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I am 47 years old and have tried many ways to make extra income. I really hope this one works!
At the end of January 2013, I lost my management job due to corporate downsizing. This was sudden and unexpected and created financial havoc for my wife and I.
I share this simply to say that, now almost a year later, we still have not recovered financially. Although my current employment is well paying, it still has not replaced my previous level of income.
Our monthly budget falls 300-500 short every month. This is what this opportunity need to produce. I feel confident it will! Getting a cash flow from this as quickly as possible is my goal!
Any tips on jumpstarting this would be appreciated!!!

Thank You for your time!!
Sincerely MontieE.

Update; July 12, 2014

Today is my one month startup anniversary! It has been a very interesting month to say the least!
I have made more progress this month than all the other ventures (I have tried) combined.

There are so many people here that have offered help and support! Thank you ALL! I would like to give special thanks to Kyle and Carson for providing this life changing experience! A very special and heart felt THANK YOU to Steve for writing the review that led me here!

I have grown so much and in so many ways here at WA that I can't wait to see what lies ahead in the next month!!

Best wishes!

For future updates, check my blogs!
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davyrobot Premium
Hi Monti! -

It's Great to connect here at WA!

I am Now Following You!

** Have A Great Weekend! **


And remember Rome wasn't built in a day...but they were laying bricks everyday!
GRamos Premium
Thanks for the follow! All the best to you!
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Thank you for followingMay success follow you!
dappa36 Premium
Yes all the best for all of here at the WA. I'm certain that the future will brighter for all of us here at WA
Hi Montie,
Thanks so much for the follow back. Looks like you have had a great start here at WA! Keep it going! Wish you all the best here at WA!

Salem Premium
Hi Montie and hope you find WA fills the gap. I would suggest learning all the basics before you start pouring money in. It can get eaten pretty fast if you don't get a return. Go slowly and go through all the steps. Best of luck and cheers.
NicoleJBN Premium
Hi Monti,

thank you for the follow. Glad to have you in my Network. :)

Keep up the good work and if you need help, don't hesitate to drop me a note.

Continued success and all the best for you and your family.

Take care,
rebeccas Premium
Thanks for the follow. I am happy to connect with you.
I wish you a prosperous journey as you build your dream for online success. Let me know how I can help you. ~Rebecca
susanhinds Premium
Hello Montie, thanks for connecting.

Congratulations on finding your way to Wealthy Affiliate. Well done! It never ceases to amaze me that so often things that seem so bad put us in a much better life direction. I am sure that your corporate background will really help you to be successful online. I know that you have what it takes and I look forward to your posts.

If I can help you in any way at all then please do reach out to me.

I have 10 plus years plus experience in network marketing and truly love the work that I do and the wonderful people that I meet just like you, so please let me know if you need some help. My mission is "To Live a FREE, Happy and Prosperous Life and to Empower You to Love Your Life!"

I thank you very much for your valued support and look forward to getting to know you.

Have an awesome day!

Susan Hinds
silah77 Premium
Hi Montie! Good to see your progress so far. Keep at it and you will see the results in the coming months. All the best!
striker44 Premium
Thanks for the follow. I look forward to watching you succeed.
NickWild Premium
Thank you for the follow
TopTeam25 Premium
Hi, Thank you for the follow. have a nice weekend.
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Montie, thank you for the connection
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Thanks again for following, Montie. And thanks especially for the testimonial in your profile! That's encouraging!
JeanR Premium
Hi and Thanks for follow. Much Success.
Loes Premium
Oww I know2 that feeling for having 300-500 short every month, that wy I'm here to, to change that
prosystems Premium
Thank you for the follow back. Wishing all the best here at Wealthy Affiliate...peace ~ Randall
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Thanks for the follow Montiee.
Bill67 Premium
NIce to meet you and thanks for the follow
PonyTail Premium
Thanks for the reply and follow. I sure like your experience talking but more to that the enthusiasm and positive approach.
Keep ongoing!
judebanks Premium
Thanks for adding me to your network, Montie. It's good to see that you are enjoying and benefiting from your WA experience. If you need anything, I'm always glad to help. ~ Jude
JennPGD Premium
Hi Montie,

Congrats on the 1 month and the premium and everything. :) Glad to be in the same network. Thank you. Will drop by soon. All the best.

Mustard seed Premium
Hi Montie, welcome to WA and thank you for following me. I'm glad you foudn your way here and I hope you enjoy great success in your endeavours here.
Funmine Premium
Hello Montie! Thanks for the follow. I wish you well.
AML Premium
Hi Montie, Thanks for the follow and I am following you back, now. I have been a WA member for less than a month and am still working to get my first websites up and running. Seeing your three websites already up in your first month is an inspiration for me! ~Anne Marie
Jonicas Premium
Hello Montie,

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate family, thank you for the "Follow me" and wish you all the success in acquiring the necessary knowledge to be successful online.

To Our Success Online,

PS Follow the training offered here, be very thorough in your approach, do not skip any steps, take notes.

If you can get hold of a voice recorder, it could prove invaluable whilst watching the videos - fast and good.

Shortcut to Getting Started :
Shortcut to Affiliate BootCamp :
Shortcut to Online Entrepreneur Certification :
Shortcut to Live Video Classes:
KatieMac Premium
Thank you for the follow and I wish you every success for the future
Gordi Premium
Thank you for the follow. Wish you success here.
onyekachi Premium
Great meeting you here Montie. Glad you are making good progress. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for success!
Bunn Premium
Hi Montie, it's great to see your enthusiasm....it's infectious. I'm sure you will find that extra income from the training and support here. Oh, thanks for the follow and I'm doing the same. Many blessings and good tidings for your future success.
DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya' Montie, sure appreciate the follow!
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Montie for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you need any help remember to post your question in the comments section or on live chat, and someone will be able to help you.

You can also check out my blog posts on my profile page. I blog about ways to help you build a better website and best practices here at WA. I also post an entertaining and/or humorous blog every Sunday. Enjoy!
tntgoodrich Premium
Welcome. If I wasn't so tired of enjoying my mental vacation I would write more. Meanwhile happy you found me. Hope to connect later. Tina
Shawn Martin Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow!
Drawshot Premium
Hi Montie, welcome to WA and thanks for the follow. Glad to see that you're doing well with WA and have found its value. If need help with anything here just give a shout. Best wishes on your endeavors.
Trialynn Premium
Welcome to WA! So happy to hear you are enjoying the training and the community. I wish you the very best in achieving your goal. Tria
alexisnilo Premium
Hello Montie, I am gladd to meet you, I wish you the best at WA.
RobinTheresa Premium
Hello Montie. Thanks for the follow. So glad that you are making great progress here. Best wishes. Robin.
KD6PAO Premium
Thanks Montie for the follow and welcome to the WA family! You CAN do it here!
Starcreator Premium
Thanks for following. I see you've really done some work already. I guess I'm a little slower, because I can't sit for a long time. Good luck with everything.
apache1 Premium
Hi Monte thank you for the follow wishing you well here just keep on with the lessons. Take care be well,
hi monte i cant private message u cause im not a member yet trying to come up with the money for it though please send me a message at justinmwillisatyahoodotcomdotau
MontieE Premium
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
My wife has been ill and I have been busy in that area.
My email is montieedwards67@gmail.com

Best wishes!
19banjo97 Premium
Hello Montie. Thanks for the follow. Wish you the best with your financial goals.
Judy-B Premium
Hi Montie,
Thank you for the follow and I follow back. I wish you the best. Look forward to learning with you.
hilarybassak Premium
thanks for the follow hope you achieve your goals here at WA
DHuong Premium
Hi Montie & welcome to WA & thanks for the follow.Sounds like things are going great for you so far,& in only one month.That is fantastic! I wish i had some of what you've got.Keep on going,as you deserve it. I wish you even greater success in the future.Take care.
hilarybassak Premium
thanks for the follow best of success to you
benzburg Premium
Thanks for the follow! Wishing you success in your goals through WA . . .
angela64 Premium
Thank you for the follow Montie and welcome to WA
Pauric Premium
Hi Montie

Greetings from Dublin, Ireland and Thank you for adding me to your network. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful community.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing much success here.

Every Blessing
RickBell57 Premium
Tips? Sure. Don't expect to make very much starting out. And if this is a part time endeavor, it will take even longer. I feel fortunate to have made a sell in month 5. And I am full time. Some members have more luck. It might be that I've actually worked too many hours! :)
We will all get there providing we don't give up. Just some in their second and third years here. To make the money difference you speak of.
To your success!
Be patient and work as many hours as possible. It is a long road.
rob3 Premium
Hi Montie, thanks for the follow. Here's wishing you success at WA and look forward to seeing you around the community.
Salniter Premium
Hi, Montie! This is a terrific environment to set up a consistent income without your being beholden to anyone! Thanks for the follow and many blessings to you and your family ~Ansley
Berny W Premium
Thanks for the follow Montie. Best of luck with your online endeavors.
PhilRou Premium
Hi, Thank you very much for your follow and all the best at WA! I do not think there is any shortcut to build a strong online business but the training here will quickly put you on your way.
PowerQ Premium
Thanks For The Follow,
caylynn Premium
Montie, Amazing you are following me. Thank you. Wishing you continued success in getting your information out to your readers. Everything else follows with each relationship made. The WA community makes our dreams possible together. ^_~
Aussie Wolf Premium
Hi Monte, thanks for the follow mate and wish you and you're wife all the success!
Pearlie Premium
Thanks for the follow Montie, nice meeting you All the best on your journey here
bkcook Premium
Thanks for the follow back. Welcome.
dedicatedone Premium
Hi! Hoping you've been able to get through the training and are well on your way to great success! Best of luck with everything, Amy
newventure Premium
Montie, We are in the right play to meet our goals.

Welcome to WA! Here you will learn information presented in a manageable way, apply your new knowledge by completing the tasks, and have fantastic community support.

Since I am also a newbie at affiliate marketing, I have found that I learn best in the following way:

I watch each video and read the lesson.
I log onto my website.
I then re-watch the video and pause it after each segment of new information.
I then apply this bit of new knowledge on my site.
I re-start the video and repeat the pause and apply process.

In this way, I learn by seeing, hearing, and hands on.

I also participate in discussions and ask questions. The community will respond. Everyone here wants you to understand the information and the process.

I recommend that you complete each lesson before moving to the next. The lessons are designed to build upon each other.

Thanks for the follow. I'm now following you. Cindy
lerahabib Premium
Hey! Thanks for the follow! Welcome to WA and best of luck :)
Askham Premium
Hi, welcome to WA, even though I am also new, if I cache please let me know. Cheers Sally.
Jen090 Premium
HI Montie, welcome to WA, I'm following you now.
IveTriedThat Premium
Hey Montie! Just wanted to follow up and see how you're doing so far. Hope you've been enjoying the training offered here and the community as well.

Let me know if you have any questions or need a hand with anything! I look forward to seeing you around the site more! :)
MontieE Premium
Hi Steve. So far I have completed the Get Started Training and I currently have a site in place vapingquestions. I am currently adding content and having a great time doing so! I would like to thank you again for connecting me to this amazing Comunity!


IveTriedThat Premium
Glad to have you here Montie! Good to see you're moving forward!
MisterWailor Premium
Thanks for following. Good luck to you.
zenaW Premium
Hi Montie thanks for the follow its amazing what humans can achieve when they put there minds to it good luck and i have faith in you that you will do well take care
MontieE Premium
Thanks for the follow! Yes it is amazing to see what is achievable! Take care!
Thanks for the follow back! We will make this work together. Keep moving upward!
MontieE Premium
Hey, thanks for the follow and encouragement! It works if you work it!
Labman Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back.
MontieE Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome! The training sure keeps a person busy. Sorry it took a couple of days to reply. Best wishes to you!
OldMule Premium
Hi, thanks for the follow.

Newbie or not, I have 20 plus years plus experience in this industry, so please shout if you need any help.

I thank you very much for your valued support and look forward to helping you wherever possible. Checkout my profile and blogs for more insights and assurance of "WA" and the internet possibilities out there.

Have a magic day!

MontieE Premium
Thanks for the follow and greetings! Best wishes for your continued success!
Kyle Premium
Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business community. In the coming days you are doing to learn about how the Internet can be leveraged to earn a substantial amount of money online. BUT, before this can happen you need to understand that in order to achieve success at anything, it will take a bit of work and you will hit a few bumps in the road along the way.

That is why I am here and that is why there is a big community here that is behind you (and rooting for you) every step of the way. If you ever need anything Montie, I am here to help so just let me know.

You can get started right away by working on the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course found here:

MontieE Premium
Thanks for follow and words of encouragement! I have been so focused on the training that I am just getting around to reading my messages..LOL

Thank you so much for this wonderful oppourtunity!!
Kyle Premium
No problem at all Montie, it is great to have you here at WA and I absolutely look forward to working with you and seeing you progress in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

I am connected to WA throughout the day, so if ever have any questions let me know. I am always around! :)
IveTriedThat Premium
Hey Montie and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

My name is Steve and I'm the owner of IveTriedThat. You signed up through me and as a thank you I wanted to help guide you around the site a bit now that you're here!

But first, if you ever have any questions or need a hand with anything, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to help!

As a new member here, there are a few things you'll want to do. Most importantly, you should add a short description and upload a picture. Wealthy Affiliate is a community and having a profile and a picture will really help get you acquainted here.


You're here to build an Internet Marketing business and Wealthy Affiliate will help you achieve just that. To seriously get things moving into high-gear, I have a few bonuses I want to send your way.

✔ 1. You can get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19!)

✔ 2. With a Premium membership, you are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your business, I will be there every step of the way.

But most importantly...

✔ 3. I am going to be giving you my "2014 Roadmap to Success" with your Premium membership.

I wrote out the exact steps I take to start a new website from scratch. This includes how I pick a niche, come up with content for the site, and monetize it. These are the EXACT strategies I use every day and I've been working for myself full-time since 2008. I know first hand that they work. :)

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself and if you have any questions going forward, I am here and I am available. :) Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA, I know you are going to love it!

If there's anything I can do for you Montie, just let me know!



PS. Hit the reply button and say hi so I know you made it here OK!
MontieE Premium
Hi Steve!
Yes I made it here. Lot's of stuff to go through. I will be taking some time to "get in to it".
IveTriedThat Premium
Sounds good Montie! Good to see you here at WA :)