My Instagram Account Was Deactivated

Last Update: May 07, 2019

Few days ago I have noticed that I couldn't log in on Instagram.

I don't have a clue why that happened. (I only used my photos, I do not post any suspocious content... )

I opened a ticket and soon I recieved an email.

In the email it says basically following:

Before they can provide me with any help they need to make sure that I am the real owner of that account. In order to do that I should send them a photo with a code. The photography must fullfill following reqiurements:

- it must be the code above, hand-written on a clean sheet of paper, and it must be followed by your full name and username.
- has to be there to see your hand holding a piece of paper and even your entire face.
- Photo must be reasonably light and not too small, dark or out of focus.
- it must be attached to your reply as a JPEG file.

Here is the screenshot of the email addres I get the message from

The whole photo requirements sounds bit dodgy to me.

I mean, do you know if this is the proper way Instagram does the check of their user?

Is it safe for me to follow the instructions and reply to that addres above?



I went to instagram help center. If you get into a section where it says: "I think my Insagram account has been hacked", here are the instructions - I have added link and screenshot:

So it seems like a legit way how to restore the account...

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Vickic3 Premium
I very rarely use IG
I prefer Pinterest and Linkedin
MichalB Premium
I want to start using Pinterest as well.
Just can't get myself into it :)
Vickic3 Premium
Download the Pinterest button to your browser and from there you can share all your images to Pinterest when you create boards
It's fun and a good way to be seen by many people
RAFStuart Premium
Was getting ready to join Instagram, so glad that I haven't will await the outcome of these obvious problems.
MichalB Premium
I am sure it will be solved ... somehow
YanFellow Premium
I don't have an IG account and don't know their procedues but that sounds very intrussive if not downright fishy.

Some email clients display the 'sent' email address but also the correct address the email was sent from. Worth checking.

As Debs suggested, worth trying IG but I have no faith in the support systems of these big social media companies.

Good luck.
Jewelia Premium
Recently, I was motivated by Kyle's posts to open up an Instagram account. I don't use mobile devices much, but decided to give it try. So, I created an account, followed Kyle and maybe a few other people and then, did not visit Instagram for a couple of weeks at all. When I tried to log in again, I couldn't. My account was deactivated. I received an email very similar to yours. I replied to it saying that I don't take selfies and explained that the account was empty. I never heard back from Instagram or whoever sent this email.
I wonder what's going on... I'll be following your post.

Thank you,
~ Julia
MichalB Premium
Hi Julia,

that is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

When I want to log in to Instagram, it simply says, that the username does not exist.

I will go through the official Instagram support.
BlSt Premium
Ha!! This is serious!!🤔
Debs66 Premium
I have never heard of this.

To verify your account with FB it's a two step or three step process. FB and IG are connected.

Normally codes to your Mobile or landline or Email addresses.

If you have that code it should not be shared with anybody and you only use that code with direct access on your Instagram account.

I wouldn't trust this. It sounds more like they have hacked your account. If they have Then I suggest you update all your passwords and contact Instagram immediately.

This is suspicious. Screen shot all the info you have and send it now to Instagram of FB by the proper sources.

Hope that helps.
Debs :)
MichalB Premium
Thank you Debs,

It sure helped:)
Debs66 Premium
I will dig around for you and see if I can help you sort it with the proper channels.

Totally ignore it. Once you get back in update all your passwords that are connected to Instagram including your Website if it is connected as a precaution.

These fraudsters are getting cleverer everyday. Update also FB etc. Any other accounts I:E Twitter too that are connected to your IG.

I change my passwords often to all my social accounts. :))
Debs66 Premium
Just go to your profile and click on that. Follow the process for ''You think your account has been hacked.''

If you can't find the page. Then just type it in the search bar it will come up then.

Hope you get it sorted. :)
Let us know how you go.
Debs :)