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September 19, 2018
9-5 job vs Building Business Actually I just would like to share a little thought that keep crossing my mind...For those of us working 9-5 jobs, don’t you feel like you are wasting your time in that job? Wasting time for somebody who you probably never met/meet (like CEO, or people behind financial corporation which owns other corporation where you are working)? Lately I do feel like that and that feeling is becoming stronger and creates kind of pressure inside me.But for time being, I
June 06, 2018
How am I doing so farRecently I am finishing Level 2 of Certification training. That is not too much accomplished, considering I`ve started 6 months ago. But, I have learnt where my weak points are, what I have to improve. Mostly it is my concentration on given task. I am very easily distracted, doing other things and suddenly 2 months., 3 months went by... Since I know where my problems are, I can now work on them so they will never appear again. -----------Now on the positive note :) I have 2
I heard an interesting thought few days ago, which I like. I will try to paraphrase and share it. It concerns a wealth – but not the wealth in sense of money or finance. It can be knowledge or mastery some sort of. Many people live in the belief that I will not give away anything until I am sure I get something back. Here is the interesting point:If I give it away – to somebody, I still have it. -> Candle lights other candle principle. So, If I teach you something and you learn
I was listening one podcast regarding an internet marketing .This guy was mentioning a website It is a list of 5,000 fastest growing businesses in USA stating their numbers as revenue, growth etc.You can see what kind of industry is growing, how well they are doing, and that can determine your direction in choosing a niche. Have a fun :)Mike
I am sure many of us have watched a YouTube channel or read an article where at the end it was a request to leave a comment or hit the like button. How does that specific request makes you feel? Or another question I shall ask; Does such wish really increase the number of comments and likes? To me, I either like the video or not, and based on that I decide whether I leave comment or not. My reaction to such demand is in most cases counterproductive. Even I might like the article and I
February 01, 2018
I just landed at the entrepreneur website and found this article.Hopefully, you will find that helpful as well :) a great dayMichal
January 13, 2018
Hi guys. here is my first article. I would like you to check my text and be critical about what you read. Based on that I will know what to change or which direction to go. I appreciate any comment/feedback of yours. ***Fast drying shirts for hiking – Do not spoil your tripHave you ever been hiking without proper clothes ?That feeling after you finished and you want to sit down and enjoy the view can be spoiled once a small wind starts to waking up. It is better to start moving again and
I was just wondering if you keep bumping into this guys commercial as well. Actually his commercial is popping out of everywhere. To me, his style is very aggressive and not trustful at all. And yet, seemingly he is making tons of money. So my question would be, for how long can "gurus" like him be still IN ? Maybe for quite some time, I guess. Many of us are driven by emotions, and I guess that is what he counts on. I don`t wanna criticize or anything like that.. I just wanted to listen some p
When I found out that I have to write 3 or 4 articles per week, I got scared. I believe the reason for scarcity comes from my elementary school (in Czechoslovakia that used to be from 6 to 14 years of age).As far as I remember whenever I had to write about something, I hated it. When I got myself to writing about anything there was a pretty good chance that the teacher will criticize that, I mean everything -> my hand writing (which is not pretty at all – that is for sure:) ), the styl
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November 13, 2017
I would like to share a podcast of John Reese. I think he is famous in digital entrepreneur world and here he talks about himself, his ups and downs and I believe there is lot of value.
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