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Hi guys,I thought I would share this with you because today it's a special day to me. Like many of you know, today is payday for all of those who are active recommending this awesome platform, so I imagine how excited those who have got paid their commissions are.For me, it's not been a normal payday, it's also been my 23rd birthday! So it's been the most exciting day of my year so far!There are many things that I'm grateful for. I'm grateful to have been able to spend this day with my family,
Another month has passed and it has happened so fast! I still feel as if it were summer lol.October 2018 has been my best month so far and still can't believe I finally broke 4 digits! I joined WA in 2016 but I was still studying and also procrastinated for some months so my first year I didn't accomplish much. Last year I got tired of doing nothing and I decided I would start putting in the effort to see what I was capable of achieving. I wanted to answer some questions like "what will it happ
Hi guys,Yesterday I read that Grace (@littlemama) had received a message from some scammers who claimed they would pay her $5,000 if she removed two of her posts where she exposes them.I didn't check my inbox yesterday but I just checked it out and I see they have also sent me this message. I haven't replied the email and I don't think it would be a good idea to get in touch with these people.Honestly, I don't believe they would pay $5000 to take down my reviews. They could tell me to remove th
This is not a success story like many ones I have been reading lately. In fact, I have been thinking whether or not to write this post but I'm finally going to share it because there might be people who are in a similar situation as me. It's great to read success stories to get inspired and motivated, but I know success stories sometimes can be a little bit discouraging, especially if you have been putting a lot of effort into something and are not seeing the kind of results you desire and know
Hi guys,Some hours ago I was devastated, I thought it was my time to give up.I decided to migrate from All In One SEO to Yoast SEO because I've read some posts from people who claim Yoast SEO works better.When I was setting it up, I deactivated the AIO SEO plugin and noticed that the sitemap created by Yoast SEO was not found. I checked it out and got the 404 message.Not only that, I also got notified about this problem:I had asked SiteSupport why I couldn't see my sitemaps and before getting a
Hey guys,I don't know where to start, what I have just discovered is so unfair and wish something could be done. I guess the first step is to let you all know about this.I've been discouraged for a while because I've seen my rankings drop too much, even for posts that have comments so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Maybe the fact that someone copied some of my posts (I wrote a post about this has affected my site negatively because Google doesn't like duplicated content.I just had hope tha
August 03, 2018
Today I woke up to a comment full of hate that really made me upset when I read it. It's the most hateful comment I have received so far, here it is:He (not showing his name for privacy reasons) calls me a scammer without having any real proof. If I was a scammer, perhaps I would be making more money. WA members who know what my site is and have read some of my posts know that I'm not a scam artist.For your information, the "scam" he's talking about is this awesome platform we're on, but he doe
Hey guys!I just found out that a website has copied at least 30 of my posts. I try to publish one post a day and this website has already copied the one I posted yesterday so I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same with the post I have published today.I noticed that they are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well but they are using my content to post their affiliate links. Not only that, they are also promoting scam websites.I also noticed that they provide a link to my site at the end of thei
Hey guys,Some months ago I made an expensive mistake, since I've wasted some time and I haven't achieved some goals because of it.But making mistakes is part of the process and it means that at least I have tried something. It can be frustrating at times but I need to accept it and learn from it.Wondering what mistake I made? I wrote about topics that are not relevant anymore. Some of these topics brought traffic to my site for some weeks but people are not searching for them anymore, which mea
Hey there,Today I got one of those emails that we all love that goes by the subject "Congratulations! A New WA Commission!", so I got kind of excited and checked it out.See the screenshot below:When I saw that the commission from this sale was $8, I wasn't surprised because this is what we earn when one of our referrals pays $19 for the 1st month of their Premium membership.The questions came when I read that this referral has been a starter member for 0 days. I mean, if he/she joined on Februa