproved" comments up in my face on my "SITE COMMENTS" place......

Hi Amanda, you have probably mixed up the comment feature with the feedback feature. A comment should solely attend the article, feedback is about the layout.

When you understand what went wrong, you can write to Kyle and ask him to enable the section for you again.

In the meanwhile, you can use: I hope this will help you

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