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Hi WA friends, It's been long time since my last update. Last months are challenging to everyone. I was very busy and tired adjusting to the new normal with full-time work from home, managing learning schedules of 3 kids (5-9 y old), cleaning, feeding, you know...I didn't publish new posts for a while on my blog. But then, about 3 weeks ago, one of my readers left a comment on my old (that viral one, if you remember) that there is a new scam site up in the air with the same model. I had to step
Hi WA friends!It's time to summarize 2019, as it was the first full year of running my blog.I joined WA in May 2018, bought my domain MoCashForYou in June. Later on I opened an account on Pinterest and created a Facebook page. My niche is about money - ways to save and make money online, financial apps etc. Just being in this niche pushed me to discover new apps and sites that make money. In 2019, more than 30 sites and apps paid me, including WA, Adsense, affiliate portals, surveys, grocery sc
Hi All my WA friends, I'm back from 6 days vacation with my family in Barcelona. It was a good experience exploring the city with kids - Gaudi buildings, parks, Aquarium, markets and more. I took a leave from the screen time as well, most of the time, and only read emails when on our Airbnb Wi-Fi. The only thing I kept doing was greeting my new referrals and replying to their goals and messages. Even though my traffic dropped now to about 400 page views (after a spike to 14k), there were still
I hope someone has been in this situation and knows how to help. Recently I decided to check on my Bing indexing and was unpleasantly surprised. I registered with Bing, verified my site, submitted a site map and Fetched posts. Tried to look at index results and keywords - nothing, zero, nada. After several attempts to resubmit the sitemap or verify again I googled a bit about it.Found out that Bing might be actively blocking me and that it can be because of some false positive test done by thei
Saga continued... The scam I have reviewed was shut down. To get the traffic of panicking customers, I wrote another post about the shut down. It was immediately ranked #1. My total page views for yesterday were about 9.5K. Today, one nice reader reported that my new post was stolen AS IS.I checked that website - they copied everything - the image, the text and my INTERNAL and AFFILIATE links as well.I filed the DMCA against them, but now I'm thinking - should I even bother? What would you do?A
As I told you in my previous post, I've started to get about $10 per day from Google AdSense. Last month I earned about $100 with them. And now I just wonder - why does it feel better to earn $100 per month from my blog than it would be if I were given a $1000 salary raise? I remember other times in the past, when I'd got a raise. I was happy about it, maybe for a week. And then would forget about it. With this blogging mini-income, I'm excited to check my stats every day (actually, it might be
Posting as an inspiration for my WA friends and myself. I'm celebrating 1 year with Wealthy Affiliates now and see what has just happened.May 2019 might become the break through point for my blog (fingers crossed).Look at these stats:This is what happens when you happen to be in the right place at the right time. For me it was one post that ranks on Page 1 and brings thousands of organic clicks every day for last couple of weeks. Also, many organic comments. Some are really funny. I was called
I'm disturbed by deteriorated moral standard of some people. Too many people. Recently I wrote a review of a website that has all the signs of being a scam, probably of the Ponzi scheme type. In such scheme, early joiners will get paid, sometimes for a long time, as their payments are coming from the newer joiners' money.The post is ranked #1 and gets hundreds of views every day and some organic comments as well. In part of the comments, the readers are thankful for the post that saved them fro
It looks like often these two terms are used as synonyms. But they are not the same. Did you ever wonder what's the difference? Making Money OnlineMaking money online is just one of the ways to make money from home. Some examples of making money online (however, some are not that straightforward)1. Blogging - you create a website, write content and make money from affiliate marketing and ads. Sometimes you might want to add some not online activities like research and networking.2. Running e-co
Few days ago I came across an invitation to join a company that will pay for watching short video clips. I like side hustles, so I checked it out.Unfortunately, from what I read on their website it was quite clear that it's just another scam. It has NO REFUND policy and the company can cancell your account for NO reason. This is how their Terms of Service are formulated. So I put whatever I was doing aside and quickly wrote a review (well, it came out as more than 2000 words post) and published