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Today I was surprised to get an email from WA that announced an approval of my first 10 Training Cash Credits.They are worth $5 that I can take home. Not making me rich, but making me smile. My training is about manual Pinterest pinning and tracking: you to everyone who liked and left comments!I'm still using this method for my Pinterest activity. Does anyone know what are the conditions to earn training credits for each level?
I know there are too many rants about various issues with comments. Here is mine, to add to the pile.I got an article from Site Comments, read it thoroughly and left a comment with several sentences and 2 questions to the author. It was disapproved with the wording of something like "it was a good comment, but I didn't ask for questions (didn't tick that option out of 4 available), so I disapprove"I'm quite shocked. Usually, questions are the "gold mine" in the comments as they allow the blogge
Hi, WA friends! It's time for the next update. 1. Three New PostsI've published three new posts:- 12 Disgusting Ways To Save Money In The Kitchen I really enjoyed writing this as it reflects my philosophy. Even my mother-in-law was happy to contribute and read it once it was published. This post maybe brought one Amazon commission for now, but a lot of traffic through Pinterest, so maybe also a couple of bucks from Google Adsense. - The Best Survey Websites Roundup I felt that it's a long
I just got an email from Moz that on March 5th they are going to roll their long due update to Domain Authority score. This can cause some fluctuations in your scores (current and historical), but the purpose is to get more accurate score in the futureRead more details here: affiliate link of course. Just wanted to share with you, folks. Mary
I'm excited to share that I have made my very first WA trainingHow To Create Pinterest Tracking Tool in ExcelIt should help people like myself, who want to grow their Pinterest account but are not ready to spend money on Tailwind yet. The training covers group board applications tracking and manual pins tracking, while following the boards rules and avoiding spamming.Using the training creator here on WA is not an intuitive experience, I must admit. Maybe this tool is due to some improvements.
Hi All, I'm experiencing slow mobile site speed. It happened recently that the scores for mobile dropped from 80-90 to 30-40. I added GoogleADs recently, maybe it's related. I know we are not supposed to use cache plugins with WA sites, but I tried WP Fastest Cache. Looks like it improves the scores to 40-50. Not sure if it's worth it. I deleted the cache. I'm not sure should I leave this plugin activated or deactivate. When looking in Google Page Speed analyzer, I see several issues, but I hav
Some updates about my progress. I know many people like to read about what others are doing. I keep this journal mostly to remind myself what I did, so I don't feel like nothing is happening.It feels like exhausting mountain climbing, that's why this cover picture. 1. Pinterest Here is the picture of my best performing pin. The most depressing pin gets the most traffic. I'm still wondering why - is it the design or the topic that gets attention. For a Pinterest beginner like me, 2.6k views and
Recently, I'm spending more (or maybe too much) time setting up some technical things on my blog, than on creating new content. So my recent wins:1. Created a freebie (Grocery shopping guide to help people save on shopping) and an embedded form for this using Mailerlite. Hope it will bring more subscribers. 2. Created a second freebie - Ways to avoid scams online + printable check up list. Added to the homepage. 3. Redesigned my Homepage from simple blog roll to more magazine like page. To do t
In my latest post yesterday I mentioned that as part as my blogging journey I found a great free personal finance software and wrote a detailed review about it. Maybe some of you had to read it as part of the SiteComment work. Today I've got a first referral commission from them. $20 Amazon gift card. It's the highest commission I've got till now, except from one WA commission of $23 (that referral only payed for one month). The person who sign up is from my email list and I've got her address
This time let's look at the positive side effects from my blogging journey with WA. My previous post was more of a ranting type - about lack of sleep, the difficulty to set priorities, the comparison to more successful people.In this one, I want to mention the good things that happened in the recent few months.Writing capabilitiesAs for many of WA members, at the beginning, writing a 1,500 word post looked as a serious challenge for me. About 20 posts later, it gets much easier. Sometimes it's