Is Wealthy Affiliate The Real Deal? Finally Broke 4 Digits!

Last Update: November 01, 2018

Another month has passed and it has happened so fast! I still feel as if it were summer lol.

October 2018 has been my best month so far and still can't believe I finally broke 4 digits!

I joined WA in 2016 but I was still studying and also procrastinated for some months so my first year I didn't accomplish much.

Last year I got tired of doing nothing and I decided I would start putting in the effort to see what I was capable of achieving. I wanted to answer some questions like "what will it happen if I try?", so in September 2017 I started writing consistently.

Last year at this time I wasn't earning a dime so it's amazing what a year of hard work can do.

I know that reaching 4 digits in 13 months is nothing to brag about because it can be done way faster, especially if you're in another niche because the MMO niche (the one I'm in) is highly competitive.

October'17 - October'18 stats

Users: 264 - 13,595

Sessions: 288 - 15,838

Pageviews: 383 - 22,142

Posts published: 96 - 361

Starter referrals: 1 - 323

New sales: 0 - 24

Recurring sales: 0 - 27

Yearly membership sales: 0 - 3

Renevue: $0 - $1,357

When it comes to referrals, it has been my best month. My worse day was with 0 referrals and my best day 24. Every month there has been a day that I didn't get any referrals so will there be a month that I get 1 referral as the minimum? Lol.

It's also been the best month when it comes to new, recurring and yearly WA sales. I know that my conversion rate for starter to premium is below average because it is said that 1 in 8 referrals go premium, so I don't know what I'm missing out. If I had an average conversion rate I would have had about 40 referrals go premium.

When it comes to sessions, the lowest was 333 and the highest 1027 (finally 1K sessions in a day lol).

I earned more than what I earned with my temporary job

I recently got a temporary full-time job even though I wasn't looking for one. I had been working full-time on my site for 9 months since I had lost my job back in January 2018.

I accepted the job because I appreciated the fact that my employer had always counted on me to do a specific task that I actually like.

I thought I would still be able to publish 5-7 posts per week on my site, but I get home so tired and something that would take me 4 hours it takes me 8, so sometimes I only get 3-4 hours of sleep just to get a post done.

It really frustrates me that I'm not able to do 1 post a day because that's what I had been doing for over a year and now that I have reached 4 figures, I don't want this job to slow down my progress.

Because of that, I told my employer that I would quit that job. This month I have earned more from my site than with this job so that's another reason why I believe I should quit.

I actually feel bad about quitting because I know there are lots of unemployed people out there who would never quit a job and I appreciated the fact that my employer had been counting on me.

But saying "yes" to 2 or 3 months for that job would be saying "no" to my site, so what should I do? My family members are not convinced that this can work for me but I can't let them decide for myself.

To be honest, I am afraid of the consequences of this decision but the key is "feel the fear and take action anyway".

Am I on time to make it to Vegas?

Still 65 sales to go! Can I have 65 referrals upgrade to premium within 2 months? I know 65 doesn't sound much, especially to those who make over 50 sales a month lol.

Right now in front of myself, on my vision board, I have a picture that Kyle added on one of his Vegas posts and everytime I look at it I imagine myself there, it's a great feeling lol =)

I will keep doing what I have been doing until now and see where I get, it's all a matter of time and effort.

So is Wealthy Affiliate the real deal? Only if you follow the training, complete all the tasks and never give up.

I'm also grateful for every single one of you who have taken the time to reply to my messages and write a comment on my profile and my site. The support we have in this community never stops to amaze me!

Anyway, let's see what this November 2018 brings me! Wishing it becomes my best month!

I hope y'all had a great October =)

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MLorenz1 Premium
Such a wonderful and inspiring story!
I am doing the WA and reach a lot of highs and lows. The training is intense. I am not very savvy with the computer so it takes a a little longer to do everything.
Your post has given me the courage to keep on.
Thank you so much,
MozMary Premium
Awesome! You did sound sad at coming home not being able to do the one thing you'd wanted to do in the day and were pushing yourself a bit much - sounds like you had to give it a shot or you'd regret it, and you are going to learn a lot of skills that you can apply in multiple ways to earn money as you go forward, there'll be plenty of other temporary jobs out there as well as creating your own opportunities
Dhind1 Premium
Well done Miren,

It is good to see what a year of hard work can bring for all of us who are out here still doing what you did in 2016 to 2017. So, thanks for sharing that information. I hope you do manage to make it to Vegas, but even if you don't you have still accomplished an amazing thing.
I won't say do not worry about the job, as that would be impossible, but I do think you are making the right decision as you so clearly demonstrate.

AlenkaV Premium
Congratulations Miren!

Your hard work is paying off and I think you are on your way to make many, many more sales.

Of course you should have quit that job! Girl, you have your own business to run and more to create.
You have a calling, so you must do, what you must do and that is: create and enjoy your life and success.

Hope you make close :)

RDulloo Premium
Many congratulations, Miren! I'm so happy for you! After everything you've been through this year, with the copied content and all that, it's great to see that you emerged a winner!

I can understand when you say that you feel bad quitting the job when others are unemployed, but in my opinion, you had two jobs, the temporary one and your website.

With the potential of your website, it's a no-brainer to choose your website over everything else. SO don't worry. I do believe that you've made the right decision, especially after having seen such great results in october.

I really hope that November is going to be even better for you... :)

Keep aiming for the top!
shazzaWA Premium
Well done Miren and you are right, the MMO niche is a tough one. But when you get the momentum it can snowball as we have seen Jerry and Grace do.

Your reward is coming in and it will snowball. I cannot wait till mine has that effect however it's hard work every day for now.

Congrats again and I bet that figure doubles before you know it!
Cheers, Sharon
RD40 Premium
Awesome Job Miren and Congrats! From reading your previous post, I know that this has been a challenging road and that you put in a lot of work for this success. You should never feel bad about leaving a job if it's to improve your financial situation. So keep doing what you're doing, get those last 65 referrals, and make it to Vegas!

MatthewLS Premium
You will get to Vegas I believe you will. I believe if you keep at it like you said never give up, work on your site give value to your readers. My personal favorite “No Dream Is Impossible”

I can say sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get to where you’re an to be. So if your site is more important then go for working on your site full time.

Since like you said your job is getting in the way of posting as much as you want to.

Something I have always done is gone with my gut learned this lesson of not filling it the hard way.

I hope the best for you and your dreams,

Harley2018 Premium
I completely relate to your dilemma. I currently work a full time job for about 50 hours per week and I am a realtor. I joined WA 2 months ago and I have not made any money yet but seeing the potential and having the ability to use my real estate license. I was planning to quit my regular job. I have not worked on my site for the last 2 weeks while I was getting things wrapped up to leave my job. But GOD is awesome and when I spoke to the owner of the company telling her that I was leaving and explaining why. She was very supportive and did not want me to go so She offered me a more flexible position which will allow me more time to work on my online business. That starts next week and I am super excited.
EKaye1 Premium
Congratulations Miren on your fantastic results. What a difference a year makes, impressive figures. You have made the right decision where you're able to quit your job, as it would have stopped you progressing further. It is about putting the work in and then you reap the rewards further down the line.
Talk2Ray Premium
Thanks for sharing Miren. It is always good to hear how others are doing well on their sites. I admire you for sticking with it, and now all your work will begin to pay off... Thanks again...
Miren Premium
You’re so welcome, I hope it pays off! Best to you =)
Hollshope Premium
Great job Miren! It's fun to hear about your progress.
Miren Premium
Thank you! I hope to be able to post an update every month :)
Zarina Premium
Looks like October has been the first 4-digit month for many WA'ers. Wohooo! Congrats Miren!!!
Miren Premium
Thank you Zarina! =)
Yasss I see that others like you have reached 4 figures as well, great news for the community :)
RichardNgang Premium
Well done! I wish I could do the same.
Miren Premium
You will Richard, it’s all a matter of time, effort and patience. I believe anyone can do this!
Debbie14 Premium
Super! exciting. Congratulations Miren. Thank you for sharing.
Miren Premium
Thank you Debbie! Glad you liked it ^^
donraposo Premium
Hi Miren, sounds good, you seem to have done what I am trying to do. Writing content is the hardest part for me, but I am thinking I need to see what the successful ones are doing and learn from that. I still haven't got any leads or customer and I have been at for about five months now. Guess I need to write more and try to figure out what angels to use. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Don Raposo
Miren Premium
Hi Don,

Glad that you found this post encouraging =)
I totally relate to what you say. I actually procrastinated because I didn't know what to write about. What niche are you in?
donraposo Premium
Well, I have only been promoting WA but I need to build a list so I can start offering Amazon items. They won't let you sign up with them until you have an established list of people you communicate with. That is hard to do. Right?
Miren Premium
How many posts do you have on your site? How are your traffic stats? I would suggest that you focus on creating content and getting a minimum of visitors a day before building your email list.
Traveller75 Premium
Congratulations,onward and upward.

Miren Premium
Thank you Wayne :)
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Miren!

Excellent job!

Next target: 5 digits ...

Miren Premium
Yup, 5 digits will come lol =)
JonLake Premium
Excellent news. Well done for your success.
Miren Premium
Thanks!! 😊
JerryHuang Premium
Congrats Miren! You deserve it with your hard work and persistence! Way to go :)
Miren Premium
That’s right! Thank you Jerry =)