Another WA member is having his posts copied! So unfair!

Last Update: August 09, 2018

Hey guys,

I don't know where to start, what I have just discovered is so unfair and wish something could be done. I guess the first step is to let you all know about this.

I've been discouraged for a while because I've seen my rankings drop too much, even for posts that have comments so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Maybe the fact that someone copied some of my posts (I wrote a post about this has affected my site negatively because Google doesn't like duplicated content.

I just had hope that Google would take into account the post that had been published 1st and give it higher rankings than the copied post.

However, I have just found out that it's not always that way. I was on Jaaxy doing some research and I have noticed that a WA member has got one of his posts copied!

I'm not going to mention his name or his website in case he doesn't want everyone to know.

The worst part is, Google has ranked higher the copied post than the original post.

I also noticed that this unethical website owner has taken advantage of this WA member's post to promote a high-ticket program.

I was really devastated when I saw this because it's really unfair and something that has happened to me as well.

I mean, I got at least 30 of my posts copied and even though I now have my content protected, some of my latest posts are getting low rankings and it's really discouraging, I'm trying so hard not to give up.

So I thought I would tell you about this so that you make sure you don't get your posts copied by an unethical person whose site is getting better rankings when you are the one who is putting in the work.

I will tell this WA member about his copied post and hope he can do something about it. I'm really tired of unscrupulous people who steal other people's work, they're no different than scammers who steal other people's money.

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone who took the time to give me some advice when I found out that my posts had been copied.

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
The first thing I recommend youdo when this is happening is file a DMCA takedown with Google.

They are very efficient about dealing with this sort of thing, and if someone is caught copying your content, they will be punished by Google.
Miren Premium
Thank you Kyle for the advice =)
neilc Premium
Within the last 2 to 3 weeks, I've removed the same review across 3 duplicate websites for copying content from one of my reviews.

Luckily, I managed to track down one of the website owners who knew nothing about the Plagiarism. But said he hired someone on Fiverr to build the site and write his content.

No surprise there I guess, since Fiverr is no renowned for housing unethical marketers.

I have contacted Fiverr to report the seller (who I presume is now behind a number of duplicate sites with stolen content). Fiverr said they are now monitoring the seller's activities.

Unfortunately, one of the sites in question also has a few WA reviews on it (which I guess are also copied from other WAers Bootcamp sites).

So be on the lookout for any suspicious content-thin sites that are quickly gaining traction in Google because I have my suspicions that it's the same Fiverr seller or maybe a group of sellers. Who knows.

I don't think the Plagiarists are active members of the WA community, but instead "unethical" affiliates stealing content and gaming Google.
derekmarshal Premium
Hey Neil, just wanted to say thanks for your input. There. Got to say though, it very amateurish of any serious blogger or marketer WA member or not, not to run a copyscape check.
neilc Premium
No problem, Derek!

To be honest, I never knew that tool existed lol. Plagiarism is just becoming a big problem. Google still continues to rank duplicate content for months and also still allows those responsible for it to get away with "black hat" stuff.

There are certain reviews I have that should be on page 1, but find it impossible due to multiple plagiarists dominating with tacky spammy sites.
CDarling1 Premium
Hi, Thanks for the advice. What is Copyscape and how do you get it?
5-qpq Premium
Hi, Miren,

There is always a silver lining. Not too worry. It will work out. Despite the frustrations, you are helping others. How so you may ask yourself? By making it an issue, and knowing how important it is to have a Word Press Content Copy Protection plugin-specific for this situation on our websites. Like go figure. A plugin for plagiarism? Nice.

Thanks for informing, and unbeknownst to you, in the long run you've helped a lot of people.

Oh, well, I guess they'll have to write their own posts from here on in. Miren, Karma has some well wishes waiting for them at the end of the rainbow. So just keep pumping out some great content, my friend. Take this with a grain of salt...Id love to have your problem, lol, someone stealing my creativeness. In the long run, it's a compliment, lol.

Again, Karma, rainbows, silverlinings, and plugins are one.

Kindest regards, and all the best,

DeborahClark Premium
Thanks Becky
Norman3J Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing. I'll add the WP Content Copy Protection plug-in as well. Where you are concerned, Miren, whatever you do, do NOT allow this to make you quit. Murphy may be out in full force at times, but it's just to see how strong you are. Please hang in there, and thanks again for sharing.


Rich908 Premium
Do those protection plugins really work?

Leo had this to say about protection plugins - I have been lucky so far
The fewer plugins I have the better - Richard
smartketeer Premium
Hi Richard,

Yes they work. Basically, you can't do anything with right clicks or key combinations. You can check out on my homepage

Yes of course, there is always a possibility to simply re-type the targeted content using a text editor ... But I'd like to see who is ready to do that with my 5,000 -10.000 word articles :)
Timotheus Premium
Hi. Here is a Google article about Duplicate Content - (note - I used pretty link because the original link had url that is not accepted to be pasted here)

Do look at the 'More information about canonicalization'. It will help with how Google will handle duplicate content in favor of the original creator of the content.
Dhind1 Premium
Unfortunately, this is an ever increasing trend online. the world is full of people who are looking for the easy way out and will always take it if they can. It is good to be diligent about looking for and reporting these instances.
I will install WP Content copy.

Thanks for reporting this.

Sherion Premium
About 5 years ago a WA member actually started copying my whole website. I approached him through private message and told him to stop. He fought like crazy. He even was saying things about me in chat. I got so tired of my stuff being copied that I no longer post my new websites on WA for people to look at and I don't even ask for comments because of the reasons you mentioned above. There are some other members mentioned here that their work has also been copied. The sad part is that this happens whether the person is a member of WA or some other blogger out there on the internet. I also try to make my content as close to my gender! I mention things as being a woman and use things to make the content personal and that has helped. I have been here 8 years and I love the training and the whole structure of WA and Kyle and Carson are always on top of things. It is sad that people do not believe in their own capability to come up with their own content.
JackieSmith Premium
That is so wrong and I can see why you and anyone can easily get discouraged. I can only encourage you to keep on doing what you're doing.

We willingly share our websites, success stories and so on to help others out only for it to backfire. This is so sad. The MMO niche is already competitive enough without us competing against each other by plagiarising content.
RobFore Premium
Unfortunately CONTENT THEFT is a challenge when it comes online marketing. People can literally copy your content word-for-word as you shared... they can snag your images... share your products on pirate sites... and more. It is just the way it is.

So you simply need to PREPARE for it to happen. Have cease and desist letters available. Copy/Paste templates to let google, bing and yahoo know of the copyright infringements. Set up Google alerts or some other type of "tracking" system to alert you to content theft.

... AND when you bust people stealing... let it be known!
CandP Premium
We are so happy you received useful replies from Kyle and Carson.
Google knows all and that person will be punished!
Pretty low down. Just forget about them and carry on doing the great work that you are doing to reach your goals, Miren.
"The best revenge is massive success!" -Frank Sinatra
Colette and Philip
janetkirkpa Premium
Doing well is the best revenge. This was a constant
Of an old boyfriend: old as decrepit and old as former!
Jadatherapy Premium
I was surprised when you first mentioned this but now i am concerned. What is going on.

For this reason I have stopped blogging when I get indexed on google and any other successes that I have.

This is not good for the community and I am so sorry to hear about you because I know that you have worked so hard.

I hope that you report this.

MichaelYi Premium
I hate to hear this and the most disturbing part is the fact that the perpetrator's post is ranked higher than the original post...disgusting.

I'm looking into how to protect myself but yes, I would definitely report it to Kyle & Carson for starters. Also, I'd report the matter to Google's copyright infringement page. Here's the link for those that may be interested.
RPP080879 Premium
Thanks for the warning Miren, you should report them to Kyle and Carson in a private message.

Like several others, I would like to know how to protect my content. You might want to private message us to let us know or lists us in your post or training if you do it that way.

Thanks Again, Bob
DianeWehi Premium
I had no idea this even happens!
So sorry to hear this happening to you.
I hope all the advice below has been helpful.
What goes around, comes around my friend.
You just hang in there, your hard work and integrity will pay off!
Thank you for sharing this.

Di :)
DGArchitect Premium
These are all great points. And it's one of the reasons I'm considering removing my website from my profile. While I trust most members on this platform, there's always going to be those that are looking to copy the success of others. It is a shame that Google's sophisticated algorithims can't detect which post is the copy vs. the original. My only suggestion would be to make those posts "no index" for a while to remove it from the sitemap if it's hurting your rankings. But if you know who the culprit is, I would try to report them to WA at least to see what can be done. I appreciate the warning.
Rockhall Premium
That is so unfair for you Miren .Let's hope nothing like that ever happen again .
kjdahlin Premium

That is terrible, and I would call him out on it and bring it to the higher up in WA. You don't deserve it nor does anyone else, if we
do not know his name we can not stop him.

Good Luck in sorting this out

BenjisDad Premium
It happens. When I find it, I disavow the links and report to dmca
Donnie58 Premium
That really IS discouraging, Miren, if Google can't seem to tell who wrote the posts first! You would think the date and time would be something Google could easily pick up on! Maybe you ought to try contacting them!

Sorry to hear you're having such trouble. Glad to hear your content is protected now. Maybe that will help some, too.

Best wishes,

Carson Premium
Hey Miren,

One thing to keep in mind that may help ease your worry about copied content is that Google knows who the original publisher is of content. If 100 people copy your post, it's not going to negatively affect your site. If Google allowed this then anyone could just copy a site 10's or 100's of times and sink it's rankings. This is not the case.

Although it's annoying that people may be using your content as their own, they are not going to rank for this content and they will be punished by Google for having duplicate content on their site. The publisher and original author of the content is not affected.

As Kyle mentioned, a DMCA takedown could be useful to you.

danijel95 Premium
Hi Carson! I just wanted to ask you is SiteContent 100% accurate when it comes to checking duplicate content?
Eugene Premium
It's very sad to hear this but it happens. There are some people that like the easy way out instead of working hard to earn their money.
Miren Premium
Yeah, the unfair part is when the person who hasn't put in the work gets the rewards...
DavidFrady Premium
What did you do to protect your content?
Miren Premium
I installed the WP Content Copy Protection plugin.
DavidFrady Premium
Eugene Premium
Thanks Miren, I think I will get this plugin...
btwilkins Premium
Out of curiosity, how did you realize it was copied through Jaaxy? Sounds like it could be a useful way to watch out for plagiarism, or was it accidental?
Miren Premium
I was checking out my ranking for one of my posts and saw two websites that were competing for the same keyword, so I took a look at these websites and noticed that they had duplicated content.
btwilkins Premium
Ah right, I get you. Good spot nonetheless!