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OK. Honestly? I'm a 53 year old accounts clerk that wants something more and something different from life. I have dabbled in internet marketing for a few years but never really understood what I was doing and never understood enough to do more.
So now I want to change that. And change my future. And I always believe that anyone who makes an effort deserves to be rewarded.
Though I am not talking about one days worth of effort. Or one weeks worth of effort. Or even one month!.
One only needs to read the Colonel Sanders story of KFC. And there are many other stories like it. Success does not happen over night - it is a cumulative effect of putting in effort and reaping rewards much later.
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May 21, 2017
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Congratulations on going Premium. Wishing you all the best :-)
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Welcome to Premium, you nave just opened the door to a wonderful new world of possibilities, work hard and make yourself a success.
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Congratulations and a special welcome to you, Michael, for choosing Premium membership.

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Hey Michael! Today I just wanted to follow up with you to see how things are going! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

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