My SAC Report And My Yen To Go Scuba Diving

Last Update: May 10, 2019

Today, May 9th, 11:27p I finally finished my 12th post for the 2019 SAC. Total words 32,244.

Last November I purchased a new domain and “abandoned” my Bootcamp website. I was in the Challenge last year and really messed up on content, in fact I had no idea what I was doing other than trying to keep my head above water. (Well, I’d much rather keep my head underwater but with a breathing device and compressed air.)

I mean who on earth would even write a review of Wealthy Affiliate 3 times in the same year and not even know it? Me…

I’m not an organized person and I’m a wicked multi-tasker. I bob around here, there, everywhere…BUT I do eventually finish “important” tasks.

Getting back to last November I took a different approach knowing my character as being rather flighty and yet very much a perfectionist. Yaarrg! Personality conflict. Yes, I know my content doesn’t have to be perfect.

I started a monthly goal broke it down into weekly goals.

Next, I studied a bunch of reviews and then made up my own review template, one that would make sense and work for me. That took awhile.

To date I have about 40 researched low competition keywords and point form content in addition to probably around 30 or so that I still need to research.

I also have an Excel spreadsheet for each of my researched keywords so I can keep track of the number of reviews, and general content, etc. Now I can see what researched keyword I’ve written and what’s not.

Next, I also have a file for each of my 40 researched keywords that just have images.

I went back and listened to Jay’s webinar on the 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps AGAIN

and printed out his checklist. I am faithfully filling out the forms. Now I know when I multi-task, at least I know where I left off.

Anyway, I THINK I’ve done pretty much everything, oh oops… maybe not:

Still need to do:

  • 10 more low competition keywords (I already know what products I want to write about, just have to do the research).
  • Have not shared a blog post once a week. This is my first…oops. I didn’t read that one.
  • Have not chatted in Live Chat. I have a little over 1,000 WA emails that I “try” to respond and spend about 30 minutes a day.

Now to keep sane, I still go to my Bootcamp workouts at least 4 days, I cut back a day to meet my weekly goals of writing, which by the way I hated and now I actually LOVE it.

Here are some tips:

#1. If you’re struggling with your writing, have a template made up. I didn’t do that in my Challenge last year.

#2. Have a regular brain breaks, exercise, and drink lots of water.

#3. Just keep writing. Other members have said that and it’s true, your writing gets better and becomes more natural and FUN too. If writing is the only thing holding you back, then write more using your template.

#4. Keep everything simple and don’t overcomplicate things.

#5. Awhile back I was listening to one of Kyle's video and he said when he writes, he writes with urgency. That has stuck in my brain. It would take me a week to write a post. Now in my mind, it's become an urgency that I must publish my post within 2 days, sometimes it will be 2 1/2 days. If you have a weekly goal, and you commit to it, there is no time to be "perfect".

#6. If you fall back in the Challenge, that's ok, just do the best you can. Things happen in life. Don't give up and please don't quit!

I have received a ton of help so thank you to all the members, Kyle, Carson, and Jay.

Oh ya, I have this yen to go scuba diving somewhere, don’t know when or where but as soon as I am 12 posts ahead of our monthly SAC assignments then I’ll take off for awhile…I’ll set my posts to publish on certain dates.

For someone that's not too talkative, I guess I didn't do too back here eh? Lol... 730 words.

I wish you all the best in your online business and cheers! 😀


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RichBrennan Premium Plus
Well done, Monica - you're ahead of me on the SAC!
Onwards and upwards!
Rich 😃
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Rich,

Thank you!

I read your SAC progress and you're doing really good.

Sometimes in life, things can go really well then other times, well... it's up and down. 2 steps forward, 1 back...

Together we can do this Rich.

Have a Blessed weekend.
AlexEvans Premium
I would call that cause for celebration Monica that is an impressive word count, you will get there, enjoy that scuba break.

I really like your list of tips, some real food for thought in them.

Best wishes with the SAC.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Alex,

Thank you. It's really quite unlike me to be as focused as I have been. When Kyle said he writes with urgency... that has really stuck in my brain.

I'm glad you like the tips.

Have a Blessed weekend.
AlexEvans Premium
That is very cool, something that we should all take on board, business included as well as writing, urgency can be a prime driver.

Thanks for the kind wish have a great weekend as well Monica.

Timotheus Premium
Awesome Monica!
Thanks for all the tips! :)
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Timotheus,

Thank you and you're welcome.

Have a Blessed weekend.
jetrbby80316 Premium
WOW Monica, just WOW!!! You are Rockin' this SAC!!
32k + words and counting...Impressive!

I'm doing okay, I'n up to my 14th post, and I am shooting for 20 posts by May 20th. I'm Feelin' It!

Go get 12 ahead so you can take a scuba break!

mbouteiller Premium
Hey Kaju,

Thank you! I'm not sure what's happening, I think it's because Kyle said when he writes, he writes with urgency.

I'm finishing my 13th today.

Ya, I'm really "Feelin' It" too 😀

I'm right on your heels Kaju... run, run, run!! 😂

Have a Blessed weekend.
Twack Premium
Hey Monica, I think you're doing an awesome job...well organised and on top of things. Great work and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Twack,

Thank you for reading!

Being organized is hard for me, but shortcuts... well honestly, have never really worked well for me. Yarrrggg, what lessons to go thru in life. Lol..

Have a Blessed weekend.