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I live in Africa (GMT +02) and shall be turning 80 this year. My home is 80 km from the sea which is a shame as I am an old sailor - I last worked for a Dutch company and they were generous enough to allow me to work until November 2016 when I turned 77. Lovely people the Dutch.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
One to two thousand dollars
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Three thousand dollars
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
25 hours +
Goal created on
Mar 12, 2019
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Maximus343 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
One to two thousand dollars

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Three thousand dollars

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
25 hours +
Kyle Premium
So awesome Michael, I know from experience that goals are what lead us to success. Work relentlessly in pursuit of these goals and they CAN and WILL happen.

In fact, wipe failure out of your mind right now. It simply won't happen. You have too much help, support and an entire community of help behind you to ever let that happen :)

If you need anything going forward, just let me known and I will be happy to give you a hand.
BrokFTJFH Premium
Awesome goals that are extremely achievable with some time and hard work! WA is going to give you the skills and tools you need to make these happen.

If you get stuck, don't be afraid to ask questions. WA has a community of 1,000s of members ready to help! You also have 1 on 1 support from me, so feel free to reach out to me directly at any time on my profile: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/brokftjfh

With that kind of time commitment, you're well on your way to a website that brings in traffic and makes money!

I look forward to working with you more to achieve your goals!

Ahimbe Premium
You have good goals. The time allocation is great and you will be unstoppable in this business.
Training is a good place to start.
I wish you the best.
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PaulREvans57 Premium
Hi Michael,

Thanks for following me and joining my network. I've returned the compliment and followed you back.

It is a pleasure to meet. I served four fantastic years in the British Royal Navy, way back in the early 70s. Happy memories!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a great community. There is so much to learn. I am here most days. I learn something new every day.

I've been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for two years, and I don't regret one day! I'm now a member of the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge. I'll see it through to the end, and I'll be at the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference next year.

Keep moving ahead. However, your day may be, take a little step forward. Some days you'll make significant strikes, other days you will not, but do something every day, however small in building your business.

You will read many stories of WA members are succeeding with their online goals. Some have achieved this in a few months; for others, it has taken a couple of years. The common trait for those that have reached their goals is taking action. Everyone who has succeeded has taken small steps every day. Do something, however tiny, every day, and you will reach your goal.

Pace yourself and enjoy your journey. Remember, little steps are better than no steps!

Best wishes,
Be Happy!
Maximus343 Premium
Thanks for the advice Paul. I was pleased to see that you have been a Jolly Jack in the Andrew no less. As a little chap I saw the Vanguard enter Durban harbour in 1947. You can imagine a farm boy seeing a warship of that size for the first time. The memory has remained crystal clear down through the years.
Yours aye
Robert-A Premium
Hello Michael And Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.

Since you joined you will perhaps have come to the conclusion that internet marketing is going to be a steep learning curve and there will always be something new to learn.

You must keep referring to the training (it does get updated from time to time).

If you get really stuck on anything then can I suggest you browse some of the 490+ blogs I have published within WA.

Feel free to send me a message anytime you get stuck and I will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

You have decided to follow me and I will follow you as well.

Have a great day.
There are a few Dutch members here.
Maximus343 Premium
Thanks for the offer of assistance Robert, most kind of you. I shall definitely have a look through your blogs. Thanks.
Yours aye.
Robert-A Premium
No probs Michael and if/when you read my blogs make sure you choose the ones that will help you in conjunction with whatever training you are currently taking.
Have a great Tuesday.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Michael,

I am happy to hear you think Dutch people are lovely. I always say everybody, independently of race, color, religion, background etc is nice till they prove otherwise.
This I always ask the new people I meet here. Do you know the world library? It is a great place for finding unusual information. I quite often use it when writing for my websites. So, in case you do not know here comes: www.wdl.org
I wish you a happy and exciting journey here at WA.

Regards, Taetske
Maximus343 Premium
Hi Taetske, thanks for that - no I have never ever heard of the library. Without question I shall pay it a deep and intense visit! Best regards, yours aye.
randyford28 Premium
Hello Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Be a proud premium member and I'm looking forward to see you at the TOP!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will be happy to answer you!

Enjoy Every moment you spend in our community.

hey! I just followed you! Please follow me back!

To your success! To our success! To everyone's SUCCESS!!

- Randyford -
LCEndahl Premium
Hello, and welcome to the WA Premium family! You made a wise choice, becoming a Premium member. You have at your fingertips, the best training, tools and an awesome community, put them to use. You have a tremendous start to an excellent new year!

Continue with your training! Each lesson in order, as well as the tasks and you, will be ready to go forward. Take it from me, don’t skip around, stay on course.

Slow and steady-remember those words, this is not a race. Take in everything, but don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Remember slow and steady. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next lessons.

Take advantage of Live Chat. Ask questions. You’ll get a response almost instantly. It’s also a chance to get to know the members of the WA community! Their awesome people. They are so uplifting, and smart. And who best to learn from, than those who are succeeding?

With the foundation of your website in place, you’ll then have endless possibilities in which to earn revenue.

You got this. Now be successful!
Laura =)
DouglasJames Premium
Welcome to WA Premium! Aside from being one of the best training programs to learn how to start a business online, it is truly the best entrepreneurial community you can be a part of.

Everyone here wants you to succeed and will help you along the way if you ask for help.

I hope you reach the goals you’ve set out for yourself and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or distracted, remember… We’re here for you!

To our mutual success! 🍺

- Doug
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hello and welcome to Premium. This website is full of wonderful helpers and I have learned to always use the search tab at the top of the desktop, the answer is usually in someone's free training. Type in topic, rather than long question.
There is an answer to just about every question, all you need to do is ask.
Aside from the Certification and Bootcamp courses, there is heaps of extra training. Check out the training classrooms as well as the live events. There are current as well as past events in here. You can find both these tabs on the left-hand side
Start playing with tabs and boxes on your dashboard, there is so much hidden information, just keep looking for it.
Enjoy Wealthy Affiliate. There are lots of people here only too happy to help you along the way with encouragement and helpful tips. Wealthy Affiliate is about training, but that is just a small part of this wonderful community. If you participate as well as train, you will gain so much more.
SnazzyIT Premium
Hi and congratulations on your becoming a premier member! It is awesome to have you on board. You will quickly find as you continue in your training what an amazing bunch of people we really are (a bit ‘mad’ to the outside world, but we are fun) and with our support, you will achieve great success. Here is to the new you! May you achieve everything that you wish to and more at WA :)
DaveAsprey Premium
Hi there and welcome to premium
All the best for your goals here for 2019 and wish you plenty of success.
If you need anything or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP. I will be sure to follow you to celebrate all your milestones, and feel free to follow me in return.
Hope you have a wonderful day
michaelvgATN Premium
Hey how’s it going,

Just a quick introducing of myself, my name is Michael.

I wish you a successful journey in the online world and hope you get what you're looking for.


Michael V.
adreyna Premium
Hi, welcome to WA Premium!
You've made a great decision.
Wish you all the best.
julesnp Premium
Hi Michael,

Welcome to our great WA family where you will find like-minded people always willing to help and support you in building your online business and make it a success. I am now following you and wish you the very best.

Please remember that The Key to success in your online business is to train, train, train....and train again. We have the best training programs and the very best community support here at WA.

If you have any question(s) or need any help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great day.

mrrickeyp Premium
I would like to welcome you to becoming a
premium member may you have a pleasant journey.
MegaWealthy9 Premium
Congratulations on becoming a Premium Member, Michael! 😊

I wish you more and more success.

Many blessings,

Maximus343 Premium
You are too kind. I see you are a Top 50 player, so I hope a fresh and helpful breeze continues to propel you into sunny and tranquil seas.
Ready aye,
phil1944 Premium
Hi and congratulations on going premium with WA. It's a wise decision.

Your best bet from here is to follow all of the 5 course, 50 lesson Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

But the really important step is to apply what you're learning WHILE YOU'RE LEARNING IT.

I can't emphasize this enough.

Not only will it make the training stick, but in no time at all you'll have your first WA website up and running.

Google ranking and monetization will follow inevitably.

If you're stuck any time, just post a question.

One of us at WA will answer it and you'll be off again.

It's a journey and you've just taken your first and best step.

I wish you all the best.

Maximus343 Premium
Thanks Phil for the message. 1944 - don't tell me that is your birth date? You look much too young in your image!

Maximus343 Premium
Hi Brok or as I call you privately, and to others, the Estimable Brok. You guided me to WA when I was lounging about on the internet - looking for a writing job. I am not quite certain how it happened and then I discovered that I would be taught how to set up a website. Astonishingly, just what I wanted. My first website will be on Climate Change although I don't know how lucrative that will be but I'm not fussed. I do however have a broad feel what it will look like.

I plan to upgrade to Premium - as you Americans say (+ half the rest of the English-speaking world), it's a no-brainer! However at my age and at this time of the month, cash is short so I've emailed a son for a loan of $19. Hopefully he will see my email and respond swiftly. Here the time is nearly 2100 hours so he could be out and about.

Thanks for all the other tips too. Once I get the hang of creating websites, I shall get stuck into more commercial sites than Climate Change.

Yours aye
BrokFTJFH Premium
Hey Cap just so you know, for me to get a notification your response needs to be on my profile, a reply to me, or anywhere in the training. Luckily was on your profile and saw this message!

Awesome to hear that you're enjoying yourself so far and that WA is exactly what you were looking for!

I completely understand, hopefully he gets back to you! If not we will all be here to help if you do have to wait till the beginning of the month to go premium, no worries.

If you need anything from me don't be afraid to reach out.

Talk soon

BrokFTJFH Premium
Michael, you've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for three days! You took my action steps of completing your profile and jumping right into the training.

Following steps and completing tasks is very important when it comes to maximizing success here at WA. As I promised here's your bonus for completing your profile: http://fulltimejobfromhome.com/top-10-tips-for-beginning-wealthy-affiliate-members

I've been a WA member since 2013 and in that time frame, I've referred thousands of members. The 10 Tips I've compiled have come from some of the biggest success stories and failures that I've seen over the years. If you follow the 10 tips you'll be well on your way to maximizing your success here at WA!


1) Read Your Bonus of My Top 10 Tips for New WA Members To Maximize Your Success: http://fulltimejobfromhome.com/top-10-tips-for-beginning-wealthy-affiliate-members

2) See what the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Has to Offer. You have access to over a 59% discount for the next 4 days!: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup/a_aid/d6149715

3) MY BONUS: If you decide that the premium membership is right for you and upgrade in the next four days. You'll get a few bonuses from me.

First, you get 1 on 1 support via Private Message from me. I've been making a full-time income with websites now for several years. With the help of the WA training, I made over $83,000 online last year. I happen to know a thing or two about creating websites and making money. When you go premium you have 24/7 support from me. Not sure what type of content you need to create? Not sure how to make your website do what you want? Not sure what you need to do to make money? Just send me a private message. I'm here to help!

Second, along with having 1 on 1 support from me, you'll get a free bonus. I've found that the biggest mistake new premium members make is finding the correct content ideas and the correct keywords to target. Content brings in traffic and traffic is what brings in MONEY. If you're not creating the correct content you won't earn any money! :( Unfortunately, I made this mistake and it set me back months when I first joined. I don't want you making that mistake, so if you take advantage of the $19 offer I'll send you a list of 5 high converting topic ideas plus low competition keywords to target.

I really really wish I had someone to give me this information when I first started as a premium member so I know that this bonus will get you started out on the right foot, plus show you what you need to be doing beyond your first 5 posts!

3) I really am here to help, please respond to this message with any questions or concerns you have. At this point, I'd love to hear about what you'd like your niche to be. If you don't know your niche yet, please respond to this message with hobbies and passions you have and I'd be happy to brainstorm together!

Talk soon :)

BrokFTJFH Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Michael! You're in the right place to learn how to make real money online!

Awesome to hear that your company allowed you to work well into your seventies! But now it's time to learn some new skills making money online.

If you get stuck with anything don't be afraid to reach out to the community or me for 1 on 1 support

If you need anything or come up with any questions please don't be shy, I really am here to help!

Talk soon,

BrokFTJFH Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Michael, My name is Brok, and you just came from my website Full-Time Job From Home.

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3) If you take advantage of the premium membership, you will have full access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer:

That includes all of the training, access to the whole community, the free tools and hosting, and my special bonus (more on this once you fill out your account!)

4) If you haven't already, sign up for my Free 7 Day Email Course: https://fulltimejobfromhome.com/my-free-7-day-guide-to-maximize-your-success-at-wealthy-affiliate/

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Get started by completing the tasks I've laid out in this message, and I will be contacting you soon with the bonus I have promised!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and look forward to hearing from you soon,

If you have any questions or would like to introduce yourself, feel free to reply to this comment. I really am here to help and am very active in the community. Whether you have questions or would just like to chat, please reply to this message.

Talk soon :)