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February 02, 2019
I am really hoping to get some ideas on how I can start getting more of an income on my blog. I have a great least I think. I just don't get any revenue from it. I put a lot of time into it. I am just really looking for some suggestions. Please don't recomment Commission Junction as I won't use them. I am open to any suggestions. I thought about adding a live chat to help those plan their travel. I have been wracking my brain on what I can add to my posts to get purchases.My
I had company for a week. We spent the week visiting various beaches here in Florida near me, and of course the local tiki bars :) But that being said, I sure did take a hit on my rank :( I don't know, it is just the competitiveness in me that strives to be at the top of everything I do. So I guess I was a little disheartened to see how quickly and far down the ladder I dived during this break with my company. I just think that the ranking should be done maybe a little differently? Maybe
March 26, 2018
It has been a tough 6 months for me for sure. Yes, you probably know that I lost my hearing. Pretty much deaf without the help of hearing aids. And thanks to my WA friends and family, I was able to get a pair, so I am back in the hearing world. Boy, it had actually been so long since I heard birds chirping! Anyway, that led to other issues. With the prescriptions I was taking and the stress of it all. This has made my hair fall out, a LOT. My dad and my son both say, oh you cannot tell t
Well, had my surgery this past Friday to try and help with my hearing. On Monday, I had a second procedure. My doctor told me it would take a "couple of days" for me to see any improvement. Well I take that literally. Maybe I shouldn't....I know as we get "older" things seem to take a bit longer to heal, etc. etc. But today is day 3, and I have seen absolutely no improvement in my hearing, yep none what so ever. In fact, it seems a tad worse :( So today has made me pretty depressed. Wel
I've been with Wealthy Affiliate now for a little over a year. I have not started making any money yet with my website, but I continue to move forward and know that it will happen. I have patience and it does take time. I know. I am a single mom with a pretty strained budget, and month to month, it is a challenge to say the least.I have an inner ear disease called Meniere's Disease. I am sure most have heard of it. For some the symptoms are mild, they go away completely, or like me, they
October 09, 2017
Okay, I just want to blow off some steam! I kind of get a little upset when I take my time to go to the give and take website comments sections, spend my time looking at their posts, and putting in thoughtful and relevant comments, only to NOT have comments returned to me. I think we should have a page where we can report these members, that just don't seem to care.Of course then there are the ones, got two today, that leave ONE sentence, and they clearly did not read your post or take time t
Well it seems I have an issue with my right shift key. Predominantly happens on the Wealthy Affiliate site, but I am now noticing that it is not that specific. I gave poured over the Internet, had my teenage son (of course they can fix it right?) look at it and make some adjustments. It is NOT my keyboard or mouse, I have determined that. But, needless to say, I am getting VERY frustrated.Here's the deal. Any time I hit my right shift key, which is a habit....I mean who does not use the ri
September 26, 2017
Well, I went to the ENT yet again because of my hearing issues. I will back up to say that I have Meniere's disease, which is an inner ear disorder that causes hearing loss to one ear...along with other symptoms. I have been living with it for almost 20 years. For some, it goes away on it's own, for some it ends up affecting the other ear, and then for others (like me) it just never goes away. So I moved to Florida 6 months ago, to live on the dream destination to retire to. On
September 15, 2017
I write this because I feel it is important for everyone that lives in an area that gets Hurricanes to be ready. My son and I moved to the west coast of Florida about 5 months ago. I picked the west coast mainly because they hadn't seen a hurricane in over 100 years. I felt safe. We were leaving Texas where our house had just gotten pummeled by the wonderful Texas storms. Of course that is what insurance is for, and it all worked out in the end, other than getting totally taken advantage o
So, Valentines Day is coming up and I would like to give everyone a few ideas for where you can take your sweetheart for an extra special Valentines Day Vacation.Flowers, a box of chocolates, a white-tablecloth dinner for two—you’ve been there, done that on Valentine’s Day. But come on, can’t you do better? This year, get those sparks flying with a romantic getaway to one of these vacation hotspots. Even if you’ve put off big plans with your big love, it’s no
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