SWAG Update February 28, 2018

Last Update: February 28, 2018

Oh my, I'm feeling little brain dead ...

A couple of days ago I posted an update and mentioned I thought I had 12 articles all written and when I counted my articles I was short 1. That was a total downer lol. I drank the wine too early. Anyway, I now have 12 articles written heeehaaa! Total is 21,803 words.

I have a slight challenge with the last one article (published it anyway) on trying to get an email form in and I installed SumoMe Plugin in last night and I still haven't been able to get my form to show up. Taking me 10 hours so far to figure this out. I have looked at tutorials here but they look different to the SumoMe version I have. I have looked at YouTube, alas not current info) I'm stubborn so I'll figure it out.

I went back to look at Kyle's Super Wealthy Affiliate training videos to make sure I didn't miss important info... I have been taking notes along the way.

I help only when I really know the answers and Live Chat... ummm haven't done any at all and definitely feel bad.

I mentioned before that I'm not a fast writer. You might think I am because I wrote 12 but I have been up til 2a almost every night (good thing I don't have anyone to look after) and like I mentioned before I now go to my Bootcamp once a week instead of my 4-5 days. But sacrifices have to be made and I do floor exercises lol.

(I have a scuba dive website that I am also maintaining - now down to writing 1 article a week and thinking I should consider outsourcing. )

I think I have around 40 keywords but not really pleased with some of them and have second thoughts as I go back and look at them. I should just blindfold myself...

I hope you are all doing well and it's been awesome to see the progresses come out. The thing is, quality, readable and conversational content is the most important thing and as long as we do the very best we can - we have accomplished much and can feel about it.

Thank you for helping me.

I wish you all much success in the challenge!



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LouisaB Premium
Congrats Monica! You did it! I am very excited for you!
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Louisa, thank you. Wishing you much success here.
ElianeLima Premium
Congrats, Monica! You’re doing great!

I too am not 100% happy with my 50 keywords, but you what? I decided to ignore those doubts and just keep going. After all, they all have good QSR and Traffic.

At least I know I’m doing my very best. And, like you said, that’s the important thing.

Lots of success to you!
mbouteiller Premium
Thank you Eliane! I wish you the very best in your online business. Keep up the good work.
haroda Premium
Great job!!! Keep up the good work. I am not at 12 posts, yet... I am a little slow on the writing part. I also have 2 other websites which is going down to 1 article for each per week as well.

Keep moving forward!!! Thank you for sharing your stats!
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Harolda, thank you. Wow... good for you on keeping up with your other 2 sites. Yes... 1 article is still better than none.

Wishing you much success here.
buffetearns Premium

mbouteiller Premium
Hi Wayne, thank you. Wishing you much success too.
GailLowe Premium
Wow, this is a really great start. Well done. Keep it up. Gail
mbouteiller Premium
Thank you Gail!