Discouraged and well, frustrated!

Last Update: October 26, 2017

Well, had my surgery this past Friday to try and help with my hearing. On Monday, I had a second procedure. My doctor told me it would take a "couple of days" for me to see any improvement. Well I take that literally. Maybe I shouldn't....I know as we get "older" things seem to take a bit longer to heal, etc. etc. But today is day 3, and I have seen absolutely no improvement in my hearing, yep none what so ever. In fact, it seems a tad worse :(

So today has made me pretty depressed. Well actually the past 3 months have not been the greatest, and I stopped doing a lot of the things I love to do. Simply because I just have not felt or been myself because of hearing issues. Between the weather changes which seem to affect it greatly, and then getting swimmer's ear (middle ear infections) in both ears, it just seems that they do not want to go back to normal.

Well tonight I decided to take a different route. I went to the gym for nearly 3 hours, and I thought about swimming. Even bought me a new swim cap and ear plugs (as this is why I got swimmer's ear), all set to do my laps which I have not done in way too long. Got in the pool, put everything on and swam two laps. Only to notice that the ear plugs and cap did not keep the water out of my ear (the one that had surgery that I am not supposed to get water in), so out I went. I had still worked out, did the sauna and Jacuzzi. But, got home and I feel so much better.

Maybe it is mind over matter. I think this can be applied to working from home as well. It is a matter of what we want, what we do to get it, and the determination. Somewhere along the way, I gave that up with my stupid ears. I want and will take my life back. Whether I can hear or not, as at this point, hearing aids are out of my financial reach. I will just go on doing my best. Things can and will get better, right?

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Karlito76 Premium
I'm going to go a different route and tell you it could be worse, it can always be worse. Sometimes things don't go as planned or how we want them to but in those times you need to look at what you do have. I myself make a gratitude list and it always makes me feel better because I have a lot to be grateful for and so do you. Thank you for sharing and you are now in my prayers.
mattysmom Premium
Thank you and yes, it could definitely be worse. I will take what I have been dealt and get stronger from it, and hopefully overcome it!
Eleuthera Premium
Yes, it will get better. I have a bracelet on that says "No mud no lotus" which I wear almost every day. (referring to the beautiful lotus that grows out of the muddy waters). Yes, hearing aids are outrageously expensive. I have one for each ear. I have had them a while but freaked out when I thought I lost them. I could never replace them. I hope you recover and your hearing returns. Be patient. Katherine
RodClark Premium
Hi Leahrae

Determination is huge when it comes to this business.

Persistence will always overcome resistance.

I hope you have a breakthrough with your hearing but it doesn't and can't affect the quality of your writing. If you hadn't told us, we would be none the wiser about your current issue - it will ultimately make your success taste that much sweeter.

Do it anyway - we are all behind you :0)

mickeyb123 Premium
That is great you feel better, even after you got your ear - the wrong (right?) one wet, but you had some fun!

There are many things that do not work for many of us as we get on in years (For me, I haven't been able to take a full breath for maybe two years - COPD).

I just know that my fingers (for the keyboard) work fine and my brain - well just don't ask my wife!
ValerieJoy Premium
I'm so pleased you are feeling better, even though your hearing isn't as you would like it.
There is no doubt that getting away from the computer for a while and doing something different gives a new and positive outlook on life. It happened for me today when I went out for a while and unexpectedly meet some friends. It was wonderful and has put a different perspective on this forthcoming weekend.

Keep moving forward and things can only get better :)