May 2019 - the traffic EXPLODED! Goodle AdSense owe me $100

Last Update: June 03, 2019

Posting as an inspiration for my WA friends and myself.

I'm celebrating 1 year with Wealthy Affiliates now and see what has just happened.

May 2019 might become the break through point for my blog (fingers crossed).

Look at these stats:

This is what happens when you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

For me it was one post that ranks on Page 1 and brings thousands of organic clicks every day for last couple of weeks. Also, many organic comments. Some are really funny. I was called "the enemy of progress" by one happy customer of a scam website I have reviewed. Some wrote me in Vietnamese, so I had to translate.

I was caught a bit off guard, as the post itself is not selling anything, but rather telling what not to buy. So I had to implement every possible tactics I could to monetize all this traffic:

- AdSense - I manually insert adds where I want them to show. Before May, my balance was $27, never reaching a minimum payment level. In May I made about $100, so Google will pay me in the next cycle.

- additional ads with tiny cute popups - another $10 or so

- internal links redirecting the traffic to posts that make me money. About $20 earned with CJ and a bunch of new WA Starter Referrals as well. Yesterday 2 of them upgraded to Premium.

- published a new "urgent" post offering alternatives to the readers of the "non-recommending" post. Keep working on the list for them. Research takes time.

This success is only partially random. It is random that I've got to publish my post after seeing an ad in one of the FB forums. I might miss that ad. I might be late to this party.


I had my website to publish it.

I knew how to write to get ranked.

I was approved by AdSense to make some money out of it. Not all the blogs get approved, only the ones built the right way, with policies etc. We are well taught here!

I was approved by other networks as well - thanks to the same training here.

I had some content to redirect the traffic to.

Again, this is not to brag how great I am, but to be a proof we have the right training.

We just need to keep doing it more. I'm very slow to publish content (only about 33 posts till now, after a year.. sigh...). What if it was 300??

Wishing you all the best of success!


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Reymott Premium
Hey Mary, those traffics stats are staggering! I still think you can monetize it better.

MaryFRM Premium
Working in it!
Thank you
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Nice post. Congratulations.
jlclayton1 Premium
Great job! Your hard work is paying off, and I'm glad you shared your success!

MaryFRM Premium
Thank you Janelle
Spaced Premium
Well done Mary, I am so glad for you!
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you
Swangirl Premium
Wow! You are on fire! You are doing so well. Congratulations!!
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you!
I'm still behind you if we compare steady income and posting :-)
Swangirl Premium
Thanks but my income has taken quite a hit lately. June has been terrible and May was down too due to a large item that got returned.