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Last Update: September 02, 2014

The last two weeks have been very full of life's challenges.

My wife fell ill with a stomach virus 10 days ago and then developed a stage three UTI.

Monday she went to seek medical attention and they hospitalized her. She has been there all week.

They are treating her for a dangerously low potassium level. Normal is 3.5 to 5. Her's was 2.5. The medical staff say that if it had hit 2 her heart would have stopped.

We would appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers.

This situation has made me realize the importance of many things. However related to our business, how important it is to have posts/pages written with scheduled post dates.

I have not been able to write and my post count has fallen.

Get your posts written and scheduled so when life happens your business does not suffer!

Best wishes!

Montie and Terry

UPDATE: 8/29/14

Great news Terry is home now and feeling much better!

We would like to thank everyone for the positive prayers and energy sent our way!

Best wishes!

Montie and Terry

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Shawn Martin Premium
Prayers on the way!
Hope things get better soon.
We have been dealing with health issues here at my home also, and it has been a tough summer.
MontieE Premium
Sending prayers your way as well!
Judy-B Premium
My thoughts and prayers are with you both and for a fast recovery. Thanks for the advice. Take care.
AlanCross Premium
All the best to your wife and you!
KeithM2576 Premium
Montie, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery for your wife. And thanks for the advice.
kleblanc13 Premium
Hope she gets better soon