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Hello Folks!I have a question;In July 2020 I did a review of one MLM company (called Primerica). A few days ago I have recieved and email where it was written that the article "was posted in direct violation of Primerica’s legal rights " Here is the full email: ------------------It has come to the attention of the Office of General Counsel of Primerica, Inc. (“Primerica”) that you authored and caused to be posted and hosted a writing on setaffiliatebusiness, a website operated
I believe it is natural to complain about the bad things happening in this world... Yet, constant complaining is bad for our health. Besides, most of these things (we complain about) are out of our reach and we can't control the external world. That includes gas price increase (not recently though :) ), raising taxes, coffee is more expensive, for some of us beer price is an issue.. and so on. You probably know where I am getting with this. The yearly price at WA goes from $359 to $459. (Price
Hello guys,Could you please say hello to one of my referrals. She joined the Wealthy Affiliate in October 2019. A few days ago she has set her goals, and today she filled up her profile information. This is her profile don't want her to feel left alone, so I believe a short hello will just do the job:) Thanks a lot guys in advanceHave a great start of the week :)Mike
December 31, 2019
My friends are in New Zealand and they already jumped into 2020:) Well, I still have less than 12 hours to go. Many of you have more than 12 hours, right? :) Regardless of your geographical location, let me wish you Happy New Year 2020!!!Somehow I know 2020 will be the best one, so there is no place for fear. Have a Great 365 Days Ahead Of You!From my heartMike
As we are heading towards the end of November, we are facing an awesome Deal within the WA. I remember when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate at the beginning of November 2017, I did not realize back then, that the timing could not be better (just before Black Friday).I paid my first month as a premium and 2 weeks later I have spotted this opportunity to pay only $299 per entire year!In my opinion, $299 per year is a pea-nut for the amount of training we get at WA.There are many coaches selling th
Hello, Just a quick question. How to claim the 100USD credit for Bing Ads? I was expecting that after I spent $100 I can get my bing Ads credit. I have already spent more than 100 bucks, but when I go to click on the "Claim your 100 USD credit for Microsoft Advertising" it just get stuck and nothing is happening.Any Advice?
I used to have Yahoo email account back in 2001 and 2002. Then I switched to google and have forgotten about Yahoo until recently. I have learnt here at Wealthy Affiliate, about 2 monhts ago, to not forget about Yahoo and Bing, especially when it comes to ranking in Search Engines. So whenever I finish post I make sure to go to Bing Wembaster and I sumbit each URL there. Yesterday I have published my article - Today I type my Keyword in Yahoo search engine and here we go: I went ahead in Jaaxy
Little "anniversary" I would like to share with you.Originally I wanted to write this blog in May, but I could not get around it.I have been member of Wealthy Affiliate since Nov2017 - that was in May 1.5 year, already. Happy to be here ;) Here are some stats: I have little over 1,000 followers here at WA. I would like to thank to all of you guys.Regarding my niche(s):In 2018, I was basically doing the mistake of not being focused on one site only. Towards end of the 2018 I decided to work sole
Few days ago I have noticed that I couldn't log in on Instagram. I don't have a clue why that happened. (I only used my photos, I do not post any suspocious content... )I opened a ticket and soon I recieved an email.In the email it says basically following:Before they can provide me with any help they need to make sure that I am the real owner of that account. In order to do that I should send them a photo with a code. The photography must fullfill following reqiurements:- it must be the code a
Very briefly:I have been chosen for next Las Vegas challenge, which is great feeling.This time I am much more confident than last year. I already started to post to my website more regularly.Also I have a plan to create and publish 1 post a day. It is challenging especially with still 9-5, but it is doable.What encourages me to continue is the little bit of traffic increase I am getting on my site. That is cool.One more thing to share with you guys: More I write – more ideas for writing I