How To Get Comments On Your Website

Last Update: June 24, 2018

Getting Comments on your website increases your SEO and increases your posts word count. 10 comments that you reply to, considerately can almost double your word count. This is great for SEO too. It will make Google sit up and take notice of you. It shows Google that actual people are engaging with you.

But How Do You Get Comments?

We all want to think that comments will come naturally but this is so often not the case. No one likes to be the first to comment. Unless you are a very opinionated and confident person you wouldn’t leave the first comment. Would You? I probably wouldn’t.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson have given us two great platforms to get those initial comments on our posts. Site Comments and The Give and Take Thread For Comments.

Both encourage a reciprocal arrangement.

Not all of us are using these platforms to our best advantage.

I have just come from Site Comments and have seen the same posts or at least from the same website come round and round again. I have left a few comments but obviously there are some sites I cannot comment on because they are well out of my frame of reference. My comments could not possibly be genuine.

Out there, and by that, I mean outside of Wealthy Affiliate, comments are rare. Thankfully I have had a few but nowhere near enough.

Please use these platforms to give and receive comments. They could be the life blood of our business and we are all wasting a huge opportunity.

Out there we may need to leave 10 or more comments to hopefully receive one back. Within Wealthy Affiliate you need to leave 2 to get one or even one for one in the Give and Take Thread.

My message here, is that at our fingertips we have everything we need to build a Successful Online business. That is what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

Please use these opportunities, your business and bank balance will thank you.

Please like my post if you agree or leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Tell me your challenges with both of these platforms.

With Grace and Gratitude


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DebbieRose Premium
This is a good reminder that I needed to hear. I think sometimes we are fearful of comments because we don't think our sites are ready for them. But what better way to get them ready then by getting comments!
Memorylaneuk Premium
You are so right Debbie. I think sometimes newcomers here stress too much about putting their work out there.
You will not find nasty comments left here or at least I would hope not.
3Bs Premium
Thank you so much for this! This information will help me navigate better and also guide me as I build my content. I'm still in the very beginning stages and am feeling my way around working towards my future online identity and how I want to bring it to life. Comments and dealing with the public is a part of me that I am learning to be at ease over. I have never been accustomed to communicating online like I would in person. So thanks again for this information because without it, I wouldn't have realized the power in comments. Before, I knew that I didn't want bad :)
Memorylaneuk Premium
I am pleased I could be of help. We all worry about getting negative comments but you should not receive any of those from within this community. What better way to start learning how to deal with people and their thoughts in written form than within the relative safety of the WA community.
EKaye1 Premium
The site comments and the give and take thread are important. I have used both recently but have not had back yet.
Memorylaneuk Premium
I am sorry to hear you have not had any reciprocal comments, especially in the Give and Take Thread. This should not happen.
Try posting a link to a post you want comments on and say to people you will reciprocate to all that do comment.
This is often better than commenting and then hoping they will comment back.
Always remember to leave your link so they can comment. I usually PM them my link. It’s less likely to be missed in this busy community
EKaye1 Premium
I think I will PM them my link. I have just had 3 comments on the Give and take thread from yesterday after posting my link, so that was good.
1signbanner Premium
Thank you Karen, I need to be reminded!


Memorylaneuk Premium
No problem Frank. Comments will only help your online success.
MargeCramer Premium
I totally agree with you. I too need to give more on the comments. I need the practice for learning how to do better at leaving my comments so that they reflect what the person asking needs to hear. Hugs
Memorylaneuk Premium
The more we do, the better we get at it. None of us are immune to struggling to find an appropriate comment at times