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It is already Thursday (in some places already Friday) so why am I talking about weekend? Yes I mean last weekend. I have spent a great weekend at Malta with my fiancee. We explored a bit both islands a bit (did not get to the 3rd and smallest one called Comino). I was driving at Right-hand side after more than 10 years - so it was a bit challange at first, but got used to that pretty soon :) Well I could create an entire post about that weekend, but it is not my point...My point is that I got
February 25, 2019
I am building my website where I promote WA. But Ironically I did not receive my commission from WA. As it has been suggested in the training, we should not leave any money on the table. So When I do review about a e-products and I see that the particular product/course is not a complete rubbish I put the affiliate link (at least once) in the article. The product is from Clickbank.And I remember that I did criticize this particular one but I also tried to find some pros in it. Nevertheless, som
I took motorcycle driving school in summer 2018. I had about 18 hours of practical driving.I passed the motorcycle exam in beginning of November. My first ride on a real bike was very challenging. The ride took more than 45 minutes but I do not remember being so focused like I was on the bike at that very first time. Uphill, downhill, curves, traffic. My body was so stiff, that next day I felt light muscle soreness. (No exaggeration) I got better with more rides, so eventually I had moments
When you ask for a comment/feedback, do you also go to google analytics to check the time the user actually spend on your website? You can check it as a source/medium: / referral (If you don’t have hundreds of visitors a day I believe it is easy to determine how much time did the requester spend on your website) I have asked for a feedback today on my website which I received. But when I check google analytics I see that the visitor spends 0 seconds on my
October 26, 2018
Today exactly 100 years ago: “1st President of Czechoslovakia led a gathering of 25 delegates from 12 Central & East European nations at Independence Hall, and delivered the Declaration of Common Aims, a Declaration of Independence for these nations.” Picture taken by me in September 2009 Then 2 days later, on October 28 1918, the independence of Czechoslovakia was proclaimed by the Czechoslovak National Council in Prague.Even Czechoslovakia as a country does not exist anymor
October 03, 2018
Good morning from Europe :)Just very shortly... Little thought that crossed my mind and I would like to share it. 2 days ago I started to read Napoleon Hills book - Think and Grow Rich, again (I guess 3rd time reading, not counting listening audiobok)This time as I read it I do see some other things which I have not seen before. For example he emphasize the idea of being in Mastermind Group. I believe, partially we have the Mastermind Group right here at WA. We share things, ideas, we suppor
September 19, 2018
9-5 job vs Building Business Actually I just would like to share a little thought that keep crossing my mind...For those of us working 9-5 jobs, don’t you feel like you are wasting your time in that job? Wasting time for somebody who you probably never met/meet (like CEO, or people behind financial corporation which owns other corporation where you are working)? Lately I do feel like that and that feeling is becoming stronger and creates kind of pressure inside me.But for time being, I
June 06, 2018
How am I doing so farRecently I am finishing Level 2 of Certification training. That is not too much accomplished, considering I`ve started 6 months ago. But, I have learnt where my weak points are, what I have to improve. Mostly it is my concentration on given task. I am very easily distracted, doing other things and suddenly 2 months., 3 months went by... Since I know where my problems are, I can now work on them so they will never appear again. -----------Now on the positive note :) I have 2
I heard an interesting thought few days ago, which I like. I will try to paraphrase and share it. It concerns a wealth – but not the wealth in sense of money or finance. It can be knowledge or mastery some sort of. Many people live in the belief that I will not give away anything until I am sure I get something back. Here is the interesting point:If I give it away – to somebody, I still have it. -> Candle lights other candle principle. So, If I teach you something and you learn