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I have received an email from Kyle, saying sorry you are leaving even though I have paid my yearly subscription about a week ago. My account seems to fully operative too. Definitely not spam as Wealthy Affiliate the system, emailed me saying the same thing.Who do I contact other than Kyle or Carson? It’s not a support service question really as it’s not a website question?Kyle Carson if you read this please advise.Okay I am adding more words because the question won’t post unt
Why does Google + hate Wealthy Affiliate so much ? I have just posted in several places and communities within Google + All linking back to my new post on Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate and the Black Friday deal.On each post I used the same text and link but different images. On two of 8 I used the Black Friday sale image and Google immediately removed those two but not the others ?I resubmitted with a different image and all was well.Does anyone know how or why the Google algorithm c
Firstly apologies for it being a while since I blogged here at WA. No excuses but I have been very busy with my main website. To build a website that works, does take time and whilst I am an impatient person, when I want something, I will work towards it relentlessly.And that is the essence of what I have been busy doing. I have nearly 150 posts on my make money online website and all new posts are generally indexed by Google within the hour and yet I had 4 what I deem to be important posts tha
August 17, 2018
I had a notification and earned dedication badge today because I have now been here a whole year....It took me by surprise if I am honest, it seems like only five minutes but boy have I learned a huge amount. When I tentatively found my way to Wealthy Affiliate looking for a way to earn an income online I knew nothing, not a thing, about building websites and earning money from them. Infact I still consider myself a technophobe.I hadn’t realised I was about to embark on building websites
I have been a little absent on here just recently due to time constraints. Or should I say some things have been taking all of my time up.Have I Made A Good Decision?Through networking I came across a publishing site that has to remain nameless as I have signed up to their affiliate program. They sell website owners the opportunity for backlinks to their site through paying other website owners like me to post articles that they write on their behalf.Now I am not moaning about their pay as it i
July 17, 2018
They say time flies when you are having fun well this may be true but I want to add that words flow when you are having fun too.I have used Site content since October 1st 2017 though I have been a member here since August 2017. I cannot for the life of me remember how or where I wrote my posts prior to this but when I put all time stats in Site content it starts at October the 1st?Anyway I digress, the point of this post is that without my even realising it, I have, in Site content written over
Yesterday I posted my 100th post on my Make Money Online Site. I am absolutely amazed that I have written that many posts but it certainly makes linking to other posts so much easier and in hope of keeping visitors on my site and hopefully ending up on my Wealthy Affiliate review.Ten months ago, I knew Zip, Nada, a total technophobe with no idea how to build a website let alone make any money from it.For any new people, just keep at it. Content is king and if you just apply exactly what you ar
June 28, 2018
The answer to the question How does Pinterest work? right now is nobody really knows.Let me explainI am a big fan of Pinterest and the last time I wrote about it here at WA I told you that it drove the most traffic to my site and I was getting 123K Visitors a month . Within a week of that my monthly visits went up to 133K. I had worked this social platform by using schedulers like Tailwind and Boardbooster.Then Pinterest went throu
Getting Comments on your website increases your SEO and increases your posts word count. 10 comments that you reply to, considerately can almost double your word count. This is great for SEO too. It will make Google sit up and take notice of you. It shows Google that actual people are engaging with you.But How Do You Get Comments?We all want to think that comments will come naturally but this is so often not the case. No one likes to be the first to comment. Unless you are a very opinionated a
Today I had an email from Canva thanking me for mentioning them in a post and asking whether I could link it to their site.Now I have mentioned them several times in posts and always linked it to For some reason I missed putting the link in my new post which only went out yesterday.Hey Karen,“I just wanted to reach out and say “thanks” for mentioning Canva in your article: really, really appreciate it